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Almost thousands of years past the current time, lies a world of horrors and emptiness. Humans have nearly died out, leaving the world to half-breeds that in our world are just myths...

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Thousands of years past the present time, lays a world of horror and despair. Humans are nearly extinct, letting half-breeds take over. 4 kingdoms rule over the musty land, all trying to survive. The first and largest kingdom, the Canines and Felines. Starting from your little household pets, they slowly took control and became the fiercest of the survivors. They live in the forest, near the ground. The second kingdom, close to the first, is the Reptiles. Snakes, turtles, you name it. Seeing they had little chance at first, they teamed up. This kingdom is known to be a shy kingdom, hiding itself within the caves, going hundreds of feet down. The third kingdom is the Winged. Living on the canopy, they serve as mainly the watchers. The fourth kingdom is the kingdom of the humans. Many have gone to war, shrinking the humans by the dozens. They are very small in number, not exactly a large kingdom


Follow the site rules.
You can have up to 4 characters
War is allowed, if asked by the other kingdoms royalty.
Have Fun!

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Character Portrait: Naomi Misuzuki Queen of the Canines, a fox hybrid

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