Krestwood, DissedanDer Ritter

"I'm the slender-man"

a character in “The Wicked”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Name: nameless (known as: mr.tall, slender-man, or der ritter)
Age: who knows?
Gender: male... we thing
Race: wicked
Appearance: wicked human: a tall (6'6") man with blonde curles and silver-blue eyes. he's the type of person that your eyes just want to slide over.
Clothing: (as seen in wicked pic, but for both)
Occupation: as a "human" I am a bard, and I specialize in watching children. as a wicked, I'm a boogie man who steals children
Likes: small children, dark clothing, and forests in the fog
Dislikes: bright lights, holy objects, and direct sight
Weapon: my many long limbs and tentacles
Abilities: I can control all of my limbs, not to mention grow tentacles. these can be stiffened and used to stab people
Weaknesses: fire and iron
Alignment: I'll help when needed, but I like to STEAL CHILDREN... so I guess neutral
Personality: children are my life. I want to take them all away, and well.. I'll spare you the details
Background: (sorry, didn't see that there): slender-man is just a tale to scare children into not going around without a parent, right? wrong.
slender-man stalks the night, stealing children from their beds. no one is sure what he does with them, but they know that the missing children
have never been found. knights have tried to take out this wicked before he could escape with their children, and every body has been found
missing their eyes.

So begins...

Der Ritter's Story