The Will to Survive

The Will to Survive


A new disease is sweeping across the US turning those infected into flesh craving monstrosities. They've lost all humanity and their only instinct is to feed. Now with a zombie apocalypse befalling the nation, those immune to the virus but try to survive.

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Highgate was a small town like any other in the midwest. No one expected what was about to happen. Half of the towns population gets infected with this airborne virus, causing mass panic. Those immune to the infection are quickly being picked off by the newly formed "zombies", leaving the streets covered in blood and half eaten corpses. What used to be a quiet home in rural America has now become a scene from a George A. Romeo film. Your only goal is to survive.

Noise attracts them. (Gunshot, screaming, etc.)
Because these zombies are still alive, any killshot will do.
They are not like the normal shambling undead. They can run and they will do anything to get to you. They're only thoughts are to feed.
They cannot talk. You will hear them breathing loudly, growling, grunting, making gurgling noise and screeching.
You cannot be infected by being bitten. If you are immune to the airborne virus, introducing it into the bloodstream won't infect you either.
They appearance is quite scary. The virus causes the skin to decay rapidly, causing lesions to form like leprosy. Their skin has a yellow tint to it. Their eyes have glazed over and also turned a yellowish color.
They have NO memory of their past no matter what you do. They also don't understand talking.
As the disease progresses in the human body, it will cause the body to mutate. There will be different kinds of zombies as the game goes on.

I don't really have an outline for characters. Just submit one and I'll add it to the list. Just try not to make a character too over powered. Remember these are normal humans you're playing, not superheroes. Be very detailed in your bios and try to have a picture. :)

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Once they were in the car, Leo wondered if Jin's driving was similar to the crazy lady's... Then again, they were being chased by a bunch of zombies...
Before he could do anything, the Matthew guy gave him a hand-gun, "Hurry, shoot them, if you even know how." He ordered.
Leo blinked, "Uh... right."
Of course he knew how to shoot... all he had to do was aim and then pull the trigger thing and hope that the bullet actually hit something, right? It shouldnt be too hard.
He stared at the zombies for a few moments, "They arent people anymore..." Leo reminded himself, trying not to feel bad as he shot and killed a few of them, "But they used to be." He mumbled.

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Richard sat in the passenger seat in an almost trance like state, like he wasn't even worried about making it out of the city. Darcy's face was filling every thought inf his mind. What if he warned her too late? What if they were all about to die? Well he guessed Darcy would be in a better place that way. Lilith speed through side streets, alleys and small roads until they were speeding up the small foot hills that Highgate sat on the bottom of. Richard looked back at the town, it was small but not small enough yet. Leon was riding on his bike right behind them, he looked scarred as shit.

"Come on punch it!" Richard yelled as he looked back at the city, hoping that Darcy was going to make it out alright.

~Eight miles from Highgate~

It had been twenty-three minutes since the detonation of the the fuel air bomb and Raptor 2 was just getting in range of the target. His wing man neglected to check his firing systems before the mission. Well as it turns out a hug chunk of metal from one of the Chinooks crashed into the one missile port that the incendiary would later be placed on. Stupid mistake on his part, but now Raptor 2 was on the case and he made sure that every port was loaded with an incendiary and had been checked thoroughly for damage.

"Raptor 2, target in range, weapons are hot."

"Roger Raptor 2, fire when ready."

Raptor had the coordinates down to a science as he aimed the missile straight for the center of Highgate "Fox 1!"

~Outside of Highgate~

They still weren't far enough damn it! Richard's heart was racing now, they might be out of the blast radius by a quarter mile, that might not be far enough. Jesus this was bad. As he wiped some chemical rain from his hair, all he could hope for was that Darcy was far enough away that the blast wouldn't kill her.

"Faster Lilith!"

"I'm going as fast as I can!" She screamed back. Jake was in the back seat, tail between his legs and whimpering as the Jeep speed through trees and and over dirt mounds. Richard was bouncing wildly in his seat from the jeeps constant leaps on the uneven terrain of the hills. Highgate was out of sight, but only because of the treeline, Richard knew they were still too close. Then something in the sky caught his eyes and he looked up to the clouds to see a bolt of light streaking across the sky like a shooting star. This was it!

"Get down!" He screamed as an explosion shook the landscape. The Earth cracked and dirt flew hundreds of feet into the sky, and fire enveloped the trees and the Jeep was tossed through the air like a soft ball.

~Seven miles from Highgate~

Warning lights flashed as Raptor 2's plane was hit by the shock wave of the explosion. A ball of fire that must have been several miles high and at least five miles across, incinerated everything it touched. The ground around the explosion began to cave in as the shock wave of the explosion broke away the hardened Earth. The bomb had the power of a small nuclear device, sending air waves crashing through the forests, ripping off the branches and leaves of those that weren't burnt to a crisp immediately. Raptor 2 couldn't regain control of his plane, the air waves were much to powerful and it kept his jet completely off balance and soaring towards the ground like a spinning top in the air.

"This is Raptor 2! I can't regain control, spinning too fast for eject!" He was screaming at the top of his lungs, but on the other side was only silence.

"God help me! God help me! God help me!" He kept praying to a God that must have long forgotten him, as his jet crashed to the ground in a ball of fire and smoke...

~ten minutes after the explosion, just outside Highgate~

Richard kicked the door of the turned over jeep open and stepped out into the harsh heat of the landscape. The trees around him were nothing but bare sticks in the ground, and his body was littered with cuts from when the glass was blown into the jeep by the force of the bomb. He looked behind him, the trees that was obscured the city from view were either destroyed, burned or had no leaves to obscure much anymore. The once lush green landscape of the hillside was charred a hideous coal black, and small fires were burning across what was left of the grass. The devastation was amazing, the force was so strong that it caused portions of the hills to tumble down in enormous rock slides that all but made the path Lilith took in the jeep, impassable. What was even more amazing, was the view of Highgate. Where the once small city once stood, was nothing more than a four mile wide crater that must have tore through the Earth several more miles downward. For miles around the crater was nothing more then a wasteland of scorched Earth where nothing remained besides the unrecognizable blackened remains of buildings, and agriculture. Highgate was nothing more than ash, any rubble that remained would be swept away in the next strong wind storm. As for the infected and still living beings inside the city, they might as well have been a distant memory swept away by the unholy fire that didn't even leave the ash of their bodies behind.

Richard looked at the destruction with cold eyes, had she made it? He heard Lilith exit her side of the vehicle and call for Jake who had been tossed to the floor board of the front seat of the jeep. He was beat to hell but he would survive. Lilith stumbled her way up next to Richard, he eyes blackened and her nose bloody from the crash and covered her mouth with a gasp. "Oh my God." she murmured under her breath "It's...gone. My home." her voice was thick with shock and depression as she starred out at the nothingness that should not have been there to meet her gaze.

"There's nothing we can do, that bomb is designed to leave nothing in it's wake." Richard said with a bone chillingly calm voice

"Do you think the others-

"Yes." Richard cut in as he looked to the sky "They did. I can feel it." He looked to Jake who was limping on three legs, poor stupid thing. A rustling in the trees made Richard look over to his left, and from the coverage of the bare sticks came Leon. He was holding his arm, and his cloths were torn to shreds. It was amazing he survived that crash on a bike, Richard thought for sure he would have broken his neck.

"No it's okay, don't anybody rush to help." Leon moaned as he hobbled his way over to his two companions

"Glad to see you're not dead." Richard said with the same calm and cold tone

"Gee thanks." he said sarcastically at Richards tone.

Lilith said something to him, and Leon smiled and responded.

"Come on guys." Richard said with a wave of his hand "We should get walking if we want to get to that rendezvous point." He looked to both of them as he held his side in returning pain "As long as you two can walk."

They both answered in their own ways and Richard rolled his eyes "Good, then lets go." and with that the three hobbled further up the mountain, leaving the horrible sights of Highgate behind, forever.

~CIA Headquarters Langley, Virgina ~

(Theme for this section

"Sir." Director Scott's commander of Black Operations said as he approached the man

"Yes Derrek?" the director said as he sat back in his black leather desk chair. his eyes cold and emotionless

"The mission was a success, Highgate was obliterated, nothing is left."

The director's lips curled up into a wicked smile "Good...very good." he looked at his Commander with cynical, plotting eyes "And the new president?"

"He is being installed as we speak, he will be a good puppet sir."

The director stood from his desk, and turned around, placing his hands on the small of his back "A puppet will do for a while. But not forever, we need a strong leadership for our country in this time. Derrek."

"Sir?" The Commander asked

"It's time, begin the Armageddon Initiative."

"Yes sir, right away." The commander turned on a dime and immediately pulled out his cell phone to begin preparation's

Director Scott just stood and smiled at himself, "Yes, this country will come out of this greater then it was before it," He chuckled to himself in joy "We are on the verge of something great." He then turned around and placed himself back in his black leather chair, and rested the back of his head in his hands still smiling wickedly as he thought of the dreams he had coming to fruition.

(This will be my last post for Part 1)

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It took an hour or so for James to get settled into his new home. The log cabin would certainly keep him safe from the weather, as for was questionable. The only plus side was that he was so far from the nearest town that the chances of zombies casually walking by were slim. Nonetheless James made preparations, he brought with him all the guns he had, which were a few, but what he lacked in guns he made up for with bullets. James had a stock pile of bullets which he now stored in the trunk of his car and in a cabinet in the kitchen.

Once James finished moving in he walked outside to get some fresh air. James took a deep breath and inhaled the natural air. The pleasant smell reminded him of the many summers he would come up here and hunt game. This section of the land supplied James many trophies and now would supply James food. He wasn't fond of the idea, what if the animals were infected too? What would James do then for food? He hoped it would not come to that.

James' thoughts were cut short as a loud noise buzzed and then almost immediately roared overhead. The sound echoed through the hills and pierced James' ears. Looking up in confusion James twirled his head looking for it. Then the jet flew by at sonic speeds and by the look of it it was heading for Highgate. Just as fast as it appeared it was far off in the distance, several miles out, however James could still make out the shining speck of it. Then it multiplied into two shining dots. What was going on!

James did not even have time to think about the possibilities. As soon as he saw it everything changed. The sky blew up in a fire orange color. Smoke and clouds expanded and flew outwards. This was followed by an explosion noise. Fire engulfed the area, smoke filled the sky and then a second explosion occurred.

"My God"

Highgate was gone.

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He walked down to where everyone was, in the kitchen. Ofcourse thats where the woman would've held the meeting. Where she should be, Leon smirked at the thought of this ironic happening. She layed out the plan, sorting the people into which car and who they'll be travelling with. Leon ofcourse was going on his bike but following the bloody truck. Great. Lilith turned to him and asked him if he'd be alright on his bike with his hand, Leon nodded silently. Smiling on the inside as she had shown concern towards him as no one else really cared. Everyone still eating pancakes seemed to make Leon feel happy until he saw Jin touch Natalie with his foot. How disgusting, he showed non cleanliness at all. He swallowed down the puke that had been coming up his throats and kept his smart remarks away and leant against a wall silently. Darcy was still going on forever anyway until everyone was finally outside. Leon hopped on his bike and looked back at the massive crowd of zombies making their way slowly towards them. It was like he was on a stage and they were all the fans, except they wanted to eat him.

Everyone finally started their engine and ended up heading off, Leon reved his bike, didn't matter if the zombies heard him, they were pretty close anyway. They left at the speed of lightning, Thank god, it started to worry Leon. He was at the back of the whole line and was probably faster than this car on his bike. But he still had to stay behind. They made it out of Highgate safely and Leon felt as if he could hear the words of Richard yelling at Lilith, making his heart race even faster than it was, the zombies didn't even seem to slow down or stop. Leon looked back at the horde quickly and turned back as an explosion hit.
"Holy sh-"

Leon went flying into bushes nearby, thankfully the soft shrubs broke his fall. He felt his body all around no broken bits but his bandages were torn, luckily it was only his hand, he tried moving every bone and stretching. Everything worked perfectly, that was good, they didn't need any drawbacks at the moment. He looked at his bike, well pieces of it.
"No, no, no."
He gravelled to the pieces and picked them up just holding them in his hands. He grew angry, what the hell was that stupid explosion? His bike was totally destroyed now. What was he supposed to ride in? He stuggled to stand up but fell back down again. He tried again and finally succeeded. He limped out of the bushes to see Richard, Lilith and the dog all fine. He ran to the dog who was walking with only three legs.
"You can make it buddy, don't worry." he mumbled to the dog scruffing its fur.
"Well hey guys!" Leon smiled slightly.
"I see you're alive..."
Luckily everything on Leon's bike wasn't ruined like his weapons, he checked the bag, well only a few swords were broken but still plenty of weapons left. He still had his gun that was given to him by Richard. He tossed the gun to Richard.
"I don't think I'll need it as much as you will.." He said as he saw the zombie horde still coming.

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Emerson covered her mouth with her muddy palms, trying to lower her breathing volume. It's been several months since the deadly infection came from being a dream, to a living nightmare in weeks. Her breathing died down to a small huff. Emerson hid well behind a few abandon food crates. Her face was sweating, heart pounding, vision blurry. She couldn't tell if she was bitten or just tired from the sleep she's been losing over the past few months. A few blocks down from the ally she was hiding in, a "beast" had wandered to close to her shelter and she begun to silently panick, her gun would attract more so all she could do was flare her knife around and throw punches at the monster before she could get away. Emerson has gotten used to things like that, but one of those..things..have never gotten THAT close to her.

Emerson searched her body for any sight of blood or bite marks,chunks of flesh missing. Nothing. She was safe. She sighed in releif and wiped the mud and dried blood off her hands on the gravel below her.

"Discusting. Those beasts have blood like freeze dried jelly that's been in Africa for two years."She said, almost hurling at the thought.

Emerson stood up and brushed the dirt off her torn jeans. She hasn't changed her outfit since choas reached this town. She was visiting here with her father for a little time together after he was released from rehab, but things quickly hit the curb when people first learned of the sickness, squirming around like spiders in a bathtub. Running for extra gas,clothes,money and other useless things. Luckely, Emerson gathered more then enough of what she needed to survive. Matches,a tarp,weapons and a few scraps of food would keep her steady until she found a group to partisapate in. But unfortunally, Emerson beleives that most of the survivors have left this town behind, in hopes to find better ones with cabel,water and open stores possibly. She didn't beleive in any of that. Emerson quitly crouched around the corner of the ally on the way back to her camping spot near a torn up car dealership. Only maybe, three cars remained, all drained of gas and lacking of wheels, and even the chairs where missing. The beast Emerson fought off earlier was still lugging about, limping and flopping it's only arm around like a ragdoll. It's was far enough from her tarp for her to crawl inside it. Her backpack lied in the corner, away from the small opening where Emerson crawled in and out of every hour or so. The sleepy, weak girl colapsed onto the bag with her pistol in her hand and her knife beside her before her eyelids grew heavy and she drifted off into sleep, dreaming that she will survive another night and that maybe, in the next day, she'll find another survivor kind enough to help her and fight alongside her during these tough times.

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#, as written by Burumun

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Just so you guys know This role play has pretty much ended.

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