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-REDUX- (Still Accepting Human characters and villians!)The forces of Chaos are awakening from a 2,000 year sleep, and it is up to six teens who can control the elements to solve the mystery behind their powers, and save the world from this ancient force.

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Setting: Xibalba2011-12-20 04:48:01, as written by Jakuri-chan
~ Vega Delacroix ~

Raining, raining, raining . . . it just HAD to be raining didn’t it? No, with her luck, it would be even stranger if it had not been raining cats and dogs. She knew that too. The whole day, it seemed like the sky might just open up and let the rain fall, but never had. As long as the sun was suppose to be out, everything was rather murky looking, all gloomy. Unpleasant and just horrible looking; it was the sort of day that made you want to curl back up in bed under your covers because it was icky out and cold.

Cold yes, but not cold enough for it to snow. Just rain.

This was where her story picks up, shortly after sunset, when the first bits of rain began to fall from the clouds above, thunder rolling overhead as she attempted to traverse the labyrinth-like confines of the section of a city called New Ithaca known as ‘Xibalba’ to the city’s youth. It lay deep within the heart of Avalon; New Ithaca’s thriving downtown, and was rather infamous for all of the illegal activities that took place here, as well as the syndicates that made their homes here. Most sane people, who had no business in Xibalba, always were explicitly careful not to wander into after dark. The things that could happen to a person after dark . . . oh, those are things one shouldn’t even want to think about.

Unfortunate Vega Delacroix had been taking the bus home from a little trip to the grocery store, and had found herself falling asleep as it went on. She had nodded off, conking out in her seat, no one bothering to awaken her from her slumber until the bus was making its final stop for the night. One of the last remaining passengers spotted the little blonde dozing away, shook her shoulder and informed her that it was time for her to get off. The bus was going to be heading back to the station for the night.

Perplexed, and lost in the clutches of post-slumber confusion, Vega was guided off the bus by the passenger who had woke her up, and left alone with a wish for luck. As soon as the chilly rainfall hit her face, Vega was brought back to her full senses, and she unexpectedly realized where it was she had been left. The bus pulled away, and Vega was left unaccompanied, standing on a sodden sidewalk in the part of the Avalon district someone of her size and gender did not want to be after dark; Xibalba.

It didn’t take long for Vega’s clothes to become soaked from the rain, and stick to her; same for her hair. Making as much haste as she could, Vega began to walk off to the nearest bus station to try to find a schedule for a bus that would get her home as soon as possible. She knew that her brother would not be happy when she turned up at home late.

Of course though, it didn’t take long for some rather unpleasant individuals to take notice of Vega and her small stature. . . . As soon as she realized she was being stalked by several men whom were at least twice her size in weight, she took off in a sprint.

And this is where we join Vega, in the midst of being pursued by several strange men on a cold, rainy night as thunder rolled overhead.

Damn it, she mentally cursed, rounding a corner as she took in a rather ragged breath of air, Damn it all, why did I have to fall asleep? And why did I have to be on the one bus that made its final stop in Xibalba of all places in New Ithaca?

The rain pelted her face, and her bare legs, she had picked a bad day to wear shorts, and the heels of her sandals clicked against the cracked and worn out cement of the sidewalk loudly. It was so dark, and so hard to see where she was going through the rain. . . . Vega didn’t know anything about Xibalba’s layout, all she knew was where the bus stations were so if she wound up there, she could leave as soon as she possibly could. But, she couldn’t navigate the confines of this labyrinth-like section of the city while running for dear life.

Behind Vega, so close behind her, she could hear the footfalls of those pursuing her. She wanted to cry, part of her really wanted to cry, to scream out in mortal terror, but would it do any good? Would it do any good here In Xibalba, where the screams of girls her age were so very common. . . ? I wish it wasn’t raining! If it wasn’t raining I could scare these losers off with my fire. . . .

“Heeey! C’mon now you pretty little thing! Why don’tcha slow down and talk to me and my friends? We ain’t gonna hurt ya, y’know!” Vega heard one of the men behind her call out. She dare not look back; she knew one of the rules when it came to being chased was to never look back at what was behind you. It just slowed you down.

As if I’d talk to you lot, With that Vega rounded yet another corner, heading down an alleyway to what hopefully be a more open area. . . . Her feet splashed against water that had built up in the narrow parting between buildings as she darted through it, only to be forced to slide to a stop as she nearly hit a dead end. Vega let out a light gasp, and a whimper, taking the slightest of steps backward, realizing that she was in quite the predicament. No, no, no this was seriously not happening to her!

There was a laugh, a sinister, rather ominous laugh that sounded out too clearly through the pouring rain to Vega’s ears. With fear written into her bones, Vega slowly craned her head around, and looking to the entrance of the alley she was now trapped in.

Standing there, still, was the silhouettes of several men. Their shadows and sizes were evident against the light that barely made its way into the little passage. “Well now, looks like yer trapped, ain’t ya?” One of the men breathed out.

Vega turned around, completely and instinctively she attempted to back up, as anyone would in her situation. When her shoulder made contact with the chain link fencing behind her, she let out a whine as it rattled on. Slowly the men were closing in on her; maybe they were actually going faster, but in the terror-laced mind of Vega they were coming at her in a slow manner that made her skin go gooseflesh, it sent chills of utter horror down her spine. It made everything feel all the more worse than it was then.

Without thinking about it much, Vega brought her hands out in front of her and attempted to conjure up any sort of fire she could. Please, please! To whatever omnipotent force out there who gave me these powers, I beg of you to please let me make a flame strong enough now to save my skin! PLEASE she prayed desperately.

She flexed her fingers several times, a small ball of fire forming in-between the palms of her hands, only to be snuffed out by the rain that fell. Nothing, she just couldn’t manage anything up. . . . Seemed whatever gave her, her powers just wasn’t listening to Vega tonight. “Damn it. . . .” she seethed, looking up to see the men who had been chasing her were only a few feet from her, through the darkness Vega could make out a sick smile upon the face of the one she presumed their leader.

Vega pressed herself back into the fencing, as much as it would allow her too, and gripped onto it as a hand latched onto the fence right above her head, a bolt of shock and utter fright went through Vega’s body at the noise it made. And before the man could say even a word, Vega screamed out as loudly as her small body would allow her, “SOMEONE! PLEASE HELP ME!!”