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-REDUX- (Still Accepting Human characters and villians!)The forces of Chaos are awakening from a 2,000 year sleep, and it is up to six teens who can control the elements to solve the mystery behind their powers, and save the world from this ancient force.

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Christelle Fitzroy

Rain was pouring hard on the glass of Christelle's window its pitter patting constantly reminding her of its presence as she pulled a brush through the fine strands of her dark brown hair its visual glance almost black. The room she silently sat within was shabby, its brown flower patterned wallpaper peeling and dry wooden floor stained from substances she didn't really want to know of, the furnature was old and scarce for anything other than the table she sat at and the bed whichs wood posts were broken if not scratched but she didn't mind. This small three roomed apartment was a large improvement from her previous home for the last five years, she had welcomed such a place with gratitude. The main room with its kitchens cuboard doors falling off the rotting hinges, damp soaking into a rug under a small coffee table with surrounding limp sofa's and static based grey T.V from the 50's. The bathroom homed a sorry excuse for shower the curtain missing rails, the sink had a leak under the drain the overhead mirror sporting a crack through its corner and the toilet was lucky to flush if anything.

This was Chritelles home, at least for the past year after moving to New Ithaca it had been. In most cases however, she knew it was of high standard compared to the other apartments around considering she lived in 'Xibalba'.

Standing up from the poor dressing table Christelle moved gracefully in her black leather jumpsuit as she picked up a helmet from the covers of her bed, tucking it under her arm she slipped a small bag onto her free shoulder before walking out of her bedroom door and into the main room. Grabbing a pair of shiny silver keys from the table she then left her apartment and didn't waste time gliding down the few stairs of her building block. Once at the door she looked through its glass at the heavy rain and sighed, rain had never provided her with anything good, except maybe letting plants grow.

Quickly she placed the helmet over her head making sure to tuck all of her long hair in so it wouldn't get wet, then in one swoop she walked out of the front door and into the rain that splattered onto her back at full force. Never looking back she kept a calm aura approaching the one machine she think she could someday possibly adore, her Suzuki Motorcycle. Getting her keys she made the wonderful machine spring to life as she swung her leg over its cold exterior not wasting time in kicking it to action.
Christelle didn't have a talent for many things she knew this, but for some reason she was able to pick up the skill to master transportation vehicles easily. Maybe it had something to do with her powers, it had saved her life a time ago from her stepfather Joey, so perhaps it was understandable why she had a natural touch with transportation.

The roads were quiet apart from the odd van not worthy to be called road suitable, the streets filled with small groups of thugs huddling together or pushing each other for a fight that Christelle would deem unnecassary. She disliked Xibalba for many reasons, its harsh environment, the chaos of its people and not to mention how many god damn streets there were, it was so easy to get lost, however, this place was all she could afford, and it was home to her salary.

The wind rubbing on the bare flesh of her neck Christelle sped past the bus station and further up the road, there she turned into a small place that only attracted the attention of those who knew it existed. The sound of her boot hitting the floor echoed in the silence of the atmosphere only to be covered by the druming of the rain as puddles grew large in the pot holes of the roads and sidewalks. Any other person would have to lock up a Suzuki Motorcycle in this neighbourhood with a five tonne lock not that anyone could even afford one in Xiabalba, however everyone knew never to touch Christelles. She had a successful reputation that she neither liked or disliked, it kept the lowlifes of her back, but it also made her more well known not something she appreciated, it was all to do with her work. No matter who they were, everyone knew she could find them with just a name or an insight into their belongings, and she was a woman that could beat a man to hell and back, she was not someone to mess with.

Still graceful as that was her nature Christelle left the rains presence as she opened the doors to a pub known as 'The Old Fisher', a few grunts sounded here and there, men were playing at a pool table a few women watching hoping to score, probably prostitues, at the bar was an old man his white moustache thick and in Christelle's opinion taking over his face.
"Evening Elle" he nodded as she took off her bikers helmet, she nodded back without a smile as always, she didn't socilise well anymore.
"Jack Daniels and coke Harold" she asked as she pulled a hand through her long hair arranging it as she walked over to the bar to sit on a stool.
"Sure thing, I'll make it a double like usual" he said comfortable around her sulking atmosphere and unapproachable attitude, Harold was one of the few people who saw her everyday, probably the only person since she kept everyone out. Lowering his voice after he handed her the drink he spoke in a tone she recognised "Left corner, round table, two of them" he was subtle which she appreciated.
"here" was her only answer as she left cash for him before scooping off the stool and silently walking over to the cubicle at the back of the bar, to the left with two men sat around a round table. The men weren't well dressed, one of them was overweight with a hat that reminded her of a dead rat the other a man so thin he could have been a cocktail stick for halloween, both of them however smelled like sweat and grime which disgusted her as she fought the need to wrinkle her nose keeping her calm appearence as she slid into the cubicle sitting opposite them.

"Who do you work for" she asked instantly staring at them her hazel eyes piercing as they flashed a dark brown in the dim light instead of green for a change. Both of them gulped under her fixated gaze her expression serious with a heavy uncaring making her seem more ruthless and less understanding for mistakes at being messed around. The thin one stared at her and she knew his eyes were focused on the lighter skin of her cheek where the scar she whished she could hide was on full view to the world, narrowing her eyes at him made him turn away luckily.
"T-the scarlett queen" the fat one spoke making Elle flash her attention to him allowing the thin one to breathe. The Scarlett queen again, she seemed an avid customer though Elle had never yet met the woman face to face, she always sent her minions to do her buisness. It was usually the same guy, she wondered why these two weirdos were here this time but didn't ponder on it longer than needed.
"Cash" she said again her words little and eager to get this over with, Elle hated doing this, working for criminals, but what choice did she have, what right did she have to do something better, she was a monster after all, a demon without a meaning she yet knew.
"Right, right!" he repeated nervously looking to the thin one in waiting as he inturn began to fumble around under his fraying jacket, it was taking time as he stopped to wipe sweat off his head making Elle make a deep breathe in impatience causing him to smile like a clumsy idiot. She would have said something if she felt like interacting with them more.
Eventually the thin one put a wad of cash on the table somewhat relieved to have found it, Elle picked it up flipping through the hundred dollar bills raising an eyebrow. It was all there.
"Whats the name?" she then asked satisfied.
The fat one seemed surprised at her acceptance and unprepared as he paused before stuttering again "M-mindy L'lane" he said. The moment he gave her a name Elle closed her eyes and focused, immediantly it was all clear to her, it was as though the world no longer existed for anything other than shadows and their places, and who was within one. She scoped through them all, taking time to scout everyone as she expanded the territory beyond where she was sitting. Images sprang at her as different people appeared in their shadows but none were Mind Lane.
Eventually however she finally found Mindy Lane.
"5th avenue raptured street apartment 12" she opened her eyes as the two men looked at eachother unsure as to what just happened.
"Is that it?" the thin one spoke this time his voice thin aswell.
Christelle gave him a cold look making him move back a little "thats it" she said in final words before moving out of the cubicle downing the double Jack Daniels and coke before heading back to the bar cash in hand.

That was it for tonight, at least she thought it was.