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-REDUX- (Still Accepting Human characters and villians!)The forces of Chaos are awakening from a 2,000 year sleep, and it is up to six teens who can control the elements to solve the mystery behind their powers, and save the world from this ancient force.

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Owner: Jakuri-chan
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Pray Krimsson

Suddenly, Pray woke up in a large puddle of water, he must have been dreaming, his grocery bag was in his hand and his whole back was muddy, but he wondered why he had first of all slept in the rain and second of all dreamed of something so weird. He thought over it a little before getting back up and pulling his wet hair back so that he could keep walking.

"What was that all about?" Pray was still confused about it all, he didn't know the girl at all.

He kept on walking down the street not paying attention to anything going on around as he rubbed his forehead and dug deep into his mind to remember anything that could make him even think of such a scene from his dream. He got closer to the fight taking place with the four men and Christelle but Pray really didn't care at all and mostly wasn't paying any attention. He kept on walking not knowing at all to which peril he was headed towards.

"Just what was that dream?" He was now in the middle of the five people with his hand on his leaned over forehead.