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-REDUX- (Still Accepting Human characters and villians!)The forces of Chaos are awakening from a 2,000 year sleep, and it is up to six teens who can control the elements to solve the mystery behind their powers, and save the world from this ancient force.

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Owner: Jakuri-chan
Game Masters: Jakuri-chan
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Alexander David Benoit

The door opened and a woman was standing at the door. Alex didn’t recognize her, but that was fine with him. She had brown hair, and she was wearing a robe. At least she looked like a nice person. I hope I didn’t wake her up. People get angry when you wake them up, it would probably be better to leave. Right as he was turning to leave the woman: “Good evening. Can I help you with something?”

Alex froze for a second then remembered why he was there. “Er… I was looking for Calli. I wanted to see if she would like to go to a movie. It’s late, I know, but… Wait is this even the right house?”

He really had no idea what to say aside from that. Should have planned this out a little more. When am I going to learn? Alex felt a little awkward just standing there to ask a random girl he barely even knew to go to the movies with him. It didn’t really help him feel any better that he wasn’t even sure that this was her house.