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-REDUX- (Still Accepting Human characters and villians!)The forces of Chaos are awakening from a 2,000 year sleep, and it is up to six teens who can control the elements to solve the mystery behind their powers, and save the world from this ancient force.

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Owner: Jakuri-chan
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Feeling the cold drops on tan skin, sound of feet tapping in puddles of water and mud. Long red hair sticking on tan skin and flying behind a wet and tall teenage boy. Man, it's was going to be hard to comb tomorrow. Light blue eyes turned dark by the darkness of the night and one round white orb of light shinning down upon those light colored eyes. Gun shots and growling could be heard almost through out the neighborhoods streets, as a gun shot hit the teenage boy on the shoulder kicking on a bundle of nerves, it sent a message to the brain and back to the damaged nerves, sending a message of pain to the gunshot wound. But the boy didn't stop not yet, he had to bring back what he had to before it was stolen again, long legs continued to make a windmill of tracks, and heavy breaths could be heard behind the boy, which made his heart jump out of his chest and back inside.

Hearing another gunshot but not from him from the group of people behind him, but it didn't hit his shoulder or his legs, it hit something people needed to breath with, his heart.. Feeling pain, and fear his head turned back and pointed the weapon towards his attackers and two bullets ran out of the hand gun, and went through only two of the attackers. Maybe he would lose them this time. His head turning back into the direction he was head, the rain seemed to clash down at him harder than before. Not hearing footsteps behind him, not even a heavy breath, only hearing his own footsteps and heavy breath as he turned the corner to a city full of apartments and nearly jumped up the first lighted apartment and sat down. Hitting his head against the door, he laughed softly as his eyes grew weak on him.

Not now.. He thought out to him self, Not when I came this far.. It suddenly became really hard to breath now, he couldn't give up he had to at least stay up until someone answered the door. That would be really pitiful, dying on some one you don't even know a complete strangers, door step. Dying during his missions were not acceptable to this young man. Having the feeling of the word fail in his heart and mind, something he feared was failing, he felt like he was failing himself and his father, knowing that he wasn't good enough for this job. Knowing one day he was going to get hurt but that still didn't stop him from completing any mission. Then there it was a flash of darkness blocking his view, he tried to blink his eyes a little more but that only made it worse. His heart started to skip a couple of beats and his head hurt bad, it felt as if someone was hitting his head with three hammers, yes that bad..

He knocked on the door one last time it felt as the world was spinning in his view. Knocking him out in an unconscious view. The last thing he touched was the suitcase in his hand, the last thing he thought about was, him failing his mission.