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"Yeah, I'm pretty awsome."

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Todd Mitchell Douglass

James Brown by Cage the Elephant

Role: Non-powered Youth
Nickname or Alias: Prefers Mitch
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Birth date October 12, 1994
Age: 17

Appearance: Face and hair looks like picture, no tattoos or outstanding bodily markings.

Preferred Clothing:Wears the hoodie almost always, mostly wears jeans or relatively tight cargo pants with black tennis shoes.

Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 139lbs
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Personality: Mitch is a wayward youth that dropped out of high school and ran with a gang, so he’s kind of a thuggish jerk. He has problems with authority and likes to feel powerful, always trying to one up those he views as his peers. He has a tendency to poke fun and mess with males he views a weaker than him, but only if they seem like they are better off than him. He’s kind of jealous of the rich. He also frequently displays a lack of tact and personal restraint.

Not stupid, yet not terribly intelligent Mitch is slightly above average in the smarts department. However, supplemented with his lack-luster education, he seems to be dumber than he actually is. He use to be really inquisitive and was into school, especially science, but that ended shortly after he lost his parents.

He also believes he’s a real player with the ladies, and will often try and brag about his fake “exploits”. However, the truth is he has yet to even have a girlfriend, not to mention any form of a relationship. He starts off assertive and will regularly hit on girls on the street on the mall, but does it in a pompous way that drives many of them away. The few dates he as gotten never ended well, in the end he did not know what to say and ended up leaving.

Yet despite all his negative qualities, he does have some redeeming ones. He has strong drive and vision for himself, he wants more than his current petty lifestyle. Despite wanting to one up his peers all the time, he is a loyal comrade that would put his life on the line without a second though for his friends. He also enjoys making his friends laugh with clowning antics and loves a free lifestyle.

Though his moral compass might be slightly skewed, it’s not like he would leave a lost child on the street or anything. Heck, he might even chase down a thief, if the source that they stole from wasn’t rich. In fact, whenever he steals stuff he always makes sure they look like part of the upper class. Probably sees himself robin hood or something. Give a bit of the cut to the homeless guy down on elm, guys a patriot, servin’ our country like that. He deserves a hit of scotch every once and a while.

Oddities: Greatly enjoys the magazine popular science and likes watching science specials on the TV.


The Police
People who look down on him
Rich people
His socioeconomic status
Those small breed dogs, their stupid


Attractive Women………………Mitch: “Hot Chicks.”
One upping somebody
Music………rap or metal? NO! Rock’n’roll, Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, the good stuff! Mitch: “This new stuff is a lot of junk!”

Spray painting
Hanging outside the rich kid’s school and shakin’ them down for cash


Amaxophobia- Fear of riding in a car.
Pediophobia- Fear of dolls. Mitch: “That thing is watchin’ me man.”
Trypanophobia- Fear of needles. Mitch: “………Hell no, get that thing away from me.”

Power: He can eat a whole cheese-burger in one bite!………sorta.

Skills/Abilities: Not many. The only thing he can be considered relatively “good” at is free-running or Parkour, but it’s not like he’s a master at it. It’s just really easy to look impressive if you know some of the basics.

He’s also “ok” at fighting with a baseball bat, but that’s not really hard anyways.

He can also spray-paint pretty darn good. Likes making black, leafless trees with the moon as a backdrop.

Personal History: Mitch grew up the only child of a dirt poor, inner city family. He lived with his parents in a two room one bath apartment. His father worked as a low rate construction worker and his mother was a temp for a while, until she lost her job and was unable to find work. Despite their low economic status, they were a relatively happy family and Mitch’s early years we happy. Though his father worked himself to the bone trying to provide for the family, he was still able to spend some quality time with them and took great pride in his son. His mother spent her time cleaning the apartment and sometimes finding small day jobs. Both his parents stressed the importance of school and were very proud that their young son took such great pride in it.

However, when he was ten tragedy struck the family. His parents went all out on their twelfth anniversary and were taking a cab to a fancy restaurant when they were in a accident. The cab was struck by a speeding ambulance and they both died before another one could arrive. They could not afford life insurance so Mitch was left with nothing.

He was put in the hands of his only living relative in the city, is uncle. His uncle Rick Douglass was the “black sheep” of the family and was a low level professional criminal with one of the biggest crime syndicates in New Ithica, the Machiavellis. Things went down hill for Mitch from there. His grades dropped, he started hanging out with his uncles friends and their children.

By the time he was fifteen, he dropped out of school and started doing little jobs for his uncle. Trafficking packages for the Machiavellies and getting enough money to rent a small, rundown apartment of his own. He also made a small gang with two of his friends from school, the Dead Men. The trio were really just hoodlums who spray-painted buildings and ran around the city. One of the other two knew parkour and taught his friends.

For a while Mitch had a good time running with his friends and the easy cash from his uncle. However it eventually came to an end near to the time he turned seventeen as his now two best friends had stayed in high-school and graduated. The both got scholarships, one for baseball, the other to an art school up north and left Mitch. Mitch told them they could go fuck themselves and broke off ties with them. Now he lives alone, doing the occasional delivery for his uncle, walking around the city during the day and going out to spray-paint during the night.

Other: The hoodie he wears was designed by the friend who went to art school, and was the signature uniform for the Dead Men. Even after the other two members left, Mitch couldn’t bring himself to stop wearing it. He also secretly likes to read popular science magazines.

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