The Warmer They Grow

The Warmer They Grow


(OPEN 6 roles needed!) In a land were women rule and loving a man is punishable by death, will the unrest settle or is war eminent? Can the forbidden love the Two of the queens and their servants survive the battle?

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On Pandora there are five Kingdoms, Naverine the Northern kingdom, Evermore the Eastern kingdom, Sonderfell the Southern kingdom, Westerfell the Western kingdom, and Central city the kingdom in the center of the world. Each kingdom is skilled in a particular trade and is a bit different based on their region, The Northern races are skilled barbarians and great weapon fighting (brute strength) they are also a bit shorter than the other races and are well suited to the cold and wear fur and heavier thick attire, The Eastern races are skilled magic users/ sword and gun mages and protectors of the Tree of Life and it’s healing qualities they are a bit taller than the other races and have longer pointed ears they are used to a mild climate and have a sensible free styled attire, The Southern races are technologically advanced and are the only ones who know how to run the tech they are well suited to their tropical climate and are very tan and have treetop towns they dress in a ‘steam punk’ like attire, The western races are the most skilled killers in the land. They are tall and lean and have a brown tint to their complexion. There known for there strict rules, and their unconditional love for fighting. They are used to mild climates and rain. They wear free flowing yet tight clothes so they can fight, but usually just there armor..., The center is a melding pot of all the races it is a place where all the citizens who didn't want to stay in their kingdom come to live. All the kingdoms are different in their own ways, but two things unite this world the worship of the gods and the Final Law no woman is to love a man you see thousands of years prior the founding families decided that men were good for breeding and labor and locked away all of the men, after that society became more peaceful the men worked the women built cities and formed strong alliances the South’s technology allowing the women to have children using bone marrow from another woman these children are always born female. Soon after this the Eastern kingdom found a new magic it was called soul mending, it allowed them to bond an individual’s soul to a necklace that took the shape of their unique soul and grew warmer the closer they got to their soul mate. The leaders of the kingdoms were allowed one personal slave that was male and the citizens were allowed to see men once every ten years they would breed with men to create more men to do hard labor and then they would leave and go back to their daily life and certain men would raise these children for five years before they started to do small jobs.

Now all was fine and dandy until the Leader of the East and the Leader of the West, who were close friends found that their necklaces only grew warm when their male slaves were near, they kept this secret from all except each other and as it grew harder to hide the love they shared with their servants a new threat appeared word had come that the Southern kingdom was planning to take control of the other kingdoms.









Centeral city


Character skelly:
Weapon: (unless you are a servant)
Theme song:


Roles; (Will make more if needed)

Queen of Naverine: Reserved for- Anraee
Naverine guard Captain: Open
Naverine guard 2nd in command: Open
Naverine servant: Open

Queen of Evermore: Taken by- ShadowHawk
Evermore guard Captain: Open
Evermore guard 2nd in command: Open
Evermore servant: Taken by- delfiler

Queen of Sonderfell: Open
Sonderfell guard Captain: Open
Sonderfell guard 2nd in command: Open
Sonderfell servant: Open

Queen of Westerfell: Taken by- Saferia
Westerfell guard captain: Open
Westerfell guard 2nd in command: Open
Westerfell servant: Open

Queen of Central city: Open
Central city guard Captain: Open
Central city guard 2nd in command: Open
Central city servant: Open

Toggle Rules

1. Be kind
2. Follow these rules
3. No god modding or meta-gaming!!
4. Be literate, some one liners are okay but not all the time..
5. Check back often!
7. Swearing is allowed in moderation
8. Tell me the 'magic' word Tardis when reserving a role in ooc so I know you read the rules!
9. Saferia is co-gm and her words is as mine final law

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Character Portrait: Hekatisis (Katisis) Evermore
Character Portrait: Seraphina Wester
Character Portrait: Derek


Character Portrait: Derek

........y...y...yes miss

Character Portrait: Hekatisis (Katisis) Evermore
Hekatisis (Katisis) Evermore

" All things need nurturing to grow, I am glad to provide that.."


Character Portrait: Hekatisis (Katisis) Evermore
Hekatisis (Katisis) Evermore

" All things need nurturing to grow, I am glad to provide that.."

Character Portrait: Derek

........y...y...yes miss

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Hekatisis (Katisis) Evermore
Hekatisis (Katisis) Evermore

" All things need nurturing to grow, I am glad to provide that.."

Character Portrait: Derek

........y...y...yes miss

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okay that is clear then for me

Re: The Warmer They Grow

I will reserve it for you :) and yes they can have a pet but no weapon

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Magic word tardis and I want to take the role of evermore slave and I will take more but for now that one

P.s. Are the slave allowed to have a pet and/or weapon

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Thanks :) can't wait for her :)

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Hey lovely, ill be making my character now.

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Yes you may :) and yes it is

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Haha mind of I reserved Queen of Naverine? I believe the magic word is Tardis?

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