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-REDUX- (Still Accepting Human characters and villians!)The forces of Chaos are awakening from a 2,000 year sleep, and it is up to six teens who can control the elements to solve the mystery behind their powers, and save the world from this ancient force.

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~ Vega Delacroix ~

Vega remained seated where was, up against the front door; looking at Mitch, maybe she’d been a little too carefree sounding, considering she was a stranger, and he had just saved her from something no one really wanted to happen to them. Hey, she turned into a little bit of a sarcastic thing whenever she got nervous. . . . He looked rather flabbergasted for a moment there, sitting rather quietly. Seriously, a part of Vega wanted to joke around with this and say something on par with, ‘What? Not used to pretty girls calling you a hero, or staying over?’

But, Vega kept her sarcastic mouth shut, but maintained a little bit of a smile at her own musings, they amused her. Even if she wasn’t exactly in the best of predicaments, she was already sure that Mitch wasn’t really a bad guy, if he were a bad guy, then well . . . would she have been sitting in his apartment after he went out of his way to save her? The answer to that question is, uh, no! If he weren’t a decent guy, I’d probably be lying in that alleyway, dead as a doornail. . . . she thought dryly, silencing herself as she realized the reality of what really did just almost happen to her sort of set in.

Guess I could have gotten off a lot worse, but still, this whole experience isn’t the most pleasant of my life. Vega shuddered, partly from the thought and partly because she was freezing in her drenched clothing. Her smile left her face as she sighed. She looked back over at him when he muttered something like a confirmation in a somewhat inattentive manner, seemed he was distracted by something. . . . .dare I say it? Or in this case, think it? I’m going to go ahead and say he’s distracted by the horrible monster most teenagers deal with, hormones! she slapped her hand over her mouth as she thought that, oh, she did not want to start crack up laughing like a maniac right now. No, not after what happened, it’d make her look like more of loon than she already seemed to be.

“If, you know, you don’t want to take a shower. Then at least dry off a little, I guess.” she heard him say, getting up and heading for where he had pointed earlier, the bathroom. Vega stood up to her feet, it only taking Mitch less than a minute to get her some towels, and throwing a few to her. She caught them with little problem, she was lucky that Len had taught her how to actually catch well. “And, I can uh get some dry clothes if you want.” he offered, but he didn’t even give her a chance to accept or decline.

When he vanished off into his bedroom, Vega smiled to herself and shook her head; God, she was in such a weird situation. “Well . . . I suppose this will make for an interesting story for my online buddies.” She sighed, throwing a faded green towel over her head, working on drying her hair before anything else, considering she was pretty sure that was would keep her damp the longest. She bent forward, chin to her chest as she wrung the water from her blonde locks, and into the towel, the proceeding to rub at her scalp some. Without thinking about it, she stood back up straight, the towel around her shoulders. Vega continued to rub at her head some, still feeling a few areas here and there in her hair that were rather wet.

Mitch came back out from his room, clothing in hand. Vega wasn’t even sure if she wanted to go ahead and change out of her own sodden clothing, it might have been wet, but at least it actually fit her! Anything she’d borrow from him was undoubtedly going to be way too big on her small frame; she barely hit the sixty-two inch mark, and according to doctors she was underweight. Like it was her fault she had a metabolism of a marathon runner when she was rather lazy!
Shaking her head at her own thoughts, she heard Mitch say she could change in the bedroom where there was a lock on the door, before heading to his kitchen, saying he’d get her something to eat. Vega looked ahead blankly, and used the towel to continue getting some of the water out of her hair.

To change or not to change, that is the question. . . . she thought dramatically, well she looked at it two ways. If she remained in her properly fitting clothing that was soaked; it would stay on her right, but she’d probably wind up sick. And then two, if she did borrow Mitch’s clothing, it wouldn’t fit her well, but at least she wouldn’t get a cold or pneumonia. Yeah . . . guess I’ll go ahead with option number two, I don’t feel like being holed up at home for two weeks, grounded, while I’m sick.

With that, the blonde went ahead and scooped up the clothing from off the arm of the couch, but looked at Mitch with a rather innocent expression before she went off to change. “You know something? You didn’t have to tell me about the lock on the door, I already kind of figured out you weren’t going to do anything perverted to me when you didn’t try as soon as you had the front door locked.” Vega smiled and let out a small laugh before darting back to change.

It didn’t exactly take her very long, suffice to say though, she had been right about the clothing being far too big on her small body. The shirt for Pete’s sake, literally just hung on her, the neck scooped down rather low, showing a good deal of skin, and sort of completely showed one of her shoulders. She got lucky in regards to the pants, given the fact she had been wearing a belt with her shorts, she was able to at least use that to keep them from falling down on her.

Vega didn’t actually bother with the hoodie though, she didn’t need one; after all look what she had been wandering around in. Okay mental note Vega, do not where shorts again for a long time. Okay? Okay~ she thought with a sigh, pulling her hair into a braid so it wouldn’t be too much a hassle as it dried. She placed the hoodie on the mattress before picking up her own clothing and holding it away from her at arm’s length. “Guess I’ll . . . hmm, I don’t actually know what to do with this stuff? Sink, I guess?” she muttered to herself as she went back out into the living area of Mitch’s apartment.

“Well, I’m changed and stuff, thanks for letting me borrow your clothes.” She said with a laugh. “I look like someone stuck me in a dryer and shrank me. . . ."