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"I have lived a long time...to find myself serving Chaos...wow"

a character in “The Vestiges of the Sky”, as played by Zetna

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Zavran Arran Ollacius

Theme Song: 3 Inches of Blood – Deadly Sinners

Role: Villain
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Zav
Date of Birth: 3100 BC
Age: Too old to count... you do the math if you want.
Nationality: Mesopotamian

Appearance: Zavran is a tall man. Standing approximately 6’2” he is quite an astounding piece of work. His pale skin is smooth apart from many scars that mark his whole body. His body is well sculptured and his muscles are hard and well toned. Most would consider his face good looking. Smooth with sharp features, his figure would seduce any woman...that is if he was still human. The scars mentioned before have been turned into tattoos and symbols over his body. With a blue paint gained from a sacred plant, he traced lines that made the scars look like a tattoo design. The tattoo is that of death...

His hair, which was once blonde, is now black ad long. If not swept back like it usually is, his hair would drop to his lower neck. His eyes which were once blue are now bright white. Usually, though his skin is extremely pale, his whole face will be clouded by a dark shadow. Only his eyes and face outline would be visible when he has this “power” active.

Preferred Clothing: He usually wears a long black trench coat that ties with buttons. Buttoning it all the way to his neck, it sometimes covers his mouth. He leaves it unbuttoned to make his leg movement easier. Having long traded his ancient Mesopotamian priest robes for more modern clothing, he has learned to enjoy his leather trench coat. Under that he wears a simple black shirt. His pants and shoes are fairly simple, dark colord and made of a materiel that makes his movements easy.[/b]

Height: 6”2’
Weight: 160 pounds of toned muscle
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: White

Personality: During his human days as a priest for his people, Zavran was a very open minded man. The priests of his long forgotten tribe were nothing like priest of modern day Catholics or any religion. They lived as normal people. They could love, hunt, have families and many other things. But when it came to their responsibilities they could ever say no. All this to say that Zavran was a very good person.
After his...change, he became dark. Blood followed him and he turned away from his people, living alone in the wilds. Under his dark and evil shell, Zavran COULD be a good person. One would just need to look deep inside of him. He doesn’t enjoy taking lives, and even if he is considered an important figure of Chaos, he doesn’t like to think that he is part of them.

Likes: Reading, resting, being alone, killing, Darkness, the moon, wolves, Rock and Metal
Dislikes: Praying, Killing, very bright and flashy colors, over excited people, ignorant people
Hobbies: Reading, Reading the stars

Phobia(s): As strange as this may seem, Zavran is afraid of getting lost in the dark. Even though he could easily find his way out, he has this fear of losing himself in Darkness. Image

Power: Dark Mist

Abilities: Zavran’s abilities are something of nightmares. He holds the power to turn his body into a mist. At any moment, his body could turn into a mist. He calls it the “Dark Mist” but it is in fact his body turning into a type of powder. But the powder, being extremely small looks like floating mist. Once in this form he can go through solid objects. In this form, he can also enter someone’s dreams and play around with their nightmares. That is his major power but that branches off into multiple different techniques. He can create illusions, is extremely fast and agile, he seems smarter than most normal humans and has great strength.

Apart from a blade he carries inside his coat, he has no weapon. His body is his weapon. As his reputation follows him, it is said that he once killed a man by stabbing his hand into his chest, ripping threw his bone and muscles and taking out his heart...

Personal History: Zevran was part of the people that establish the first known civilisation in Mesopotamia during the days of the Bronze Age. Born during the construction of the city, a man named Brahanlz fell in love with a woman named Druunae. The man was a constructor and hunter while the girl was a pot maker and artist. After their first meeting, they fell in love. Immediately sensing their connection they made love only after 2 weeks of knowing each other. Under the watchful eyes of greater powers, they had a child. A small boy with little hope of survival... like most babies in those times. Families would need much provision to raise a child. Also, diseases and the cold was a great enemy to the people. So, seeing that the boy was already skinny and weak, barely even able to cry, they gave up hope. The couple was of course greatly saddened by this and were about to end the boys life (To stop his suffering) when he start crying. Never since his birth had he cried. That gave them hope. They immediately stopped the ceremony and brought their new son Zavran back home. From that day his growth was exceptional. He grew quickly and became a strong boy. He helped his father hunt and his mother with her work. He learned the ways of his people and listened attentively to the teachings of his elders. His parents were proud of him and accepted his choice of becoming a priest when the time came to choose his work.

During his priest hood he learned a great deal. Their village or small city worshipped the god of winds. Zavran learned how to worship his god and to teach his ways to others. He made many good friends during his training and also found love. But that was all cut loose... A few years later when he was a strong and grown man, there was a famine. At the age of 20, he was in charge of praying to his god so that the crops would be good. During the famine, both fields and animals died. Blaming it on the now grown man, a riot started. Some people said to sacrifice Zavran, others said to burn him. His family, friends and loved ones were on his side, asking the priest for forgiveness and chance. But it was in vain. On that same day, Zavran was condemned to 2 moons of torture and then to be released into the wilds to die. The high priests then asked those who were at his side if they would sacrifice their lives to save his...and no one answered. Not even his parents. From that very moment, Zavran understood he was alone and would be his whole life... All those years, with his family and friends had been thrown away. He burst into tears as he saw his family and friends turn their backs to him...

So begun his torture. Whips, fire, blades, stretching, ripping, breaking... They destroyed his body for two nights and then left him in the wild. After one night in the wilds, he was on the verge of dying. That’s when he was given a choice that would change his life. In front of him, a plant sprouted from the ground. The plant looked like a rose, but it was opened and black. A sign from the gods? Maybe an evil spirit that wanted to make a pact with him? Or maybe he was just going crazy... He never knew. What he did remember was the pain that plant have given him after he ate it. For hours he screamed and tossed himself against trees. Feeling as if his insides were getting ripped apart and as if his muscles were being twisted...the pain was unbearable. But he stayed strong. After collapsing because of the pain, he fell into a deep sleep.

Upon waking up, he had the first interaction with his power. Feeling good as knew he stood up with no difficulty. Looking at his reflexion in the water, he noticed his pale skin, black hair and white eyes. Then he started having strange sensations on his finger tips. Looking at his fingers, he saw that they were gone and in their place was a dust. Strangely, he was not frightened by this. Far from it, he found something that would help him take his revenge. Because of his fast learning skills, he was able to reproduce this but with his entire body. And so he used this new attained “power”... to destroy his village. Striking at night, he killed everyone one by one with no mercy. Once the bloody job was done, he burned it to the ground.

From that day on, he started his own journey. Days, weeks, years, decanis, centuries and millennia’s passed and he still lived. He never aged. ((Note that even though he is immortal of age, he is still prone to death)) As the years passed he learned to control his power. Disguising himself as a merchant most of time, he went from village to village, exploring the world and learning its ways. As the earth changed so did he. Enjoying life to much, he tried to stay out of trouble and practise his powers in secret...

Then something happened that changed his life once again. Chaos, an evil god. He learned that it was this god that sent Zavran the plant as a gift to save him. In return, he asked Zavran’s loyalty. Accepting the offer, Zavran fought by Chaos side during the war against Order. Losing the fight, he was sealed away at the same time of Chaos. After a few thousand years he escaped to find the modern world. Quickly adapting, he started his search for the six part of Order as Chaos would have wanted. But at the same time...he lived his life. Zavran hadn’t enjoyed killing millions of people when he had fought by Chaos’s side during the war. But alas he was bound to the god and had to do his bidding
So started his life... in New Ithaca...


So begins...

Zavran Arran Ollacius's Story