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- Identity :
Full name : Skjric Snow-Creed (ski-jric)
Gender : Male
Race : Nord
Age : 31
Date of Birth : 17th of Frostfall, 4th Era 406
Birthsign : The Tower
Known residence : Farm in Whiterun.

- Appearance:
Height : 6’6” (198.12)
Weight : 275 (124)
Hairs: Short blonde hair
Eyes: Icy blue eyes.
Complexion: Pale skin
Distinctive signs: Perpetual 5 days beard with two long braids.

- Who you’re dealing with:
Class: Warrior and Farmer
Alignment: Empire and Companions
Specialities: Strength, Battle cry and Nord blood gives you 50% resistance to frost.

- Other:
Handedness: Left Handed
Nicknames: Sky, Ric, Snow.
Deity: Mara, Dibella, Talos (secretly)
Familiar: None.

Let's develop a bit more

Realm: Skyrim, Tamriel (The Elder Scrolls)

Skjric is a quite typical Nord: taller as the average human, pale skin, and his traits look almost exactly like his father and his father.
He keeps his light blonde hair in a short and cropped in the back with a mess on top, and usually wears loose-fitting brown pants without a shirt. He prefers to be free from the bonds of clothing whenever he can. If he needs to put a shirt on (which is rare) he prefers his old rustic vest with a baggy white shirt. It happens to be cut right down the middle to the bottom of his chest to revel his strong and hairy chest.
When in battle, Skjric sports his Imperial General’s attire. A full Nordic crafted armour with a Nordic battle axe, he had forged himself at the Skyforge. The Skyforge seemed to make the steel stronger. Skjric carried a small Nordic dagger in case if he adventures out on the hunt. He is usually always dirty from the battles or just farming in Whiterun. His always present stubble suggests he doesn’t shave religiously but doesn’t grow a full beard.

Skjric is a warrior with no real specialization, making him competent in anything. He has brute strengthen and is rather average minded. He does know how to farm and hunt as a good Nord should. He often plays his lute just as all the great Nords do. That is one field he is the best he knows at. As a young boy in the Rift, he use to gain money and love by simply letting his fingers work their magic. Skjric is the rough and tough type. His punch is just as hard hitting as his battle axe. He often wins the bar fights and just fun free for alls.

Whiterun, Skyrim. Skjric owns a small farm outside of the walls of his beloved city.


Skjric was born in the Whiterun to a beautiful maiden and a handsome warrior by the name of Adrielle and Eriq Snow-Creed. Skjric grew up on a farm outside the city walls. This never bothered Skjric because he was born into the strongest family in the town, he believed. He only had brothers growing up, six brothers and he was the youngest. To him, that only made him the strongest being that he was enough picked on and bullied. But it wasn’t so bad being that his oldest brother and parents favoured him the most out of the boys. Skjric would be the one he grew up a wonderful life and have it all come down as well. One night when the family was resting in their home, bandits came through and ran the farms over. In a quick escape his mom and oldest brother made it out of the mess. His fellow brothers and da were killed. When they returned to the farm, it was wiped off the face of Skyrim. His oldest brother found all the bodies of their fallen family and buried them.

The three didn’t have anything left in Whiterun and decided to move down to where they could afford a place to live… to the Rift. A dirty scum ridden place. Skjric’s brother went out and hunted during the weekends and brought home meals for them and meat to sell out the market. He was only 24 and Skjric 15 when they became one of the misfortune families.
One day, Skjric’s brother came home with a lute and gave it to the young boy. Skjric taught himself how to sing and play a tune. He would go on to use his skill to bring home coin and a few girlfriends, which killed his ma. There was an evening where Skjric was playing his lute in the Bee and Bar to get some easy coin when he spotted a young maiden by the name of Ingun. She was an inspiring alchemist. The suitor was caught by her eye as well. After a few romantic visits by her manner, the mother of the clan, Maven found out what her young daughter was up to. Maven was the most powerful person in Riften. She easily forced the Snow-Creed’s out onto the streets of Skyrim once more.

Skjric’s brother got the idea to go join the Empire. Skjric had to agree since he did kinda get them thrown out their only home.
Too much surprise when both the brothers got accepted into the army. Adrielle was so pleased to see her boys now 29 and 18 following in her husband’s footsteps. They both quickly ranked up in the Empire, showing great skill for battle. Soon enough his brother turned out to be a hero of the people in Skyrim after single handed protecting a village of people from some bandits. The Jarl and High King was very impressed by the young Snow-Creed and knew his da when he was only a lad in the army. The Jarl appointed him to be a Thane of Haafingar, allowing him a huge manner in Solitude for him and his family. Finally, they were living high again! Skjric was excited to be brother of a Thane.
At a noble party, Skjric bumped (literally) into a young miss by the name of Evelyn Strong-Shield, a powerful female Nord in Solitude. The two quickly hit it off as friends until she fell into the ranks of the Stormcloak rebellion. This caused tension between the friends, for Skjric was following his brother’s footstep’s into becoming a Thane. And it did happen in the battle of Whiterun, where he kept the Stormcloaks and his friend at bay in the fight. They held the enemy back on their heels.

Skjric became the Thane of Whiterun and also joined the Companions. He was given a farm outside of the walls as he did as a child. Now he lived alone on his farm until he is call on to service with the Empire again.

Skjric isn’t rude but nor is he friendly. He doesn’t talk too much after all. He rather keeps to him and stays beside his army.

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