The Vincents Come to Town.

The Vincents Come to Town.


When the Vincent family, who are far from normal, move into a quaint little town by the name of Dawnwood, how will the locals react?

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In the quaint little town of Dawnwood, located somewhere in England, a place where nothing unusual ever happens, a family by the name of the Vincents move in. Now, they are far from a normal family; in fact, they are a family of witches, wizards and warlocks of all different abilities. These supernatural beings are known amongst humans but they aren't always accepted into everyday life. Whether or not the townspeople will accept the family into their home town is unknown, and so the Vincents are trying their very best to make a good first impression. The kids are attending school and the parents struggle to find jobs. Here we witness them living out their every day lives, but there's a twist.

With Witches come Werewolves, Vampires and other Supernatural beings that wish to either form alliances or murder them and take their power for themselves. They will not be left to their own devices in Dawnwood and will bring a lot of drama with them whilst they work towards acceptance, which will ultimately push them further away from their goal. It will be difficult but c'est la vie.


______ Vincent, mother. | Thirty-eight. | Kate Beckinsale. | Reserved by ShatteredWings22.
Power: ______.

Sebastian Vincent, father. | Forty-five. | Robert Downey Jr. | Reserved by AwkwardlyFabulous.
Power: Necromancy/Black magic.

Eric Vincent, eldest son. | Nineteen. | Penn Badgley. | Taken by Seabear21.
Power: Pyromancy.

Elliott Vincent, eldest daughter. | Seventeen. | Selena Gomez. | Taken - AwkwardlyFabulous.
Power: Shapeshifting.

Jeremy Vincent, youngest son. | Fourteen. | Jake T. Austin. | Taken by Mr. Baneling Squishy.
Power: Enchanting/Magical Constructs.

______ Vincent, youngest daughter. | Fourteen. | Ryan Newman. | Reserved by ShadowedxLove.
Power: ______.



Henry Renning, student. | Nineteen. | James Franco. | Reserved by Outcast-Angel.

Dean Grey, student/waiter. | Eighteen. | Beau Mirchoff. | Taken by MoonlightWraith.

Name, occupation. | Age. | Face claim. | Open.


Name, occupation. | Age. | Face claim. | Reserved by Hallowed777.

Belle Moree, student. | Eighteen. | Lindsay Jordan Voth. | Taken by Jynxii.

Maria Singh, student. | Seventeen. | Karthika Nair. | Taken by Robinwing.


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(All right...might as well try and start)

Jeremy looked at it from across the street. He knew what was coming, and he knew he would hate it. It was school. The first day of school, for him and all his family. He held is grandfather's coin, and then walked across the street. Every time, I have had to deal with the damage. Maybe this school will be nicer? I rather doubt it.

He looked at everyone, all the new students. Some already seemed to know his face. He could see his family at least. His siblings. But the crowd of students engulfed him. Eventually, he managed his way to math. As they did attendance, the teacher said his name with a hint of disdain. Great. Just perfect. I am going to fail math.

History was at least better. The teacher didn't say his name with disdain, and even made a comment during a lesson about how you should not judge people on their race, the history of their race, or just because they are not like you. At least the history teacher seemed friendly, even if she did not show it directly. And she understood, which probably came from history itself.

Then, he got to science. The science teacher, after reading his name, mentioned something about how "Magic is just hidden science", and Jeremy could not tell if that was an insult or a way to connect. He continued to make fun of magic and Jeremy when he passed, but Jeremy had no clue if he was trying to be mean, funny, or understanding.

The bell finally rang, and he went to his locker, switching out binders and books, before taking out his gym clothes. He had Gym next, and they had football practice (Not American Football, to be clear) and tryouts for the team. It was the plan he had last time, and the time before that. Academically, he might not be as good (not horrible or bad though) as his siblings, but he was skilled at something they were not.

Football. And he had a plan this time. If he got on the team, and he managed to stand out, he figured they would accept him. This school has had a lot more losses then wins, and if he could turn it around without magic, they might just accept them.

(as far as I could tell all the characters were students, so everyone gets a tag! Hopefully the GM does come back. She was literally only here for a week, and she has almost been gone as long now. It's not hopeful, not from what I have seen, but it's possible! Like, maybe there was a power failure or family emergency or something. But, in the mean time, let's at least start this off. Show that we are loyal, and won't abbandoned her when she leaves! We won't give up! :D)


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Character Portrait: Dean Grey

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Dean sat in his Business Studies classroom, his teacher was on another rant about something he didn't want to know, something about Business Survival and how a business would cope with it. Dean sat bobbing his head back and forth slightly as he sung a song that was stuck in his head, today it was 'Things we lost in the fire'. He was then brought back to the real world as the school bell rung, loud and clear across the entire school. Dean grabbed his blazer from the back of his chair and made his way out of the classroom, his messenger bag hung lazily from his shoulder and his blazer slung over his shoulder instead of going over his torso, and completing his uniform. Dean made his way down to the study, he was in free periods for the rest of the day and was going to ask one of the people from his business studies class if he could copy their notes from today, well the notes he got distracted from anyway.

Dean sat in the study with one of his classmates, his pen busy as he copied down the notes that he had missed and his headphones played the Bastille album that he had on his phone, his head bobbing with the music just like it had in his business studies class. He spent the rest of the day in the study, trying to understand what he had copied of the girl from his class. By the end of the day, he was fine with what he learned on his own and felt confident that if the teacher asked him a question on it he'd be able to answer it.

Dean heard the final bell and made his way to the car park, he walked up to his car and took out his car keys, he threw his bag and blazer into the boot of the car before climbing into the car. Once in the driver seat, he put his headphones in and waited for his friends to get to his car so they could all get home without getting the crowded buses home.

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Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

I didn't come up with it, I just lived with it. XD

Shhh, we can just say it's something about not having decided or to make sure everyone's on the same page or something.


Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

Robin, why....why would you overly complicate things.

Now my brain hurts. D:

(Note this is the same brain that plans complicated murders and plots, and thinks about futuristic technology and paradoxes and what not. So if what you just said makes me confused... :3)

*starts staring at people with a death glare randomly*

Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

I'm really surry, and I'm not trying to be mean but, Baneling, I don't think you quite understand how schooling works in England. After 16 (Year 11), students leave required education, and from there can join the world of work or can go into further education, which is called sixth form. Sixth form can be in either a secondary (high) school or in a college, but my point is, you can choose what classes you're studying, and you don't have to choose the core ones like in GCSE years.

However, I think there are probably a few ways to get away with it, but it's just explaining why Maria's experience of school is going to look a little different from Jeremy's.

Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

Well, start then. I dont think the GM is coming back, but if she does, it will be to a live roleplay, not a dead one!

Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

I just wanna start.... T-T

Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

I think it would be cool to keep doing these memory things in our character sheets. Mine are probably going to be fewer in number, but a bit longer.

Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

Oh, plus the GM is the one who seems to be missing.

Hmmm....okay, how about we wait one more day, and if the GM is still gone, not to overstep or anything, but I guess I will temporarily become acting GM and allow posting. I don't see a GM usually leave like this then come back when they joined about less then two weeks ago, but I say wait one more day.

Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

Jynxii wrote:I hope we can start soon.. as far as gender numbers go-- right now we're even..We have four children of the Vincents (two male, two female) and four towns people (two male, two female)... So... Unless the parents are are dire part of the rp-- can we not go ahead and start and let the parents come in after?

I don't want to sound pushy, I just feel like the rp has died and we aren't even started yet D: I kinda want the ball to get moving, is all... I'm excited ^-^

This is why I have been adding "memories" to my character's history section. They are, in essence, posts of their childhood. You should read up on those!

Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

I hope we can start soon.. as far as gender numbers go-- right now we're even..We have four children of the Vincents (two male, two female) and four towns people (two male, two female)... So... Unless the parents are are dire part of the rp-- can we not go ahead and start and let the parents come in after?

I don't want to sound pushy, I just feel like the rp has died and we aren't even started yet D: I kinda want the ball to get moving, is all... I'm excited ^-^

Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

Thanks. I will probably add some more later.

All we need is the mother and father. Aka, waiting on Awkwardly and Shattered.

But yeah, seeing as our characters (most of them) are related, we should have some pre-established memories lined up.

Edit: Maybe Eric can be the one who found him bleeding to death in the bush? :3

Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

Where are we at on starting? Close? Who else do we have left to cast?

Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

@Baneling: Awesome interactions dude. I'm all for it. If I have time, I might even do my own sort of that, maybe adding on to where yours left off.

Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

Oi oi. A Geordie sits on this end.

Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

hmm I wonder how many of us are British? xD

Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

Woah, I just read Shadow's profile. Then I noticed that so far, everyone has had their characters first names start with J or E in the Vincent family. I demand this be upholded!

Also, in the interest of keeping myself busy, I am going to add several memories of past experiences on Jeremy's profile. Now, this will include interactions with other family members, so if you have a problem with anything, just let me know!

Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

I am sorry to say that I don't think I can make the female character I have reserved. I'm sorry but I just don't think I have the time to make the character. I wanted to tell you so that you wouldn't be disappointed or wouldn't wonder why I made a reservation but never made the character. I hope this group does great. :)

Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

All right. The thing is though is that sometimes people say they are going to make a character when they don't. So we could be waiting for a veeeeery long time.

Also, just to clarify for everyone, you did mean that the town already knew about their powers, right? Because that is what I got from the intro.

ANNNNNNNNND it feels like waiting to have everyone post their characters is going to take forever, but I might just be excited... >.> ...or both...

Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

@Mr. Baneling Squishy - The posting will begin when all the characters have been taken and/or submitted. I think that five characters - including mine, the father - have yet to be submitted and then there's just one male for the townspeople that needs to be taken by someone...

@Pretty much everyone - I honestly don't mind what you make your characters into, their backgrounds or anything like that. Anyone can be in Dawnwood and anything can happen at any time. I don't run a strict set of rules here as GM so just let loose and don't worry about what I think. A huge dragon could fly over the town, burn it to a crisp and leave everyone drowning in a miserable pit of fiery chaos; it wouldn't even phase me.

They're your characters. Do with them what you will.

Re: The Vincents Come to Town.

Okay, I'd have posted my character if my computer hadn't messed up. It will be up in a few.