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"I don't completely understand, but I know what I feel like I have to do. I feel like I have to protect people."

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Vega Anne Delacroix

Theme: Private Radio ~ Vanessa Carlton

Role: Ignis – Bearer of Fire/Girl One
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): Vee, Anne
Date of Birth: July 7th, 1995
Age: 16
Nationality: American

Appearance: Vega is a small woman, her height is nothing impressive; putting it bluntly she is a rather diminutive young woman. Her face is fairly bright, and there tends to be a smile on it under most circumstances, her entire appearance makes her look rather cheerful. She keeps her hair long, ending right below her hips, and it is straight. It sort of hangs around her like a curtain, her bangs are long, about jaw length and they sort of hang in her face. Vega tends to leave her hair down at most times, or she’ll put it back in a ponytail.

Her skin is soft, free from major scars and she has few birthmarks on her, and the tone of her skin is rather pallor. Build wise, Vega is a small girl. Her figure isn’t anything impressive, she has one, it’s just that she’s very small. In fact she’s actually very petite, and on the bony side thanks to her low body weight. Her overall appearance makes her seem rather frail, for lack of a better term. Vega’s eyes are a very clear shade of blue, while her eyelashes are blonde, just like her hair. Her eyes tend to pop a bit more than most others thanks to this.

She also tends to have her finger/toenails painted an electric blue, almost at all times.

Preferred Clothing: Comfortable clothing that’s fashionable, and looks great. Lacy stuff, shorts, dressy sandals, etc. Part of the reason she dresses so acceptably is due to her brother and how protective he is over her.

Height: 5 ft 2 ins
Weight: 90 lbs
Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Eye Color: Ocean Blue

Personality: Vega is a stubborn girl who is set in her ways and it is hard to defer her opinions once she has formed them; but she is a cheerful soul who likes seeing people smile. She in genuinely sweet and kind, she never puts on a façade, nor does she fake how it is she is feeling. If she is angry, she sure as hell lets people know it; the very same can be said for however else she is feeling, whether she is happy, sad, scared, etc. In line with her bullheaded ways, she is not afraid to take a risk or two without considering the consequences; if she is dead set on doing something, she goes through with it! It is very hard to shake her opinions of people once she forms one.

If she believes someone is a good person, and truly kind she will not change her views for almost anything. She tends to maintain faith in people, even under the most horrible of circumstances. Frankly, it is hard to get her to truly hate someone. She knows people call her naïve for this, but she embraces it and often will just smile to their claims and say, ‘And I’m damn proud of it!’ Vega believes in people’s hearts; she truly trusts that between good and evil, people will choose the right path.

She’s highly spirited, rather blunt, she likes playing simple pranks on people she cares about from time to time, and she will sometimes do this to get them out of their doldrums or to release tension in a situation. Vega isn’t passed making herself look like a fool in order to get someone to crack a smile, to soothe a crying child, or to just dissolve a edgy situation; this involves her maybe tripping, falling in a comedic manner and possibly acting like she’s stupid. She considers herself a people person, likable and fairly charming.

Vega makes friends fast, and is able to bond with others rather easy, getting attached at the drop of a hat. Once she’s bonded with a person, she’s liable to latch onto them at random, give them hugs and at times, tease them.

She does have some drawbacks to her personality though, given her history and her upbringing, Vega can be a little domineering. Vega doesn’t mean to be this way; but she can get irritated if someone can’t come to a decision quickly enough, and if this happens she’ll take control of a situation herself and make the choices. At times, if things don’t go her way, she’ll pout. Vega is a good girl with a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong; she is sensitive, bubbly and easily able to be moved to tears.

She has a secret shame; Vega is a closet klutz, apt to tripping and losing herself to Gravity. Also she has a bizarre phobia of aliens, for whatever the reason. Because she IS a teenager too, it’s not entirely out of the question that she’ll take something with a second meaning, and wind up with her mind in the gutter. She’s extremely shy toward these matters and it’ll result with her having a reddened face, and going stark silent. If someone tries to talk to her when she’s in one of these states, she’ll tend to just whine and stutter out something that makes no sense.

There are times when she and her brother have spats due to her personality, and the fact that he's so stubborn and bossy at times. She knows Len well enough though to know he wants what's best for her, but in regards to him, she wishes that he would lighten up a touch.

Oddities: Despite her fear of aliens, Vega tends to always watch programs on them and UFOs, she sleepwalks, and with her power, she’ll sometimes sneeze fire.

Likes: Sweets, video games, manga/anime, shopping, stargazing, friends, television and the Internet.
Dislikes: Math, school, homework, bitter and spicy foods, drama, bugs, thunderstorms, pain, blood, and rain, Aliens/UFO stories.
Hobbies: Stargazing, shopping, reading and online roleplaying.
Acrophobia - Heights
Entomophobia - Insects
Arachnophobia - Spiders
Brontophobia - Thunderstorms
Neilasparophobia - Aliens
Aquaphobia - Deep water
Hemophobia – Blood

Power: Ignis


Due to her mysterious power over fire, Vega is able to control the element to an extent. She is still rather new at all of this, and hasn’t ever really practiced using her abilities much outside of maybe experimenting with heating up food on her own or trying to roast a marshmallow. Because she’s not exactly great at this, Vega has more than a few mishaps when she tries to actually use her power over fire that results in some rather comical and slightly scary situations. If she’s not minding her powers when she sneezes for instance, she’ll sometimes accidently sneeze fire. In addition, her abilities are near useless in the rain; she needs to have dry air in order to successfully conjure up powerful flames that she can control.

The Devil's Luck
While you really can't call this an ability, Vega has this unusual luck about her. Things always seem to turn out okay for her, no matter what happens.

Personal History: Vega’s life started off normally, she was born to a set of loving parents, Judith and Abele Delacroix. The parents were young at the time, and already had one young child, Vega's older brother, Len. But, Abele came from a rather well-off family you see, his father ran a rather successful company, and after Vega’s birth, his father stepped down as head of the company and put his son in charge, confident of his abilities. The family of three had everything they needed to live comfortably, and never need or want for anything. Vega had a mother and a father who loved, and cherished her dearly; they were always there for her. The girl never wanted for anything, nor did she ever have to worry about going hungry, or being without a stable home. She had a rather typical relationship with her brother, they played pranks on each other, had a few fights here and there, but they loved each other a lot.

Unlike many, her parents loved each other deeply and there were no worries of them splitting up. She always had them; they were always there for her. Despite the fact that they were well-off, Judith and Abele did well to make sure their daughter was raised right, she was taught how to be humble, to not look down upon others, and to be thankful for her lifestyle. Vega was instilled with her parents’ values, and made to understand that her lifestyle was a luxury, not a necessity. Her childhood was normal, she was bright and spirited going into school, and she was able to make friends with a few people who would be with her for years to come. Vega wasn’t ever lonely, and she never had any experiences that would traumatize her. Unlike many children, she never had to actually deal with things like death, because she never lost anyone in her family.

While in elementary school, Vega tried out many different things, music, art, sports . . . trying to find something she might take to and like. Vega never really found anything that she took a shine to, so she was sort of all over the place in regards to a hobby, but she had fun trying out for things and failing at what she did. She was supported by her parents, who always told her just to have fun in life. As such, Vega’s childhood is full of truly fun memories with her family and with her friends. . . . However, her life would not remain so happy as she reach the age of twelve. Things . . . things began to change for her rather drastically, while the problems were not from an outer source, it came from inside of herself.

Vega’s powers began to awaken. . . .

Whenever Vega found herself becoming emotional, she noted that strange things started to occur around her; things would start to get hot, and heat up. Vega didn’t understand it at all, she just noticed that things were changing, she herself would sometimes seem to run unexplained fevers when she otherwise felt fine, her parents had doctors examine her to assess the cause, but no plausible reason was every found. After months of this, tons of tests, examinations and missing some school, Vega finally found the source of her problems when she managed to conjure up fire when she found herself frustrated with her homework.
She was attempting to do some algebra, when it happened, no matter what she did, for the life of the youth, she could just not figure out a specific problem, and in her mind she thought, ‘I wish my book would just catch on fire so I wouldn’t have to do this anymore!’ and a few seconds later; the book spontaneously combusted. She screamed, her parents and brother rushed into the room and managed to extinguish the blaze with nearby fire extinguisher, when they asked how her book caught fire, she told them she honestly didn’t know.

Deep down inside though, Vega felt that she was at fault for the sudden fire . . . and over the next week she would attempt to conjure up flames again, however she would not succeed for some time. The first time Vega would consciously manifest her powers, it would be a simple happening. In her hand, she would spark to life a tiny flicker of a flame, no bigger than what you get out of a match or a lighter. The girl could barely believe it, but there it was, the small fire, floating above the palm of her hand; Vega couldn’t believe that she had the power to summon fire to her will. After managing up the small bit of a fire, Vega kept on practicing and practicing with her powers, trying to make it easier for herself to actually bring a flame to life.

A little while after Vega turned thirteen, she had more or less mastered being able to summon small bits of fire to appear at her whim. She was scared and curious about her abilities, she wondered what it was she ought to do in regards to her family; she wondered if she should reveal her secret to them. Because Len was so much closer to her in age, Vega had a natural trust in her brother so she ultimately decided to reveal the secret to him first. It was rather hard for her, but she managed to do it, she was terrified he might think her a freak for what she could do though, and stood silent as she waited for what he had to say to her. He regarded her with a hug, and still accepted Vega as she was. His little sister.

Encouraged by Len's reaction, Vega reach the conclusion that she would indeed show her mom and dad what she was able to do. Anxiously, she approached them, and stuttered out that she had something to show them. Due to her nervousness, it was a little hard for her to manage up a flame; but after a few seconds of struggling . . . she did it.

At first, Abele and Judith believed that she was doing some strange magic trick, trying to fool them since they knew that their daughter had an affinity for pulling pranks. Len insisted upon the fact that it was no prank of course, but the two believed he was in on it as well. But when that proved to be false, Vega’s parents were shocked, utterly stunned, but they accepted their daughter anyway. Sure, they couldn’t explain what it was Vega could do, but they loved her dearly, and she was still their little girl. . . . Her life remained mostly unchanged, until she was fourteen, she attended school like a normal child, her parents and Len keeping the fire charmer’s little secret.

However; one day . . . something horrible happened at her school, a crisis. Someone brought a gun to school in one of her classes, it was her first time seeing blood, seeing people get hurt, and it would scar her mind. She became horribly frightened, scared, and in her terror as the gunman turned toward her in their insanity, she cried out loudly; her powers spun out of her control. Vega caused an explosion; hurting several people and knocking the gunman unconscious. People believed that there was a leaking gas line in the school, and attributed the explosion to that . . . Vega was rushed to the hospital along with her classmates. She was scuffed up and had ash on her, but she was fine considering that she was the source of the explosion.

Following this event, Vega’s parents withdrew their children from school, and began to home school both Len and Vega for some time; but it happened that the whole event regarding the explosion caused by Vega had been caught on a security camera . . . word of this strange happening caught the ears of people high up, people who one should indeed fear. People in black suits began to appear around wherever Vega and family would be, following them until one point they were approached and told to hand her over.

Abele and Judith refused of course, and the end result was a rather violent encounter between these men and her father’s security. Vega found herself without control over her powers once more, and scared off the strange men with her uncontrollable flames. In the whole event, she wound up hurting her family. Horrified with what she had done, Vega swore to never use her powers again. And because of these strange men who seemed to be threatening her parents; Vega wanted to move away from her mom and dad.

While they didn’t initially support this course of action, Len himself said he would go with his sister, and keep her safe, they understood there was no changing their children's minds and obliged. Len and Vega were taken to New Ithaca City which was more than half a country away. The children's parents were saddened to leave the two in the confines of the large city on their own like this, but knew that they had raised two very smart kids. A rather large apartment was rented out for the siblings, a place large enough for a family of six, and all the bills were linked to a hush-hush account under their parents' names, same for rent, and both children were left with credit cards that linked them to the account so they needn't worry about money.

Vega and Len have lived in New Ithaca City for the last year and a half now, both attend Kormet High School, Len being a year ahead of his sister as a Senior, Vega a Junior herself. They have their sibling fights from time to time, yet always make up with one another. Len is more of a parental figure to Vega than a brother now, considering he tries to always act like one toward her. Schoolwise, Vega is doing fine in all of her classes, she speaks to hardly anyone, and tends to disregard any requests that might come up from a teacher or a staff member to meet her and Len's parents.

Other than Len, Vega rarely interacts with people because of her powers and what occurred before she and her brother moved to New Ithaca; no telling when those strange men might show back up and hurt someone she cares for. Though she swore not to use her powers ever again, Vega does experiment with them from time to time, seeing what she can do and what her bounds of control are currently. At the same time, she does help people out on occasion, as long as she is certain no one is watching or will know. Despite her spirited personality, Vega has no friends other than her brother, Len and the only time she actually will interact with 'peers' is when she is online, hidden behind a screenname. Even then she is very careful of her activities.

Other: Vega received her name due to the ancient Japanese legend regarding the Summer Triangle constellation; where the stars Vega and Altair were lovers who could only meet one night a year. She was named for Orihime-sama.

Her last name, 'Delacroix,' is a French surname that means 'of the cross.'

When online Vega calls herself, ‘Star_Child13.’


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Vega Delacroix's Story