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-REDUX- (Still Accepting Human characters and villians!)The forces of Chaos are awakening from a 2,000 year sleep, and it is up to six teens who can control the elements to solve the mystery behind their powers, and save the world from this ancient force.

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Setting: New Ithaca City2011-12-25 05:27:43, as written by Zetna
Zavran, The Dark Mist

Darkness....Darkness....Darkness everywhere... why is the world so dark? Maybe because I make it dark? Chaos is probably the cause of all this darkness. Every act of “evil” done by a person makes Chaos stronger...and one day he will break free. And then I will have to make the ultimate choice...Serve him or run. I have been with Chaos for a long time now. I have killed, hunted and murdered for him. I’ve done terrible things... People who serve Chaos know my name. Most of them know who I am and think of me as an important figure in Chaos. But am I truly? He gave me eternal life and nightmarish powers...but do I serve him? I think I will have to make the choice soon... I-

“Get the hell of me!!!”

A voice ran through the dirty streets of Xibalba, pulling Zavran out of his thoughts. Wearing his black trench coat, he sat on the roof of an apartment. He had taken a liking to this spot, coming here every night to reflect and think. The rest of the day he was travelling, reading or doing something bad. Well.... by travelling he meant searching. Chaos needed him to find the 6 parts of Order. Unfortunately, Zavran had to do it. Passing a hand over his pale face, a black cloud clouded his face, leaving only his white eyes visible. This was the way he kept his identity. He slowly stood up and stretched. Looking down at the streets, he let his eyes scan the area looking from where the scream came. Finally, he found what he was looking for. A teenage girl, no older than 15 was running from a male. The girl had a very curvy figure and being wet made her futures stand out even more... The man chasing her was much older. With Zavran’s amazing vision, he could see the look in his eyes. It was fairly simple to see what was going on...

Should I do something? The girl is going to get raped if I don’t. She might even be killed... But I’m so tired and have work to do for Chaos. He wouldn’t approve of me wasting my time on this...affaire.
What do I care...?

With that he leaped from the roof. Being at least 50 feet high, the fall would kill a normal human. Good thing he wasn’t a normal human. As his body neared the floor, he steadied his knees and flexed his muscles. Slowing down in mid-air, he hit the ground with a light <<THUD>> and no pain. From his current location, he would need to turn left and walk until the next alley and then find the man and the girl. Placing his hands in his pockets, he walked; taking his time. As he walked, the back of his body seemed to dissolve, like if he was disintegrating as he walked. This was something that was normal for him. Having gained his powers had given him great strength and powers, but also came with faults. A double edged sword...

Zavran sighed and passed a hand threw his wet black hair. Turning into the other alley way, he saw that the girl was on the floor and that the man was a few feet away from her, slowly walking towards her. His fat and hairy body would make anyone sick. Staying in the entrance of the alleyway, Zavran quickly took note of a few things. Primo, he made sure the man had no weapon. Zavran would have no trouble taking care of him even if he had a weapon, but being taken by surprise was not something he wanted. Looking at his hands, he found no sign of a weapon. Quickly scanning, his body, he found no sort of weapon. He might be hiding a weapon in his coat, but by the time he would reach for it Zavran would be done with him. Secoundo, was he alone? Zavran had only seen him running after the girl, but what if he had buddies not too far away? Once again, Zavran would have no trouble despatching of multiple enemies. It was probably a question on being lazy.

Zavran let out a loud sigh. The fat man stopped and turned around. “The’fuck do you want! Get the hell out of here this doesn’t concern you!” Zavran sighed and started walking towards him. “I said get the hell out of here now!” No response from Zavran as he kept walking, not going faster. He slowly pulled a hand out of his pocket. “Alright you asked for it!” The man quickly pulled out a gun, seemingly scared. Zavran was right, he had a weapon. The man pulled the trigger three times, launching three bullets at Zavran. As the bullets hit his body, his whole chest turned into a mist. The bullets passed through the mist, leaving three holes that were quickly closed up. Zavran was grinning under his dark face. The man pulled the trigger 5 more times. The same thing happened. Finally Zavran got to him. “No please stop I-“

His voice was silenced as Zavran’s hand went through his chest. Like a knife cutting threw butter, the arm went all the way through the man’s chest, leaving bone and blood on the ground. Zavran slowly brought his face to the man’s ear and spoke quietly “Now you will be in Darkness....” With a strong pull, he freed his bloody arm from the man’s body and let the body fall. Slowly looking at the girl he smirked. She was pale and seemed like she was about to die any second. “Forget about me...or I’ll come to you next...” With the Zavran dissolved into a mist.
A few minutes later he found himself on another roof. As soon as his body took shape he heard another voice right in the alley next to the roof he was on.
“Heeey! C’mon now you pretty little thing! Why don’tcha slow down and talk to me and my friends? We ain’t gonna hurt ya, y’know!”

Here we go again... Zavran slowly looked down to find a girl walk past three men. He slowly followed her until she was against a fence. The rain had started pouring harder and Zavran really didn’t feel like taking another life. He sighed and was about to lose interest when he saw the girl raise her hands. Zavran raised a brow and looked down. A small fire ball had started forming in her hand before getting extinguished by the rain. Zavran blinked.

Well, well well...I found one... Zavran grinned. He followed the girl’s progress and never lost track. Another boy had come and somehow gotten her out of the mess she was in. Then he took her to his apartment. Zavran followed them like a wolf stalking its prey. And that’s what Zavran was...A wolf in the night, hiding in the shadows...waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Turning into a mist, he went through the solid walls of the apartment and found a dark corner in the room. With his power, he turned his body into a mist and stayed hidden in the mist. His bright white eyes would have been easily visible, but by turning his body into a mist, they turned black. Completely hidden in the darkness, he followed their conversation. They seemed to be getting along very well and hadn’t noticed Zavran yet. He would be very surprised that they would see him...

He wasn’t really sure what to do. At least now he knew what she was like and he knew her name. Vega was her name..And the boy’s name was Mitch. Should he just barge in and kill them both or wait and spy on the girl? Plan B would be smarter. While she was not looking, he passed by her in his mist form, leaving a small particle of his body on her. With that he would be able to find her where ever she was. With that he went back into hiding, following Vega and keeping an eye on her. In his half mist half body form, he blended perfectly in the shadows, his white eyes blending with the darkness.