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The Warriors from Within » Places

Places in The Warriors from Within

This is a list of locations that can be found in The Warriors from Within.

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Concentration Camp Hölle

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Leon watched Adelric from the corner of his eye and when the water was splashed, found himself slightly wet too. He felt sick. Without much to eat that morning, he couldn't retch anything up thankfully. The order from Adelric came. Leon felt his stomach drop. The one who had tried to help Aurelia was now going to be in the cell with her. He had to be careful to avoid having her brother see him taking Jane away.

With a curt nod, he turned on his heels and left, feeling sick from the helplessness he felt towards helping the girl with the red hair. Perhaps the other one could assist in it all. Leon would have to check on them later that night to make sure that neither one was going to die, otherwise, a few French prisoners would try to kill him.

As he moved from the mansion, he searched the area with sharp eyes before spotting the Boyer girl. Her gaze was down as she dug with a spade that had produced blood from her hands where it had cut her. She was in for a hell of a time with that.

"Mademoiselle," Leon said softly as he approached her. Jane looked up with wide, concerned eyes. She stood carefully, holding her hands behind her shirt. Leon kept his gaze away from her shirt as it wasn't covering all of her stomach and the freezing cold. She had torn off a piece of her ruined shirt which was already too short.

Leon grabbed her arm and nodded for her to come with him. Jane, terrified as she realized where she was going, swallowed her nerves as she followed. "Why?" she asks softly in German. Leon doesn't look away from the door his eyes were set on as he continued to guide her to the house.

She was so thin... That thought went through Leon's head. She was thin, but her ribs bones didn't show prominently like most did. She must be getting extra food from someone... Not him...

Walking into the mansion, Leon refused to look at Adelrics prisoner as he walked past her. Leon's thoughts went back to Aurelia. She was breaking under the pain and intensity, Leon's own moral and sanity seemed to be breaking too.

Leon heard Adelric yelling and cringed inwardly. The girl was doing things wrong. Adelric was probably trying to they stuff from her that she wouldn't give or didn't have.

Opening the door, Leon saw Adelric on the side and Aurelia wet in the chair, her wound bloodied through the cloth again. Adelric had pushed it.

There weren't any other chairs explaining why the Germans weren't sitting. Sighing inwardly, Leon moved the Boyer girl to the wall opposite Adelric and to Aurelia's right. Her hands were pulled up and placed in the cuffs on the wall. Her bloodied palms in fists as she too had seen Aurelia's wound.

When she went to open her mouth, Leon gave her a look that silenced her if only he wasn't the one in the room.

Jane's wavy hair was down to her shoulder blades, a dark brown that was mixed slightly with dirt to give the slightly lighter color a darker quality. Her arms hung limp from where they were being held and she stood with her feet shoulder length apart. He had on pants thankfully considering the cold though her shirt was inappropriate for the weather in more ways than one though the long sleeves helped. Her face was slightly grimy in the light given from the window. Again Leon noticed how she looked so thin but not as prominently as the others. That was probably just because he had seen the effects so often. She looked rather pretty even though she looked like a pauper. Perhaps that was why Sebastian had given a pause at her.

"Do you need anything, sir?" Leon asked with as he moved to the counter. His gaze caught on something as he passed behind Aurelia but didn't pause. He would need to ask her later.

Jake stared momentarily after Leon with a cold hatred she had learned to show when around Adelric. Her gaze went over Aurelia for a moment, her stomach turning, then allowed her gaze to go to Adelric. She leaned against the wall behind her in hopes of relaxing slightly though the wall was too cold behind her and made her shiver slightly.