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-REDUX- (Still Accepting Human characters and villians!)The forces of Chaos are awakening from a 2,000 year sleep, and it is up to six teens who can control the elements to solve the mystery behind their powers, and save the world from this ancient force.

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Setting: Xibalba2011-12-23 01:36:58, as written by HiddenNymph
Christelle Fitzroy

It was getting late, already the early hours of the dawn were beginning to set in as Christelle saw a faint flicker of sunrise behind the windows dirt and smashed reflection. It was clear no one else was going to be bothering her tonight for buisness. Picking up a glass she had been staring at on the bar she quickly finished off the bitter liquid as it burned what sensations she still had down her throat. "cheers for the meal Harold" she spoke to the old man with an overlarge moustache as he wiped clean another glass with a cloth behind the wooden bar in-need of touch up.
"Any time Elle, your always welcome here" he smiled at her far too comfortably, she didnt like how she was beginning to grow an affection for the old man, she was even beginning to feel like he was trustworthy, almost as though he could be her grandfather. She had to be careful, all of the people she got close too ended up suffering, she was a demon afterall, what else could control shadows like she could.
"right" she hesitated a small smile before letting it die quickly. Jumping off the stool she pulled out a pair of black leather gloves from her pocket and pulled them on, they matched her black leather jumpsuit perfectly. "See you tomorrow" she nodded to the old man leaving the now quiet pub the door clanging shut behind her as she stepped into a puddle, a reminder of the rain that had previously been pouring. It had recently stopped to Christelle's delight.

Fumbling with her bikers hood she sighed pulling a hand through her long black hair as she walked to the carpark its tarmac full of pot holes as was to be expected in Xibalba. It was surrounded by tall apartment buildings, all battered by age and the odd scream apparant, she was sure she heard one earlier, there was a small steet nearby with a chain fence cutting off the street from the carpark's vehicles, a group of thugs were hanging out there which made her roll her eyes. There was never a time in Xibalba where you could walk around without seeing someone suspicious.

Her boots clomping into the puddles that scattered around Christelle stopped dead in her tracks when she saw her Suzuki Motorcycle. Four men were hovering over it, one of them had his hand on the seat making her feel uneasy, they immediantly noticed her from the sound of the splash her boots had made, looking at her shaking their heads with sarcastic grins.
"Move" she spoke quietly feeling a brash clenching in her stomach hesitating her movements.
They each looked to one another before laughing cynically, one of them was smoking a cigarette which made Christelle want to vomit. She hated those things. "So your Christelle Fitzroy? eh" he spoke without wanting a response since it was obvious, Elle had enough repuation around Xibalba to make her recognisable. "the woman of mystery, the woman who can find you within a second and the woman who can kill you within a minute" he laughed his tone sarcastic and hateful as he flicked the cigarette onto the ground spitting after it his face suddenly changing to something serious "You look like a pitiful girl full of lies to me" his eyes narrowed as the other three walked forward their expression creepy as the guy who had spoke leant back of her motorcycle.

"I'll tell you again move, if you value your dignity and life I advice you do so" she kept her calm and reslove despite the fluttering panic that had encrusted her heart. She hated conflicts, she hated getting involved in otherpeoples lives, she only made it worse.
"Shut up little girl, what are you 18? I'm fed up of hearing these stupid rumours about you, Your a child nothing less learn your place" he gave a sign to the three guys his voice pissed off and unsatisfied.
Elle clenched her fist, she had to fight back.
"What was the fuss about her being pretty anyway?" one of the three guys said
"Not a clue, that scar is disgusting, it just makes her look useless"
"I don't know, it kind of has a charm" the final one spoke as they neared her, Elle stood completly still as one of them pulled out their arm to punch her. She felt her insides crumble, she hated that scar, she hated all of them, they were an aweful reminder of her past.

Taking a deep breath she moved, twisting out of the punch she avoided it, ducking under another and dodging what she could to the best of her ability. She could just leave right now, she could use her shadow walk to dissapear, but then they would have her Suzuki Motorcycle. That was something she was not willing to give up.
Dropping to the floor she swung out her leg in a circle motion tripping up two of the guys, however the third managed to use that chance to slam a bat on her back making her slump forward as pain surged through her spine in sharp spikes. "Bastard" she winced not wasting time to let the pain set in as she rolled on the wet floor out of the way of a second hit with the bat, irritating the guy.
"Stay still would you" he cursed trying to hit her but she kept rolling until she finally got up, she didn't want to do this, but it seemed like she was going to have to use her shadow powers to get out of this. Glaring at the guy who was still touching her bike, she knew, him for sure she would leave behind in the darkness of the shadow realm.