C.I.A Director Andrew Scott

Freedom isn't free gentlemen, and either is survival.

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Andrew is an elderly man with greying hair and eyes darkened by multiple years of murdering and black operations. His face is cold and emotionless and a smile never seems to come across his face.


Andrew is cold and calculating, once has made his mind set on a goal he will do anything to achieve, kill anyone that he needs too. He isn't afraid to use every weapon and man at his disposal to get what he wants, and do what he thinks is best for the survival of not the world, but the United States. He is an evil and cynical man with motivations that almost none but he can fully grasp.





So begins...

C.I.A Director Andrew Scott's Story

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(Intro: Director Andrew Scott, Song:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrnR0XQrD40)

four months....four long months have passed since it started, the parasite evolved quicker then anyone in Director Scott's office could have expected. He had sent in a reliable agent, Richard McCarthy codename Freelancer, to retrieve the man who was first infected with the parasite James Hill codename Ghostfather from the city of Highgate. But things went wrong, and the Director Scott used an experimental weapon called a Aries Fuel Air Bomb on the city. The bomb incinerated the city, killing everyone inside. Now he was catching hell about it from military high command who knew about the operation after it happened, damn soldiers don't know what's good for them.

Director Scott sat on his black leather chair surfing through status reports from his various agents around the globe. Things were bad, and they were only getting worse. The parasite has infected every major country in the world, from the United States, to the UK all the way to the Russian Federation. Worse yet, mutations were being reported, the damn parasite is evolving faster every passing second. The science teams believe that it is progressing at a rate of 100,000 years of evolution for every month that it is alive. In a single year this thing will have evolved the equivalent of 1,200,000 years. Director Scott rubbed his forehead as he sat back in his chair and gave a long sigh as he read a new email from his new right hand operative, codename "Priestess".

the problem in Texas is taken care of. I found the target facility and put it out of commission, no more worries there. the email read. The past four months had been nothing but truck loads of problems for Director Scott. The most recent of which was rouge factions of the original development team trying to release information on the parasite to foreign governments. They think that if they can let the other governments know about the parasite that the chances of finding a cure for it will skyrocket. "Dumb asses." Director Scott murmured to himself as he thought of the scientists. If the world found out America was responsible for this it would mean the ruin of the country. They would be expected to pay quadrillions in reparations, the government officials tried for crimes against humanity and God knows what else. Director Scott couldn't let that happen, it was unacceptable, he had fought to hard for this country to let it fall like that, so those scientists could eat shit and die for all he cared. Just as long as all the secrets stayed secrets. He had men and machines working around the clock tracking websites and out of country calls to be sure of that.

There was a knock on the directors door "Andrew! It's me!" a male voice called from behind the door.

"Ah yes come in." Director Scott called as he stood from his desk and walked around it to greet his visitor. The door opened to reveal a man in a blue generals uniform. His right chest was decorated in a beautiful array of medals and ribbons that would make a boy scout cry with envy. Director Scott held out his hand and shook his visitors hand as the man closed the door behind him "Director Ashfeld, how are you?"

"I'm very well, how about you Andrew?" The man said as the Director released his hand and Ashfeld took his seat.

"I haven't been this busy since 9/11." Director Scott said as he took his seat in his black leather chair and put his hands on his oak desk.

"Me either, this whole thing has been one hell of a ride. I've been working non-stop for almost thirty six hours now." Ashfeld said as he took off his generals cap, revealing his snow white hair that was cut to the normal military length. The amount of sleep the man had gotten was evident on his face. Aside from the usual wrinkles of age, the man had deep purple bags under his eyes that looked like bad bruises.

"I hear you. Coffee has been my best friend for months." Director Scott and Director Ashfeld shared a laugh, probably the first in a long time for either of them.

"So I'm guessing you didn't just call me down here to chit chat Andrew." Ashfeld stated between his dying laughs.

"No." Director Scott said coldly as he reached into a drawer of his desk and pulled out a file and threw it on the desk in front of Ashfeld "Unfortunately not."

"What is it?" Ashfeld asked as he picked up the file and looked at the large eyes only stamp on the front.

"Open it and see for yourself." Director Scott replied with a tone of enthusiasm. Ashfeld opened the file and started to read it with a slight grin of interest on his face, but as he continued an aura of discontent fell upon the room. His grin soon faded to a serious frown, and he had a look of unbelieving shock that was so obvious he might as well have had the words written on his forehead.

"Wha...What is this Andrew?" He interrogated with astonishment

"I call it, the Armageddon initiative." Director Scott replied with a cynical smile still planted across his face.

"You can't be serious this is treason!" Ashfeld yelled

Director Scott calmly made a quite gesture with his finger "Now calm down, I just need a few of your men and-"

"You expect me to help you with this!" Ashfeld growled with rising anger

"Freedom isn't free John. Either is the survival of the United States." Director Scott didn't yell his words, but he spoke in a tone that one would use if trying to explain something to a child. Ashfeld got up and put his cap on his head.

"You're going over the line Andrew. I'm going to expose this..this plan of yours to the president." he said as he shook the file in the air "Then your going away for a long time my old friend."

Director Scott shook his head and chuckled as he pressed a button under his desk "Oh John...John...John...John." He looked at his old comrade with a sympathetic glare "You could never see the things that needed to be done in the name of Freedom." Just as Ashfeld turned to leave, the office door flew open and two men dressed in neat collared shirts, black slacks and coats ran through it. The man in the back closed the door tight as the first one ran up to Ashfeld and planted a powerful right hook across the elderly mans face. Ashfeld's head hit the desk, and Director Scott stood up and moved to the side and starred, as the man who punched him held Ashfeld's head down and the second man ran over with a syringe in hand. The second man grabbed Ashfeld's right arm, the other man grabbing the left, then plunged the syringe deep into Ashfeld's neck. As the liquid in the syringe filled his blood stream, Ashfeld's eyes got wide, and he began to make chocking sounds as he began to drown in a pool of his own saliva. Director Scott looked at him with cold unfeeling eyes, then turned to the man with the the syringe "That's a nice coat Jackson, it new?"

the man called Jackson looked over as he took the syringe out of Ashfeld's neck "Yeah, got it on sale."

"Nice, where?" Director Scott asked as the other man let go of Ashfeld and he fell to the floor, convulsing violently

"I ordered it from Old Navy before this shit went down, they had it in store but I was just now able to get down there and pick it up from the storage room."

Director Scott nodded and tightened his mouth "Not bad, looks good on you." he said as he patted Jackson on the back and walked over to Ashfeld who had stopped moving and was now motionless on the floor "Get the body back to his house, make it look like he had a heart attack in his study or some shit."

"Yes sir." the two men said in Unison as they picked up the body and dragged it out of the office.

Director Scott picked up the file from the ground and shoved it in it's place as he took his seat at his chair "Now, where was I."

~Boulder, Colorado~

(Intro: Richard "Freelancer" McCarthy, Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hW93CV6m-JU)

People sat on street corners, their cloths dirty and their eyes full of lost hopes. Richard, Lilith, Leon and Jake, Lilith's dog, drove past the dirty and nearly destroyed streets of Boulder. No one here seemed like they had any hopes of survival in their minds. Who could in these times though? Richard was a trained killer, who was trained to live off bare essentials for months on end, and even he was pretty sure his he was pretty fucked at this point. A jet screamed over head and Richard looked up to see an AV-8 harrier moving past them at lightning speeds. That wasn't an unusual sight here in Colorado, the military had lots of chemical weapons facilities, air bases, and not to mention NORAD all here in the state so it was no surprise that they had a huge presence here.

"These people look terrible." Lilith commented as she drove the Humvee through the streets that were littered with filth. They had acquired the vehicle from a few cops who weren't going to be needing it anymore up in Vail, a small town in the Rocky Mountains. It got shit for gas mileage but the cops had filled it with plenty of gasoline canisters before they were jumped by infected.

"What are you talking about, you'd fit right in with those rags your wearing." Leon commented. He was in the back seat petting Jake who was still wearing a makeshift cast on his arm. It had been broken pretty badly when the bomb went off at Highgate. So Richard made a cast for him out of gauze and splintered wood. It wasn't perfect, but it did the job will enough. The two exchanged a few more words as Richard looked out upon the streets. He had his pistol at the ready, he didn't these people to not try and rob them. Good thing was, most of these people were here because they drove here of their own free will or just decided to stay. The military wasn't forcing people to stay, so they had obviously found a nice enough way to live if they stayed here.

"You two lovers sure get along well." Richard joked as the Humvee rolled through the streets.

Lilith made some comment and Richard looked back at her with a cocky smile. Lilith's arm was a little discolored, a side effect from the paralyzing injections. He was able to make the vials last for a long time, but she was getting close to her last injection and once that happened who knows how long she will have before the parasite takes over. That's why they were here, Richard knew that the government had a huge testing facility buried under Buckley Air Force base. It was one of the first places they started producing the serum. If they were lucky they still had an abundance there. Luckily, the entrance to the facility wasn't located at Buckley air force base, which was no doubt guarded like it was the last safe haven on Earth, it was in the city of Aurora itself. There is a small building in Aurora that is a military hospital, well in the basement is an entrance to a series of underground tunnels that lead under Buckley Air Force base and into the research facility. The whole thing was set up during the Second World War to serve as a secondary testing facility for chemical weapons, aside from the Rocky Mountain arsenal located in Commerce City.

"Okay, we are getting closer to where the military will be set up. So we might need to find a place to ditch the car, because if we don't they military will probably confiscate all of our gas and our Humvee."

Lilith nodded her head, and with that she speed the Humvee out of the city of Boulder and down towards Aurora. As they did Richard thought back to Darcy. How he wished to see her face again...They were supposed to meet at the rendezvous point but since the three of them plus the dog needed to walk they didn't get there in time. He hoped she was okay...after this he was going to find her somehow...he swore it.

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Lights blinked in the distance across the dark landscape but not nearly as many as a large metropolis like Minneapolis should have at this hour of the early morning.

Darcy stood in a long shirt in the dark one hand resting on the window that made up the entire right side of the bedroom, there was no wall just glass. She looked out solemnly across the frozen Mississippi river that ran below, to the other side of the city. Everything was covered in a white sheet of crisp brand new snow. It looked so heavenly, so benign, so . . . normal, when it really was anything but.

5.15am The digital clock next to the bed had read. She had slept almost ten full hours. She felt calm and relaxed. It was the most sleep Darcy had got in weeks. It would have been more had the baby not started moving. The rolling and pushing was becoming stronger by the day. She could feel kicking as the baby would cuddle up against her inside.

A slow smile spread across her lips as she rested a hand on the bump that was her belly and felt a jab in response. What was it trying to do inside there? Darcy thought with a small laugh. The smile faded as the inevitable memory of Richard played across her mind.

They had known each other for such a short amount of time, yet what Darcy felt for Richard was all encompassing, still. There would never be anyone else for her ever again. She loved him heart and soul and more everyday even though she hadn't laid eyes on him in over four months and didn't even know whether he was dead or alive. Warm silent tears streamed down the apples of her cheeks. She had almost lost him once, that day all those months ago when he was shot by her brother Joshua. But this, this was much worse . . . the not knowing.

Darcy forced herself into slowly coming to terms with the very likely fact that in all probability she would never lay eyes on Richard ever again no matter what his last words haunted in her dreams continuously telling her they would meet again. At least Darcy thought with a sad smile as she rubbed her stomach, she would always have a little part of Richard with her.

Everything that had ever mattered or meant anything to her had been taken away in a blink of an eye . . . and Darcy knew who was to blame. Her sadness turning in an instant to an all engulfing rage as the hand covering the bump scrunched up the shirt she wore in a fist. She had to physically restrain herself as she took in a deep breath to calm down.

They're goal had been to control people so they could achieve their dominance across the globe. And what had they gained? Nothing! Nothing except the cries of orphaned children, the screams of infected monsters that knew not what they did and the blood of the innocent . . . And for what? Wealth? Control? Power? Too feed and drive their own narcissistic games of chess. It all made Darcy sick to her stomach and fuelled the flames for her revenge.

They would pay. She would make them all pay. Exposing their sordid secrets one by one. Especially the beast in control and in charge of this whole operation that was now sweeping the world as an unstoppable pandemic.

C.I.A Director Andrew Scott.

Yes, she knew all about Director Scott. Every single detail and crucially damning information of his corrupt plan was in her very hands with the files and hard drives she had taken from Joshua.

Indeed, he would pay dearly! She would make him sweat like the pig he was. Exposing the bastard little by little. She would keep him on his toes, dangling the string just out of reach and just when he would begin to think he had it and had her, she would snatch it away and disappear until he would begin to think she had vanished altogether . . . and the cycle would begin again, until she had exposed him for the criminal he was, this Agency he controlled and destroyed all his evil plans.

Grabbing her iPhone from the night stand Darcy google mapped the places she needed to go to while in Minneapolis, she wasn't sure how long she would stay, but it might be a while as the place had all the conveniences but she'd have to be very careful too . . . it was still a dangerous place. All the more now because the government enforced rules and laws that would been seen extreme in some communist societies today.

She didn't want the risk of anyone identifying her or her mom even though they were well and truly far away from Wyoming; this was still the Midwest and people knew the prestigious Morgan family all across the middle. Not until she had exposed the US Government for what they truly were and particularly Director Andrew Scott and could finally head to the safety of the East Coast and find some normality in life with an actual future for her child; away from the constant fear of death, would she finally use her real name.

Having found the addresses for the hospital and the University Campus. They would be her first two stops and another step forward towards her all consuming final goal.

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"Where too now boss?" Lilith said as the three people, plus the mutt, stepped out of the vehicle into the bitter cold of Colorado. There was a light snow on the ground and some was still falling from the grey sky. He loved this state, but hated it with a passion all at the same time.

"We have to get to Aurora, there is building there that has an entrance into some underground Labyrinths. From there we can get to a facility under Buckley Air Base that should have a surplus of Paralyzing serum."

Leon made some smart ass remark, but Richard ignored it. He wasn't sure how the military would take to "civilians" walking around with an assault rifle so he stuck it in duffel bag and slung it over his shoulder. He walked out and looked at his two friends "Come on guys, it's going to be a cold ass walk." Richard had his black trench coat, but even it it zipped and buttoned he was still cold. The town got more and more populated as they got closer to the military green zone. But the more and more populated it got, the more and more depressing it got. People were still covered in tattered cloths and were burning things in trash cans for warmth. It was like being in some third world country, nothing looked like the good ole' USA anymore.

Jake kept making whimpering sounds as he walked, his arm was still giving him issues. He was lucky the makeshift brace had actually done him good or else Richard would have had to put the stupid thing down long ago. But he wouldn't have done it with a light heart. Although the thing pissed him off more often than not he had grown to like it. The same with Leon and Lilith. Leon was on about the same friendship scale as the dog though, he was more annoying then a screeching cat sometimes. Richard found himself thinking back to the months of travel that the four had gone through. They would have been able to get to Colorado in no time if it weren't for Richard's bullet wound. They were constantly having to stop and find places to hold up because of Richards inflammatory pain. For a while they thought he was going to die from an infection, but that fear had soon drifted away when Richard was moving without having to keel over every few steps. He still had muscle pains in his stomach though. It was his first abdomen wound in his entire career, he had been shot in the legs, the shoulder, the hand, even had a graze on his neck but never in the abdomen or chest. He was glad that was the case, because it hurt like hell. He would take five shoulder wounds over a stomach wound any day of the week.

Richard ran his hand over the place where Joshua had shot him during their little firefight in Highgate. He wondered if that bastard survived the bombing. Probably not, he had been shot and had no idea it was coming. Most likely he fried just like every other living thing in that town. Hopefully his sister wasn't among them. The thought that Darcy might be dead gave him a pain in his heart that was much stronger than the physical pain of the bullet wound. She had to have survived...Richard had been the sole survivor too many times before. He had asked himself "why me?" so many times in the past that it was hard to remember all the instances. The world had become a dangerous place the last few years, and unlike what the average American thought, the death of Osama did little to cure the world of danger. In fact the world might have been more dangerous as a result of the death. Richard had lost more friends from the agency during the months leading up to and after that bastards death. Fifteen agents from his Agency, two from the CIA and all of his former squad mates from his time as a marine. The only one that survived was James Hill, but he had been killed in Highgate too. So once again he was the one that survived, the one who had to live with the menacing question of what made him so special. If Darcy was dead...he would be finished...he might just kill himself. He looked at Lilith and shook his head. He couldn't leave her to turn into one of the freaks. He like that girl a lot, she reminded him of his sister oh so much. He had a duty to help her now, for himself and for Darcy, whether she be alive or not.

The group made small talk as they walked through the near deserted streets of Colorado towns. They had walked quite a way without seeing an infected, but there were still plenty of threats.

"Hey! You!" The group stopped as four men, dressed in tattered clothing and armed with blunt objects walked up to them "Those are some nice cloths you got there." The man in front said. He was dressed in a jean jacket that was nearly torn to shreds, with jeans and tattered sneakers to boot. Richard took a step forward but a man next to the one with jean jacket pulled a 357. Magnum revolver and cocked the action back

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

~CIA Director Andrew Scott~

The streets of DC were calm and infection free thanks to the strong government presence. In fact, one might not even realize there was a pandemic if they were living under a rock in DC. People walked around like they had no care in the world, and for the most part currency wasn't a problem since DC had already full implemented a work token system. The world economy was in the shitter, and there was no exports going anywhere since the world had turned into an every man for himself kind of world. The UN would help if they had the man power. About two months into the infection almost every country pulled back it's military support of the UN leaving only the US, UK, Pakistan, and a few minor supporters with troops still in the UN. Aid programs were stretched to the limit and reserves of food were already running low. The US was already in the process of starting their underground food growth centers by using multiple different seeds that have been preserved over the years. Of course the Russians were laughing at that because they have too many underground cities to mention, where their agricultural food supplies have been running since the cold war. So anybody who was anybody in Russia was safe as a kitten in a fur slipper. The US had such cities too but they were no where near as prepared as the Ruskie's were, and they were in less of a quantity.

Director Scott sat on a bench just out front of the Washington monument and looked out over the frozen lake. He sat by his lonesome for a few minutes before a figure clad in a fur coat, sunglasses and a fur cap took a seat next to him.

Without looking at the director he began to speak "Director Scott, how are you?"

"Cold and without sex how about you?" Director Scott said without looking at the man

The man didn't even crack a grin as he continued to look out over the water "Cold, but those secretaries make for good ass."

"Enough with the bullshit, what's the news."

"Things are..." the man paused for second "Not on schedule."

"Why, you and your boys forget where your balls are." Director Scott said calmly

"It's not as simple as you might think Director." the man replied

"I'm not a stupid man, I know how difficult things are."

"Then you should understand."

"Oh I understand it's difficult. What I don't understand is why every time you come to me with news something is off schedule." Director Scott spoke in a tone that gave the impression of an almost blank emotion

"The Security Council is crippled and we can't get the member's to agree to a general assembly, there is just no way right now."

Director Scott stood up and straightened his long coat "I don't care how you do it, but get it done. I need control, without it I can't bring about the peace that is required for the future of the world." he paused as he took in one more deep breath of cool winter air "I installed you into the secretariat because I thought you could get things done. Don't prove me wrong, or accidents will happen." The directors tone was hard and cold, his speech was dark enough to scare the devil himself and he wasn't even looking at his contact "Good day, Mr. Tyler I expect better news next time we meet."

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Guess today was meant to be a day full of shockers and it wasn't even 11am yet! Darcy got up and headed to the room that was a study and felt her mom's slitted eyes watching her all the way. She was becoming more curious then Darcy cared to think about. It was too complicated and Belinda was a liability. It was better the women remain clueless. Darcy had enough problems and stress to deal with as it were.

Twins and a fortune. If what her mother said was true then she was indeed in charge of an enormous fortune, the likes of which entailed the ownership and running of mines here in the middle and even some oil barons down south as well as other major investments. She thought it would all be left to Joshua. She had a trust fund that would last her a lifetime even if she spent thousands of dollar everyday. She never expected to be apart of the business. Was it still even worth anything? There must be something to it all if the Government wanted her brother dead and what about her father? Darcy was beginning to feel the infection he suffered had some malicious means to it too.

But they were both dead now. There wasn't much she could do about that except what she was already doing; exposing the Government for what they truly were and making them pay for taking away her family. Sure they, none of them were perfect but it had been all the family she had had and now all that was left was her and her mother . . . and her child . . . Children . . . Two of them.

Placing a protective arm around her stomach as she sat down and set the laptop down on the desk and switched it back on. She'd have to step up her plans Darcy decided right then. She had to be on the East Coast sooner rather then later. It was becoming more dangerous here by the minute . . . and what she'd seen out on the streets, it made her cold from the inside out. She didn't want her children anywhere near a place like this.

She couldn't wait anymore. It had been along time since she had last posted on the blog anyway. The only good thing was that it was reaching people across the globe and people were finally beginning to pay attention. So far she had only posted her opinions and the facts she knew. But now she would actually start posting actual documents from the file marked with an eyes only symbol and all those people out there who called her a liar and a hoaxer trying to stir up trouble would not be able to deny her anymore. Plus there were endless files, photo's, documents, journal entries from Government scientists, results, charts and what disgusted Darcy the most thousands of video's of testing on people and Soldiers.

It was so horrifying. Many of the test subjects had no idea what was happening to them. Many of them were already sick or suffering and many had died and the people in charge of it all and the scientist controlling the whole sick experiment didn't even bat an eye lid when they stated the Guinea pig as they called their test subject had died and told someone to get rid of the body.

Tears had streamed down her face and she had sobbed uncontrollably when she had stumbled up and watched the video file with Richard and James Hill; seeing how he had suffered with no idea where he was or what was happening as someone had injected his unconscious body with some liquid or drug and watched as he was sick to his stomach and dieing. They did think Richard was going to die as one of the scientists on the video had stated. But he was strong and he had survived.

It had been that day Darcy decided she'd not just sit there and watch as the Government did as they pleased. She would do something.

And the most damning evidence in her power was the recorded video conversations between many of the people involved - including her own father and brother - and Director Andrew Scott. But she'd save that for the finale, thought Darcy with a cold smile playing across her pink lips.

Sticking the pen drive in the laptop, Darcy copied all the files she would need for today's post which included a video of an experiment which resulted in a death and the accompanying journal entry from one of the lead scientists, the test subjects details – a Soldier whose family thought him missing in action, if they were still out there Darcy thought it important they know the truth what happened to him; to all of them who had died or suffered and she would make sure their families knew the truth.

Bryce Armstrong his name was. He had served three times in Iraq and had a wife and three children, who he would never see again. Just as her children would never know Richard.

Darcy pushed the mournful thought away as she pocketed the pen drive, shutting down the laptop and headed for the elevator.

“Be back in an hour or two.”

“Do you have to go?” Belinda asked.

“Either I go or you go or we starve.” Darcy stated as she stepped inside the elevator.

“You go.” Belinda replied happily.

That was a no-brainier, thought Darcy. If it came to going herself or starving her mother would obviously pick the option that meant she didn't have to do anything and let her pregnant daughter go instead. Of course it all worked out perfect for Darcy . . . she had things to do that she didn't need her mother being privy to.

“Perfect!” Darcy smiled sarcastically as the steal doors closed.

Belinda Morgan

Okay so she should have gone instead of sending her pregnant daughter out, even if Zombies weren't running around, it was snowing and the roads and pavements were icy and covered in snow. Anything could happen to Dracinda or her unborn child. Not that she thought that her daughter should be having that child anyway but it was practically here now and there was nothing she could do to change Dracinda's mind.

Anyway, she needed the mutinous girl out of the apartment and who knew when she'd get another chance to find out once and for all what she was up, because she sure as hell wasn't just going to do the shopping. Belinda knew that for sure.

Heading for the study, she switched on the laptop and waited as it started up.

Damn! God damn password!” She fumed.

What the hell would Dracinda's password be? She knew little to nothing about her daughter. Still she gave it a try and after a few tries slammed the laptop shut angrily folding her arms across her chest, pouting like a petulant child. She had to find out . . .

What would she do now?

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(OCC: sorry I haven't posted for a long time.)
Richard starred at the man holding the bow and arrow. He looked...interesting to say the least. He had a black coat on and his hair was licked back and from the looks of it he had a tooth brush hanging from his neck. Richard sighed to himself, what kind of whack job did we run into now he grumbled quietly to himself. He couldn't be more than eighteen or maybe nineteen at the most, and with that tooth brush around his neck he looked like a poster boy for a tooth paste company that had taken a violent turn in it's advertising. Leon and Lilith just looked on at the odd looking kid, nobody weapon worrying about raising a weapon to him for now. Richard moved forward a bit and called out to the dark tooth fairy

"So, who the hell are you?"

Director Scott walked into the conference room with a hot cup of coffee in his hand. The meeting was already well under way but he didn't much care, this new president was a joke anyway.

"You're late Director Scott." President Hawthorne said as Andrew walked in with a foul look across his face, the bastard who had made this coffee did a shitty job.

"I know, I've been busy." the Director said as he took his seat in the middle of the conference table. He was flanked on all sides by men in suits or Generals uniforms. There was only a single vacant space at the table, right next to where the Vice President sat.

"Does anybody know where the goddamn director of the NSA is?!" the Vice President growled. The short man was constantly in a bad mood

"Has anyone seen him?" and Admiral at the far end of the table spoke up. yep Director Scott thought to himself as recalled seeing the man convulsing on the floor just earlier today. The room responded in a series of no's before Andrew piped in

"I'll have some of my men go check around for him." Director Scott said in a nonchalant tone "He is bound to be around here somewhere. But for the mean time we better carry on with the meeting, the president has a press conference soon."

"Indeed, lets make this quick and we can meet again after the press conference" President Hawthorne said "So what is the situation within the country."

bad you fucking idiot Director Scott thought to himself as the General of the Army spoke up "Well sir, troops all across the nation are reporting increased aggression from insurgent groups of Americans who are against the martial law. At this point they are much more of a threat than the zombies are." zombies Director Scott chuckled in his mind. This poor bastards knew what the parasite was, but they had no idea what these things could be capable of one day. Calling them zombies was a huge understatement

"What measures are we taking against them?" Hawthorne asked

"I have marine task forces as well as special forces around the clock to find and eliminate threats within the green zones, we are also beginning to enforce disarmament acts throughout all of the military controlled cities." The president nodded and looked to Andrew

"And the CIA's actions on this?" Hawthorne asked

"I have agents infiltrating multiple insurgent cells and eliminating them. Currently I have agents in fourteen cells across the country, all will be dealt with shortly."

"Can we keep casualties to a minimum?" Hawthorne asked sincerely

"No." Director Scott answered blankly, the president didn't fight back about the border line insubordination, and much to Andrew's surprise either did anybody else. The president just sat there and took it, and no one came to his defense, such weakness this government was hosting lately. Scott was about to continue when his cell phone beeped in his pocket he looked at the number and saw that it was from the intelligence office at the CIA "Excuse me I have to take this."

"That is fine." Hawthorne said "I have to prepare for the press conference, we will pick this up after." With that everyone exited the room except for Director Scott who sat in his chair and answered his phone.

"What do you have for me?" he said

"The blogger who has been posting on the internet just released more info." the man on the other end of the line said

"And?" Director Scott said coldly

"We have a trace on them. Whoever it is is just posted from a wireless connection in Minneapolis a few seconds ago."

Finally! The CIA had been dealing with the attempts by the scientist, in charge of the initial program that created the parasite, to release information to the world that they had over looked some blogger release classified documents on the internet. They tried tracking whoever it was down but they were constantly on the move and updating from random up links across the country, and before they could get a good track on the person they suddenly stopped posting for about a week. Now they had them, and they were going to find out who this person was and how they had all this info "Good, shut down the site I'll deal with the rest." Director Scott hung up and immediately dialed the number for the best agent he currently had at his side.


"hmmm yes baby." Priestess moaned as the man kissed her neck. She loved her job, good sex came often since she met so many men on her journeys. Just as the man was about to unhook her top her phone rang. Priestess sighed "Not again!" she huffed as she moved out from under the guy she had met on the street and grabbed her phone from the nightstand.

"Who could possibly be calling you during the apocalypse?" the man questioned as he sat on the edge of the bed and looked at priestess who was now on the phone

"What is it?" she asked in a irritated tone

"We have a track on that blogger from two weeks ago, finish off those rebels there and head to Minneapolis I'll send you details." Director Scott's voice ordered through the phone

"My car broke down." she said with an innocent voice that was completely fake and Director Scott knew it

"We will send a jet to come pick you up at the nearest airport."

Priestess grumbled "Oh come on, I got some good dick hanging in front of me here." the guy on the bed gave her a strange, but satisfied, look as priestess yelled out her comment almost obnoxiously. She was a great agent, but sometimes she acted like a child.

"I don't care if your about to suck Wili Wonka's dick and it taste like a tootsie pop, I don't even care if your about to fuck God himself, I want you out of there now and on your way to the airport!" Director Scott was obviously a little agitated by Priestess. She was a thorn in his side, much less easy to deal with unlike Freelancer. He never had an issue with Freelancer needing to kill anybody or switch objectives in an instant, but Priestess was a whole different creature. She had a weird thing with sex, and she had a bit of an attitude that rubbed Andrew the wrong way.

"Fine, fine." she said as she hung up the phone and stood up, putting her top back on

"Where are you going?" the guy on the bed asked as he stood up and Priestess reached into her coat pocket. The man barely had time to get on his feet before Priestess took a knife from her coat pocket, spun around, and slammed it hard into his wind pipe. He flew backwards on the bed and grabbed his throat in shock, pain and agony. Priestess walked over casually, grabbed the blade and pulled it from his throat, letting the blood gush from the intrusion. She ignored the sounds of the man gasping for air as she opened the guitar case and retrieved her pistol, which she had stuck in the case when she met the men on the street. She had gotten lucky, the guy on the bed and his buddies she found on the street were apart of a small rebel cell that were going from state to state causing havoc for the military. She also got lucky when she found out this guy was as lonely as a stray dog after his girlfriend got infected, too bad she got screwed over again. She made sure the pistol was loaded and looked at the door that would lead her into the door that would lead her into the rest of the rebel hideout.

"Well, eventually I'll be able to finish up." she sighed as she put the guitar case on her back, and walked into the next room with the full intent to kill every last person she found.

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Character Portrait: Darcy Morgan Character Portrait: C.I.A Director Andrew Scott

0.00 INK

The area surrounding the University and it's Campus was practically a ghost town, although she had it on good authority that it was still running. As it was, a lot of the shopping district around that area was still open too.

Perfect, thought Darcy as she stepped inside a Café catering to the University of Minnesota students. It was a cozy, warm place. A perfect haven for students to while their days away in the cold of winter.

The counter and the seating area was separated by a crossed wooden partition. Looking around Darcy could just about make out the Barista - a women close to Darcy's own age - through the gaps in the partition, sat behind the counter engrossed in a book and didn't even bother to look up as Darcy entered.

This was no good, thought Darcy with a frown as she looked around the empty room and was about to leave when she spotted something move in the corner. Her lips curved in a seductive smile as a boy probably no more then eighteen, nineteen stared at her as most men did . . . and he had something she really, really needed.

Licking her lips purposefully with her tip of her tongue Darcy walked up to where he was sitting.

“Hi there.” She said with the tilt of her head to the side.

“Err . . . Hi” He managed to get out mumbling.

Darcy smiled as she slid into the booth next to him, purposefully brushing upon him.

“Mind if I join you?” She asked temptingly soft, having already done so.

“Err, no, go ahead.” The boy said, not believing his luck as Darcy smiled at him alluringly.

“Thanks.” She said sweetly as she pushed the laptop with two gloved fingers closer to her. “Do you mind if I check my email?”

“Not at all.” He smiled back goofily.

“So sweet of you. Do you think you could get me a cup of coffee? I'd be ever so grateful, I need some heating up . . . if you know what I mean.” Darcy said suggestively biting her bottom lip The boy nearly tripped over himself as he shot out of his seat.

“Su-sure. I'll be right back!”

“Great.” Darcy said with a false smile that disappeared as soon as the boy was out of sight.

It was so exhausting pretending to be nice and she couldn't stand coffee. It was making her sick to her stomach lately. She could barely stand the smell in this place but she'd have to if she wanted to complete her task . . . and nothing was going to stop her from getting that done.

Here she had everything. A laptop that couldn't be traced back to her. An empty place where no one was likely to remember her face and a love sick puppy willing to aid and abed her. Darcy sighed, as she popped a few sleeping pills into the boys coffee cup that sat there next to the laptop. She wasn't going to entertain the puppy while trying to get this done.

Lucky for him he was out cold before he got on Darcy very last straining nerve. He snored next to her as she logged into her blog. Huh? It was still there. She had expected it to be taken down . . . and wow! There was 790 comments!!! That was insane. Although she'd love nothing better then to reply to them all - some good, some bad - she didn't have the time.

This had to be done quick and she had to be outta here fast.

Darcy uploaded the file regarding Bryce Armstrong and the accompanying video. It contained detailed information on the begins of the Parasite in it's first form with early military experimentation and the horrifying video file of Bryce Armstrong convulsing and fitting and foaming from the mouth and nostrils as his body size increased and the veins bulged all over his body as the Parasite took hold and in the end after suffering for hours he died, after his heart gave out. Poor bastard.

She'd had enough of tiptoeing around it. She had to shock people into the reality that this infection didn't just happen as some messed up part of evolution as some people and the government kept hinting to, but it was something that was done by the people that were supposed to be protecting them.

It didn't feel right though . . . something was missing. It wasn't enough. Looking back through the files she had from previous postings on her USB, Darcy stopped at a document with personal details of some of the people involved in imposing this research and who was last on the list? None other than Director Andrew Scott – with all his details and . . . an email address.

. . . Did she dare? Darcy stared at the screen a long moment contemplating . . . Dare she taunt the beast? If she did . . . it would only work in her favor in the regard that he would know of her intentions to reveal him to the world sooner . . . and didn't she want nothing more than this done sooner rather then later anyway?

She wanted to be on the East Coast as soon as possible. Starting a somewhat normal life with her babies. For her childrens future, for justice for her family and . . . for Richard. It was the only way to get things moving quickly.

Having gathered up her courage then and there, Darcy logged into the anonymous email account she used for the blog that contained false details - name and such things - and typed in Director Scott's email address in the To: box and began typing.

Subject: Eyes Only

Dear Director Scott,

I think it finally time I introduce myself to you. I'm a great follower of your work. In fact I enjoy it so much that I took it upon myself to show the world what it is that you have done. I think it only fair that everyone know who they can thank for this wonderful world we now inhabit.

Don't worry I know you are a modest man and would not wish for people to know it was you. Thus keeping this in mind I have not revealed your identity . . . yet . . . I've only introduced them to the beginnings of your work and what an abundance of documentation you have left behind . . . like a trail of bread crumbs for people to follow back to you. Such a intelligent man you are . . . I did not expect such a foolish mistake on your part. Yet I must thank you for it, must I not? For I would not be able to share your work with the world had you not.

I wonder . . . Will the people of this country and even the world be clever enough to figure it out all by themselves or will I need to write your name in red ink. I suppose only time will tell . . . and we'll both have a tremendous amount of fun waiting and watching, or at least I will, I'm sure.

In the mean time if you'd like to see the latest offerings of your work online click on the link below.


Until next time . . . Your most devoted fan . . .


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Character Portrait: Darcy Morgan Character Portrait: C.I.A Director Andrew Scott

0.00 INK

Director Scott's phone beeped and he took it from his pocket. On the screen it read "New E-mail received" . He clicked on the E-mail button and it brought him to a screen with a message from a user named BringerofTruth887 . He opened the E-mail and began to read "Dear Director Scott, he continued to red through the half threatening message, and he smiled to himself.

"Dumb son of a bitch." he whispered to himself as hit a speed dial on his phone

"Operator" a woman's voice said over the line

"I'm sending you an E-mail I received, trace the IP address and get me a location." He spoke as he forwarded the E-mail to a secure E-mail address used by the CIA.

"We have it sir, tracing now, one moment." the woman said and silence filled the microphone for only a few short seconds "The E-mail was sent from an address registered to a Wi-Fi connection at a cafe in Minneapolis, I have a satellite pinpointing the exact position of the computer now."

"Perfect, as soon as you have the location have the military move in and capture the sender. I want them to hold him until my agent gets there." Director Scott said through his smile and then hung up his phone. In no more then a minute soldiers are going to be crawling all over that bastard, and he could end that threat once and for all.

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0.00 INK

Pushing the guy with two fingers, he keeled and slouched down in the leather booth seat. He wasn't going to be up for hours . . . maybe she had put one to many pills in his coffee . . . nix that, one couldn't put one too many in in a situation like this. Closing the laptop Darcy looked over her shoulder at the Barista. The girl was a statue she hadn't moved since Darcy had entered the place, really into whatever she was reading.

Grabbing the laptop in her gloved hands, Darcy stepped out of the little Café hit by a cool breeze that swept through her hair as she headed around the corner to the alleyway next to the building and threw the laptop into a giant dumpster. She was satisfied when the computer hit the bottom and resounded a metallic bang as it hit the empty bottom.

She felt a little bad for throwing the boys laptop away but it was safer for him and for her. The heels of her gray boots echoed in the snowy empty alleyway as she made her way back to the main street but the sound of her shoes clicking was soon replaced by the sound of rushing vehicles heading this way.

A small crowd of bystander had accumulated on the corner of the street next to the Café as half a dozen black tinted SUV's and other militaristic vehicles pulled up and officers in suits and uniform emerged with raised guns.

Darcy watched with the group heart pounding in fear . . . until a delicious smile spread across her lips and she pulled her iPhone out and started recording the agents coming out of their vehicles and heading into the Café as if some world class terrorist was holed up in there and they were just about to capture him. Why should she fear for, this was her game of hide and seek.

Watching and waiting, Darcy recorded the goings on for a few minutes. She had to physically restrain herself from laughing out loud when one of the agents stepped out of the building dialing a number on his phone and talked to who she could only guess could be Andrew Scott.

“Sir, there's no one inside of interest. Two civilians who I don't believe are the culprits . . . A young man of eighteen or nineteen, seems like he's been drugged. We can't wake him no matter what we try and the young women who was running the place said she hadn't seen anything suspicious.”

The agent winced as abuse hurled down the line at him and he listened patiently.

“Yes Sir. I'll keep them here anyway . . . Right away Sir.”

Darcy had caught it all on camera. This would be very useful, she thought as she made her way back to her car, a smile plastered to her face, or at the least very entertaining.

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0.00 INK

Rapid City, South Dakota was a graveyard. No people, no Zombies just bodies. It was a stop. A short stop. Darcy had detoured, it would take her a little longer to get to Buckley Air Base, about an hour or two if google maps was right but she needed to keep the track off her.

Andrew Scott was looking for her in Minneapolis but she needed to go back there so if she emailed him from Rapid City that would keep him off her scent, so to speak. He would come looking for her in South Dakota by that time she would be in Colorado and then after that back in Minnesota and Director Scott would be no better off then he had been at the beginning of this game of Kiss Chase. At least that was the plan.

She'd just filled up the Porsche with Gas and some food stock from the Gas Station and now Darcy stood in the dirty station bathroom looking at her reflection in the stained mirror. She looked tired and she needed to eat more . . . and she was freezing her butt off too.

Sighing Darcy opened up her Duffel bag and stripped down to her underwear. The bump was slowly getting bigger but still it was unnoticeable under clothing thank God. Rummaging through the Louis Vuitton Duffel Darcy pulled out a plain white button up shirt. Yep, that looked professional . . . like something a boring Scientist would wear, at least Darcy hoped it did. She pulled it over her head without bothering to open the buttons and closed the buttons at the sleeves. Swiftly followed by a tight black pencil skirt that came just below the knees.

But the grey boots keeping her warm up till her knees just wouldn't do, no matter how warm they kept her. Slipping them off she popped on a pair of plain black stilettos with silver heels. Much more appropriate - not for the weather - for the outfit.

Taking out the Identification Badge, Darcy scrutinised the photo of Dr. Alison Mackinley. The woman was rather normal looking. She looked like a tiresome Doctor except that dash of bright red lipstick.

Slipping the Badge around her neck, the crystal under her shirt shingled. Darcy placed a hand over the necklace under the material but quickly pulled it away. No . . . She couldn't think about Richard . . . not now.

Darcy tied her hair up in a high ponytail to match the one Dr. Mackinley was sporting on the ID Badge, followed by a pair of plain black thick framed glasses and the blood red lips stick, both of which she had got from the Gas Station.

Hmm, Darcy smiled crookedly, looking at her reflection in the full length mirror; pressing her bright red lips together, she looked Office Sexy. She only hoped it was enough to get her into Buckley.

30 minutes later . . .

Finally! Huffed Darcy, at last! She sat with her laptop open on her lap in her car. This was the only working unsecure Wi-Fi connection that she'd been able to find in the whole of Rapid City. It wasn't great but it would do.

Logging into her email account and the blog which took forever. Damn! Her Blog had been take down. No problem, thought Darcy trying to keep her easily flared anger in check. This is why she always exported her blog. A great feature. She simply had to make a new blog account and then upload the exported blog file and everything was back up and running. This took a little longer then expected thanks to the crappy Wi-Fi connection but it was done. Plus a new post exposing more details from the hard drives was uploaded for the people of the world to view.

Now that was done, Darcy uploaded the video she had taken outside the Café in Minneapolis and typed a quick message to Director Scott.

Subject: Eyes Only

Nice try Director . . .

Hope the little boy and the Barista were helpful.


Catch me if you can . . .

She finished with a smile and clicked send and then sped off out of Rapid City. Six hours to Buckley, CO . . .

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Character Portrait: C.I.A Director Andrew Scott

0.00 INK

The Denver air was cold and damp, Boulder was a foot hill town so it was just slightly colder than the cities below. At least this damn car is warm Priestess thought as the sedan rolled down the street with her as it's passenger. When she arrived at her destination 4 Navy S.E.A.L.s were waiting for her in plain cloths and bullet proof vests. They would be the people who helped her track down the dumb piece of shit she was out her looking for.

"So where the hell are we going ma'am?" the driver asked as he scratched his bearded chin.

"Buckley AFB." Priestess answered coldly

"Buckley? That place is way behind the Green Zone, there is no way a civvie could get in."

"Whoever this asshole is, he has made it this far without being killed so I won't put it past him that he could make it into the base. Hell a whole convoy full of PMC soldiers drove through to the base without any problem. The military can only watch so much at one time, and with UAV and Sat. support going towards SF operations it's harder to keep track of borders and control the populace. At any rate I think that is where we will find this fucker."

"Keeping hell stocked with dead souls, full of holes." One of the S.E.A.Ls in the back commented

"I'd rather be killing Zed man." The third soldier behind the driver spoke up

"Don't worry man we will get more of Zed soon enough Scorcher." The second S.E.A.L reassured

"Can't wait man." the man called Scorcher said "Hey Captain, you should tell the miss about that horde in Houston."

"I don't want to hear your fucking war stories! Stay serious!" Priestess attacked

"Whoa stay cool there ma'am."

Priestess looked to the men in the back with a angry glare "Shut your fucking faces. I don't want to be here, so don't piss me off more."

"You should be nicer ma'am, goes a long way." Scorcher said with a grin but Priestess just returned it with agitation

"Pretty please with sugar on top and a unicorn shitting rainbows Sergeant 'Scorcher' and Lieutenant 'Frogger', shut the fuck up before I put my foot so far up both your asses the medic will have to dig your teeth out of my thigh." With that she turned around "Jesus they sent me a bunch of dumb asses." she complained. She hated being sent on stupid mission with stupid people, how these guys got to be SF she would never know.

**** United Nations Headquarters, New York City, New York**********

Director Scott marched down the well kept halls of the UN building. The carpet was still as clean as ever and the walls as shiny as whistles seems they keep up with everything here besides giving me what I want. Director Scott grumbled in his own mind. He walked up to a office at the far end of the wall and marched up to the closed door. He knocked on the oak wood right above a name plate that read "RESERVED FOR UN SECRETARY-GENERAL .

"Enter!" A voice called with a thick Korean accent. Director Scott opened the door and looked inside, there we saw an older Korean gentlemen in a pressed suit and a golden tie who looked up from his desk "Who are you?" he asked with caution

"I'm Andrew Scott, director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency." Scott answered as he entered and closed the door behind him.

"Oh!" he said as he stood from his seat and offered his hand "Director Scott, I have heard very much about you." the man said with a smile as Scott shook his hand

"And I you." Scott said as they broke the grasp and he took a seat

"So director." the man known as Ban Ki-moon said as he took his seat "What pleasure do I owe this?"

"Information, I would like to know the remaining totals of UN Peacekeepers world wide." Director Scott said as he straightened his suit

"And why would you require information such as this?" The Secretary-General said with suspicion

"I would like to arrange more UN Peace Keepers to enter the United States." Director Scott answered with his usual blank emotion

"Why would the US need this?" The General asked "The US forces are maintaining a good order at this time. Though they may be using harsh methods in some places, they are few from what I have seen."

"Maybe but things are worsening, I would like more UN shelters to be set up in the US to help provide medical aid and food aid as well."

"You must be joking Director."

"It would be funny if it was a joke Secretary-General." Scott said with emotionless eyes trained right on the Korean.

Ban looked at Scott with disbelief for a moment before shaking his head "I doubt the CIA is not aware that supplies of all kinds are short in this time. I also doubt the CIA doesn't know that most of our Peacekeepers are deployed to nations much less fortunate than the US."

"But less vital countries." the director said without bating an eyelid. Ban looked at Scott with his mouth ajar

"Just because a country is not on the security council, or is not as economically stable as the US does not mean it is any less important Director. Now I think it is time that you left, I have much work to do." Ban said, obviously not making a suggestion.

Director Scott nodded his head as placed his hand on top of the Secretary-Generals glass and let a small tablet drop in as he stood and reached his free hand for Ban's "I am sorry we could not come to an understanding." he said as he shook the mans hand and the tablet dissolved in seconds

"Good-bye, Director Scott." Ban said coldly as the Director turned for the door. He opened the door and as he turned around to close it behind him, he looked back inside to see Ban taking a sip of water

"Yes...Goodbye Secretary-General."

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0.00 INK

(OCC: Since nobody has made a move I'm going to continue the story arc with Richard)

The new group consisting of the dark tooth fairy, Lilith, Leon and the mutt was walking down a cold and unforgiving street. He really didn't think of Jake as a mutt but old habits die hard. As they approached a patrol of soldiers Richard gave a hand sign for all of his comrades to get low so they weren't spotted.

"Big bad secret agent is scared of a few guards?" Leon joked with a grin. Richard just threw him the bird as he continued to observe the men as they disappeared behind a large brick building.

"Okay let's move." Richard whispered and the group took off like lightning, running with soft foot steps past the guards and into an alley. Surprisingly it was even more bitter cold in the alley out of any breeze than it was anywhere else they had been while on foot.

"So tell me again please" the new guys accent quietly spoke in the darkness of the alley "Why are you guys going to this base anyway?"

"Our friend here is hurt...bit. This place has something to help her, if you are too afraid you can all wait here for me." Richard said with the up most seriousness

"Scared?" Lilith grinned "You think I'd be scared after everything you have put us through?" Richard smiled as Jake began to growl towards the opening of the alley. Richard took the initiative and hit the dog on it's head

"Shut up will you?" Richard growled at the animal and Lilith shot him an ugly glare. That's when he heard it, a light moaning in the distance. He looked up and saw a group of infected making their way towards them, "Oh shit! Run! The entrance to the tunnels isn't far now!" Richard said as he got up and fired a few rounds into the infected. Screams filled the air as guards were ambushed by these monstrosities, and Richard ran for his life right behind his friends, firing into the ever growing horde.

*********Buckley AFB************

"Who the hell were they ma'am?" a voice called from behind Priestess, she turned to see Scorcher and the Captain walking towards her.

"Claims to be a doctor" she said back coldly

"Claims ma'am?" Scorcher asked as him and his captain stopped a few feet from the agent

"Yeah...claims" she repeated as if she were talking to a complete moron "I want you to go in and follow them, just say it's for security reasons. If she refuses...arrest her and we will have some words." the S.E.A.Ls saluted

"Aye-aye." they both said in perfect unison as they ran for the door where the women had just entered. Whoever that woman was she gave Priestess a bad feeling, if she turned out to be who she was then great...but if she wasn't it could be that bastard they were looking for. Priestess took out her phone and hit three, she went through the whole process of getting a line too the director and waited for an answer......

***UN Headquarters, New York City, New York***

A team of paramedics rolled a body out of the building on a stretcher, the white sheets covering the body indicated it was a dead man. "What happened!" a delegate from Britain asked a security officer who stood with his M4 assault rifle and a blue beret

"At this time all we can say is that the Secretary-General had somehow been infected." Director Scott smiled to himself, so those pills really do work

"Infected!" the delegate exclaimed with panic

"Sir just calm down!" the guard ordered

"Calm down! You can't expect-

The argument ensued and Scott turned around and retrieved his phone from his pocket and dialed a number. The phone rang for a few moments before a male voice answered

"Hello?" the man said into the phone

"Get down to the UN building right now." Scott said with blank emotion

"What? Why?" the man on the other line said

"Well after our little romantic meeting by the water I decided to take matters into my own hands, now get down here." Scott hung up and his phone rang almost immediately with the number from Priestess. He pressed ignore "Sorry doll, I have other matters to attend too."

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0.00 INK

ring ring......ring ring.....ring ring

"What is it Priestess?" Scott asked as he opened his phone. He was safe and secure in the back of his limo that had just picked him up at the UN building. He stroked his hand over the back of the black leather seats and smiled to himself with his newest accomplishment.

"Sir, did you send a Dr. Mackinley to Buckley AFB?"

"What? I didn't send anyone besides you!" Scott hissed

there was silence over the phone for a moment before Priestess's voice game back through the line "Then I believe I have found our little problem sir."

"No shit, I want her taken into custody for questioning." he paused "But just in case....lethal force is authorized, I want this problem dealt with." Scott had cooled himself down so he was once again thinking calm and collected with that emotionless tone of his.

"It will be done sir." Priestess answered back

"Oh it better be." and then he hung up. This little problem better be solved quick, he had too much going his way for some bitch to take him and all he has worked for down into the pit. soon he thought to himself soon the UN will be under my control...then the initiative can really begin....

******Buckley AFB (Priestess)*******

Priestess hung up her phone and immediately hit the button for her to talk over the Navy S.E.A.Ls communication links. "That bitch is the one we are looking for! I want her in custody and brought to me right now!"

"Sorry ma'am" Scorcher's voice sounded over her earpiece "Her and the girl have locked themselves in a room, we can't get access."

Priestess rolled her eyes "Well then blow the motherfucker damn you fucking idiot!" she hissed over the radio

"Yes ma'am." the S.E.A.L.'s voice said with obvious irritation

"You still on over watch Frogger?" she called to the squad sniper through the microphone

"All day, everyday ma'am." Frogger's voice rang through her earpiece

"Good keep it that way, I'm going in." Priestess said as she began to walk towards the doors of the facility, that's when something caught her eye. Moving towards her was what looked to be a man in massive body armor. She instantly pulled her pistol and pointed it at the guy who had a suitcase in hand "Who the fuck are you?" Priestess called out to him as she took aim.

*****Buckley AFB (Scorcher and the Captain)******

"Doctor, just open the door and this can all be over a lot quicker and with a lot less hurt on your end."

There was nothing but silence from the other side "Well fine then. Prime the charges Scorcher." the captain said just loud enough for the women inside to hear.

"Charges!" an almost inaudible voice said from the other side. Though it was hard to make out it sounded young.

"You gonna open up now!?" Scorcher called in as he took a few blocks of C4 from his rucksack. There was some mumbled conversation on the other side but no answer. "Good! I like blowing shit up!" Scorcher called out as he began placing charges on the door.....

****Buckley AFB (Richard)*****

Richard walked alone in the halls of the facility under Buckley. He had left his friends in the storage warehouse where the entrance to the tunnels were. Just in case there were soldiers still in this place he didn't want them to get caught in the crossfire, in a way he felt responsible for the group. Of course there were patrols and infected up there but he felt confident they were safe.

As he continued down the abandoned halls of the facility he began to here slightly muffled talking up ahead of him. Richard slowed his pace as he slowly approached a corner in the hall. Just around it he could here somebody say something about charges and blowing something up. so this place isn't so empty after all. Richard thought as he got close to the corner and was went to look around it. He was expecting to see somebody way down the hall, but instead he was met face to face with a bearded man who looked just as shocked to see Richard as Richard was to see him.

"Contact!" the bearded man screamed as he tried to raise his M4 rifle. Richard acted as quick as lighting, however, and grabbed the rifle before the man could raise it. There was a short burst of gunfire as the man fired the weapon in an attempt to hit Richard with shrapnel from the bullets when they impacted the wall. It was unsuccessful as Richard hit the man with a swift headbutt and sent him stumbling backwards. A second man ran up and tried to put the muzzle of his gun right to Richards head, but he deflected it away before stepping into the man, punching him in the throat as he did. He then grabbed the weapon, which was slung around the soldier, and fired a fully auto burst of 556 rounds into his friend. The rounds tore through the other man like paper and turned him into a bleeding heap on the ground. Richard then unstrapped the sling of the rifle and tossed it too the floor. It wasn't over, however, as the man deflected a right hook Richard sent at him and sucker punched him right in the stomach. Before Richard knew it the man had drawn his pistol and was about to put a bullet right in the top of his head.

Richard moved just in time for the bullet to miss and give him only a graze on his shoulder. He then grabbed the pistol, kicked the man's shins and pushed the pistol in towards the man's face so that the butt of the handgun slammed into his nose. Richard then simply pull the pistol from the man's hands as he fell against the wall. Flipping it around he stuck the barrel to the man's head who screamed "No! No! Stop!" BANG! the bullet blew the back of the man's head out onto the wall, and he slid down it and hit the ground like a ton of bricks. Richard starred at the mixture of red and pink that was running slowly down the walls like some freaky organic paint before noticing he was standing in a pool of blood from the man he had shot with the rifle. Good thing he had left his duffel bag with his friends or he would have never been able to move fast enough to save his own life.

Richard stepped out of the pool of blood and looked down the hall from where the men had come from and saw that there was a door covered in C4. I wonder why they were going to blow that door down. Richard thought to himself as he walked over to the door ans began throwing the C4 that was tapped to it too the ground. guess there is only one way to find out. he thought as he took a key card from his back pocket and moved to scan it in the door....

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0.00 INK

Priestess scanned the halls of the facility under Buckley AFB as Jakob, who Priestess discovered was the PMC sent here by Scott, followed closely behind her. It was quiet...too quiet. She knew that the "doctor" must be down here somewhere. Her and Johnathan turned a corner and were met with the bloody bodies of the two SEALs that she had sent down after that lying bitch.

"Well, this was unexpected." Priestess commented to herself as she looked over the bodies of the dead soldiers

"Friends of yours?" Jokob asked

"No." Priestess said as she scanned the area

"I thought you said it was just some whore and her teenaged friend." Jakob commented

"Yes, it was." Priestess thought for a second. There was no way that those two could have done this by themselves. They had help "Someone else must have been down here with them." Priestess said she spotted bloody footprints leading from the bodies too a doorway into a lab. The footprints then led back out of the lab and down a side tunnel to Priestess's left "And I think I know where they went." she smiled to herself as she looked at Jakob "Get the suitcase back too Scott, I'll deal with them."

Richard was leading Darcy and her new friend down the cold, dim halls of the facility. He wanted to get her out, he was so afraid of losing her again. The thought sent a cringe up his spine, if he lost her again...he wouldn't know what to do.

"Richard...are you okay?" Darcy asked as she came up next to him and grabbed his hand

"Yeah, I'm fine don't worry about me."

"you two aren't going to dry hump again are you?" Zanetta mocked from behind

Darcy just shot her a look and the girl just smirked and looked down at her feet. Richard chuckled at the two girls. He missed how Darcy fought with every damn person she met. It was hilarious to be honest. The three continued on...unaware of the danger that was coming up close behind.

****West Virginia*****

Scott had gotten back from New York and was now in the back seat of his limo that was following an armed convoy down the abandoned streets of some rotting town in West Virginia. He was heading up on a lead that he couldn't pass up. The man he was looking for was a perfect subject for the project he had cooking up. Soon the initiative would come to a head, it was so close he could smell it.

The convoy came too a complete halt outside a large ultramax prison. The walls where made of brick and were topped by barbed wire. There were rotting bodies of prison guards and inmates alike strung about the courtyard like trash. Director Scott stepped out into the dawning sunlight and straightened his coat as four CIA operatives forced open the secure gate at the front of the facility. The director took a file from his jacket and looked it over as he followed his men into the court yard, at the top of the file it read the name "Roderick Lemartes" . Scott looked over the man's record...it was...outstanding to say the least. The man was a complete nut job, a ruthless killer and he was perfect for what Scott wanted him for. Apparently the man was caught after the infection began, but after it hit West Virginia the guards shoved a few months of food into all the high max cells and left. If he was still alive, which Scott hoped he was, than he was probably on the verge of starvation by now.

"Find me this man's cell, if he is alive we have a lot to talk about."

****Buckley AFB****

Richard knew that they were close to the ladder that would lead him back up to the warehouse where he had left his friends. Once they were there, he knew they would be safe and that he had succeeded in saving Darcy...at least for now. "It's not much farther now." Richard reassured his two companions

"Good, I just want to get out of her." Zannetta complained

"Well good because we are almost-

CRACK! the sound of a bullet flying by Richards head turned his instincts on and he instantly threw Darcy to the ground, spun on his heel, pushed Zanetta out of the way, and began firing rounds down the hall. He saw someone at the end of the hall duck behind a wall as the rounds nearly hit him. "Get up and go!" Richard shouted to his friends as he watched down range for his target. That's when something he never expected happened

"Richard!? Is that you?" an all too familiar voice shouted from down the hall

Richards eyes bugged out of his head as the voice rang in his head "No...it can't be...."

***West Virginia***

Scott walked down the cement walk of the ultramax, looking for Cell B32. behind him stood two men in ballistic bests and BTU's, both of them watching for threats. B29...B30...B31, Scott inched closer and closer to his target. B32...when he reached the door he smiled to himself as he looked into the small window and saw a man lying on the bed with a book in his hand. He reached for the earpiece he had in and spoke into the mic he had attached to the collar of his shirt "Unlock it" he said cooly and the door clanked as the locking mechanism disengaged and the door slowly swung open. The man on the bed sat up, startled, and looked right at Scott who looked at him with emotionless eyes

"Hello Roderick."

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0.00 INK

The heavy clang of the door being unlocked and opening jerked Belial from his attempt at sleeping. Sitting up, he was met with the view of a well dressed gentlemen walking into the room. He caught a glance of heavily armed men standing outside, and looking back at the middle-aged man, he recognized that cold look in his eyes. It was somewhat like looking into his own reflection, Roderick thought. Well at least the "I would kill you for scuffing my shoes" kinda look the man had, as for the suit, not so much. "Hello Roderick." the man said as he stood there.

"Well...company, never thought I'd find such a thing. Nor company that comes with a high-end suit and Delta Operatives, or whoever the hell they might be." He stood up off the bed, stretching out his back while keeping watch on the man. "Well, judging by that nasty look you are giving me, I can tell you're not super friendly. Hm....You actually used my first name and spoke in a non-derogatory tone, meaning you aren't from this prison. And you are wearing a wonderful outfit...if I had to guess I'd say you probably ran Ponzi schemes with Bernie Madoff?" He grinned, though he failed to even get a twitch from the man in front of him. "Right then, so what do you need from lovely ol' me, hm?"

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0.00 INK

"Right then, so what do you need from lovely ol' me, hm?" Roderick said as he stood looking at Scott with a wicked grin

"It's not so much about what I want from you, as it about what you want from me." Scott said as he began a slow stroll around the dark cramped cell.

"What would I want from you?" Roderick spouted off

"You want me too let you out of here. It doesn't take a genius to realize that you aren't long for this world if you stay in here." Scott said in a none threatening and blank tone. Roderick said something in reply and Scott turned to him with a slight smile on his face

"Of course...there is a catch."

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0.00 INK

"Gasp! A catch! What a surprise for there is always a catch." Roderick said before he sat back down on his bed, leaning back against the wall. He watched Scott pace the small cell, his soldiers still keeping watch outside the cell. "You know, usually meeting are started with introductions. Here you know my name, but I feel rather left out of the loop not knowing yours."

"You'll learn it when necessary." Scott replied, Belial rolling his eyes while sighing.

"Of course...alright then, vir bonus. It's starting to smell here and I could use a good meal. So how about we not play this little game of secrets." He then stood up, cocking his head to the side. "So, what is it you need from me, and just what is the catch? Honestly, if it means I can at the least get the hell out of here, then you've pretty much got my balls in a vice. Not much bargaining can be done on my end, so how about just telling me what the fuck you have in mind. Even if you tell me and I do turn it down, not like I can spill your secrets considering you'll just lock the door behind you. So, please do tell me." Roderick asked with a smile.

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Character Portrait: C.I.A Director Andrew Scott Character Portrait: Roderick "Belial" Lemartes

0.00 INK

The director chuckled "Trust me, if you refused we wouldn't need to worry about locking the door." Scott looked at the man with a twisted smile "Now, in exchange for your freedom all I ask is you come with me and do a few...tests. After that you can work for me and when I don't need you anymore you can go on your way." he stopped pacing and leaned against the lonely wall of the solitary cell wall, right in front of Roderick "That's it, you agree to work for me, agree to these tests without giving us a problem and just like that we will let you out of here and get you nice hot meal and a shower."

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0.00 INK

Roderick chuckled when he heard the phrase, "tests." He wasn't sure how many air quotes were needed to cover the man's words, but regardless it meant getting the hell out of this prison. "Well, I can tell I'm going to be kept in the dark till the moment comes. I'm not stupid, and I can tell there is more to this than just a few tests and my employment to you. Not to mention, the fact you came to such a barren location to find me just screams that there is so much more."

Scott wasn't moving and just kept watch on Roderick, just waiting the prisoners response. He didn't really need to say more at this point, because he had made it clear to Roderick that it was either tag along or die. It left him on the bad end of a deal, and it meant he was not going to find out anything until he tagged along.

Belial just chuckled again, rubbing his hands together as he looked at the open door then back to the Director. "I only have one request, vir bonus."

"And what would that be?" Scott asked.

"I haven't had a smoke in a long fucking time, and damn I could use one! Throw that in, along with that meal and a shower and I'll join whatever merry plan you've got in store. Sound like a deal?" He asked.

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0.00 INK

***Ultramax prison, West Virginia, ***

Scott nodded his head as he walked over too Roderick and pulled him too his feet "You are on the verge of something great Roderick." Scott smiled as he pulled a cigarette from his jack and handed it to the criminal, along with a lighter "now let me show you too my limo and we can talk some more."

Scott gave a twisted smile. The time of reckoning was close at hand now. All he needed to do was finish up with Roderick, and assume his rightful place in the world.

***Buckley AFB, Colorado***

"You know her?" Darcy said, irritation flooding her whispered words

Richard shook his head "I...I." he took a deep breathe and collected himself "yes." Richard said in a cool voice as he kept his weapon pointed down range at the woman. Out of nowhere the women suddenly stuck her arm around the corner and fired a few rounds in Darcy's general direction. Richard once again pushed her out of the way and fired a salvo of his own bullets down the hall.

"Come on baby, don't be like that" the woman called from down the hall "why are you helping that dumb bitch?"

"Fuck you!" Richard shouted out at her as he fired a few rounds down the hall "Darcy, Zanetta get moving! This hall is too narrow, if we stay we die!"

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0.00 INK

Richard reached into his duffel bag and retrieved some MREs he still had saved from way back in Highgate and walked around to Darcy and offered it too her "Here baby." he said as he knelt down beside her "You can go talk with 'Mr. Smooth' here I'll take Darcy from here. Darcy quickly grabbed the bag from Richard and tore it open, but as soon as she did she scowled at the contents. Richard laughed, "Well it may not look pretty but, it is still food your highness." Darcy sighed b efore giving a smile to Richard

"Thank you." she said and then gave him a peck on the cheek before digging in. Lilith and the dark Tooth fairy came over and said a few hellos to Darcy, but they were kept short. Richard guessed Lilith was still in shock from seeing Darcy alive.

Richard sat next to Darcy and leaned back slightly "So, why were you here Darcy?"


"AHHHHHH! It hurts!" a blood curdling scream shook the walls of the lab as the doctor shoved a long needle up into Roderick's arm, but that was not the only cause for his pain. He had just undergone a very, very experimental operation where the doctors had implanted a device in the base of the man's skull and several others throughout his body. "Please! The pain!: Roderick was screaming like some wild animal now as a clear liquid was shot through the needle and into his arm.

"Hush now Roderick...this was all part of the deal." Director Scott smiled as he looked into Roderick's eyes. They were already beginning to change colors...it was so....magnificent. Scott grinned at the next sound of the mans pain, the sound of screams that meant Scott's dreams were so very close at hand

"Stop calling me that!" Roderick shouted in a fit of rage "My name is Belial! Belial!" the chemicals and liquids running through his body were sending him into violent rages and intense anxiety attacks

"Yes...Belial...I like that. If you live through this day Roderick, that shall be a fine name for you." Director Scott starred on as the doctors began to inject the final secret ingredient "A fine name indeed."

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0.00 INK

Richard Put his arms around Darcy's body, and he wasn't positive but he thought that she had picked up quite a bit of weight since they had last seen each other all those months ago. Darcy had dug her face into his chest, and he in turn rested his head on top of hers. Her breathing was fast and choppy, she was obviously panicking, and this made Richard frown. He really did he hurt her he left didn't he?

"No baby...never again." Richard reassured as Darcy listened to his steady heartbeat "I could never leave you again.." Richard hugged Darcy as tight as he could without hurting her as she ate. Then a question ran through his mind, how did Darcy know about the facility in the first place? Richard pondered the question for a few moments before the answer rang clear, she must have found some files that belonged to her father or brother at Highgate. Had she done something reckless? Richard was tempted to ask, but he decided against it for now "We will go back and help your mom, and I'll make sure nobody hurts you." Richard lifted Darcy's head and smiled "I'll protect you with my life, even if it costs me it."

"No you won't! I won't let you get hurt for me." Darcy snapped. Richard looked into her eyes, the same smile still across his face as he leaned in and placed his lips right on Darcy's

"Don't worry, when something is precious to you, you have the strength to take on the world." Richard whispered as moved in gave Darcy a long passionate kiss.


Scott looked at Roderick's right eye, the whole thing had been replaced by the solar battery for the device in the back of the man's head. The solar pack would charge the device, and in turn the device would send high voltage electric spikes across Roderick's skull to destroy any parasitic spores that try to attach to his brain. After all the director wanted a soldier, not just some overpowered monstrosity. The work and money that had gone into this simple project was extraordinary, and the work to keep it out of the eyes of the rest of the government was even harder. Roderick had passed out a few moments ago, his bodies muscular tissue was beginning to grow out of proportion with his body. Needless to say that amount of pain is going to make anyone fade into dreamland. It had been only mere hours since the experiments had started and already Roderick was beginning to look less human. Soon his mutation would be near complete, and if he decided to get out of hand the director could send volts of electricity into his body with a control he had in his coat pocket.

"Director Scott?"a voice called over Scotts earpiece

"Yes, what is it?" Scott answered as he pressed the communicate button

"A man has arrived too see you headquarters. Says he was apart of Wolfpack."

"Perfect, send him here." Scott smiled to himself, the facility he was at is a secret C.I.A testing lab deep under the pentagon. Only the Director had any true access to it's contents, and technically so did the president. However, the director had quite skillfully erased the facility from all the records that existed of it. This place didn't exist officially or unofficially anymore. Director Scott turned his radio to broadcast on every frequency of every scientist in the facility and spoke "Everyone, we need to have a meeting please proceed to the conference room, I will be there shortly." He then switched the frequency so he could speak to his operatives on the main floor of the pentagon "This is Scott, there will be a man arriving to see me. Direct him to the Pitt and tell him to wait in the conference room for me."

"Will do sir." a female voice answered back. As Scott turned his out going frequency off there was a moan from Roderick, he smiled right on time . The director strode over to Roderick and smiled "Well hello Roderick." The director smiled "Let's get you out of that chair."

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0.00 INK

Slowly cracking his eye open, he was rather out of it as he came back from his dream state. He then heard a familiar voice speak, "Well hello Roderick. Let's get you out of that chair." Director Scott, Belial thought. Joy, just the person he wanted to wake up too. Then again, he at least was getting out of the restraints which was always nice.

"I said, stop calling me Roderick. My mother and father called me that when I wasn't entirely a murdering nut-job. Belial is far more appropriate and that is the name I like now, thank you very much." Growling, he slowly turned his head enough so he could look right at the director. "Let's allow Roderick to keep some sense of normality. Stick to the name I use now. Now get me the fuck out of these damned restraints!" He jerked one arm taut, fighting against the restraint that held it down. Honestly, it was more so to punctuate his point rather than an actual attempt to get free. He'd already tried to fight his way out of these, but "lucky" for him the doctors had made sure he was stuck to the chair and he wasn't getting out on his own. He looked at the director again, ".......pretty please?" he added in a mocking tone.

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0.00 INK

Darcy walked towards the door when Richard asked them all to leave but she did not step outside. She stood by the door and watched Richard get up. His sorrowful apologies to the deceased Lilith broke her heart.

It wasn't long before the poor girl changed and a vicious growl filled the morosely silent room and a split second after that a large clattering bang! filled the room. Darcy turned her face away before the shot pierced through Lilith's skull.

She breathed heavily trying to regain her composure when Leon and the other guy that Darcy did not recognise burst through the door. Leon feel to his knee's a mumbled something to Lilith and then he ran right back out the door, the new guy on his tail.

Darcy watched Richard's back as the gun slipped from his hands. She knew it was so difficult for Richard. Lilith had been like a little sister to him and he had always been attached to the girl.

Slowly moving forward, Darcy placed a reassuring hand to Richards back as she came around to face him.

He didn't look at her, his deep brown eyes fixed on a spot beyond Lilith's massacred body.

“It's all my fault.” He whispered coldly.

“No baby.” Darcy said back softly, red rimmed eyes on his stoic face. “You did all that you could do for her . . . It was only a matter of time. Only the X-5 Serum could have saved her and that was gone.”

“I-I could have done more.” He replied in a voice so full of guilt and pain “I could have kept her alive still, until- until we got some!” He shouted suddenly in a fit of rage as he pushed away from Darcy and faced the door. “It's all my fault! People die because of me Darcy! This-This is what I do, who I am!”

“No!” Darcy said in a booming voice as she stormed up to Richard and looking him straight in the eye “That is not you!” And then her voice softened as she took his face in both of her palms “Listen to me Richard. It's okay to grieve and to cry but Lilith . . . Lilith's gone and we can't do anything about that now and it's not your fault. Do you understand me?” She said looking into his eyes as she pressed her forehead against his.

Richard nodded a little as he closed his eyes, tears streaming down his cold cheeks as he wrapped his arms around Darcy's waist using her for support.

“I'm so sorry baby.” Darcy whispered against his lip as she wiped his tears away. “I know how much she meant to you. But I promise you Lilith's death will not go in vein . . .” Said Darcy meaning every word.

The true person responsible for Lilith's death would pay dearly for it, Darcy thought angrily. Director Scott! Would pay if it was the last thing she ever did!

“I wish-I just wish I could bare the pain for you.” Darcy breathed as she wrapped her arms around Richards neck pulling him closer. “I love you so much . . .”

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0.00 INK

Richard's heart was breaking. Why!? Why him!? He was so tired of it all, so tired of the killing, killing people that he didn't even know and killing ones he had a connection with. Richard slowly backed away, out of Darcy's grip, and moved towards the door without even flinching to retrieve his weapon. His eyes were deep craters of emptiness, any light that was able to cling onto Richard's tainted soul had been snuffed out in an instant. Silently, he moved into the streets, the Richard that everyone knew had just died alongside the girl and been replaced by a broken man. Richard grabbed at his heart...it hurt so bad, it hurt with the pain of a dozen killings that Richard should have felt guilty for but never did until this moment. Years of guilt, memories of killing his friends, partners...and lovers all came charging back at him like a stampede of angry bulls. Tears, actual tears had not stopped running down his face since he had done it, the man who had been trained not to feel remorse and had never cried at the sight of a victim had just reached his final limit. Darcy came up and was saying something to try and comfort Richard, but he ignored all of it. All that was on his mind was Lilith.

Lilith had meant something to him, she reminded Richard so much of his sister. That is why he cared for her so much, because in reality she had grown to be very much like a sister to Richard. Now, she was dead...dead because of a mistake he had made. The girl's smile, her stupid enthusiasm, always caring for that dog like it was her own family and her trust in Richard to keep her from turning into that fucking monster that sat dead in the house. He failed her, that was all there was too it. "Don't worry baby, you had too do it..." He heard Darcy say, and that was it.

Richard flipped around and looked at Darcy straight in the eyes "No I didn't! Are you fucking stupid! I failed her! I wasn't fast enough and I fucking forgot to give her the injection for God's sake!" Darcy looked at Richard with a look of shock and heartbreak, but that didn't stop him "I don't know what you think we have together, but it's not going to work! I am a killer! A monster! It's what I do and if you carry on with this delusion that we are going to settle in a cottage somewhere you are going to die cold and alone just like that girl in the chair!" Richard angerly pointed at the house as he kicked a rock, sending in flying into the far distance. He saw Darcy put had hand on her chest, moving her shirt aside enough for Richard too see the necklace he had given her from a lover long dead by his hand "And this fucking thing!" He forcefully pushed Darcy's hand aside and grabbed the crystal necklace by the end and ripped it off her neck "This goddamn thing! Fuck you!" Richard yelled to no one in particular as the guilt of killing the previous owner flooded into his veins, and then he through it as far as he could out into the street, the necklace landing softly somewhere in the lonely snow.

A grown caught Richard's attention and he turned away from Darcy to see a group of infected walking out from Dark Alley's and abandoned houses. He gritted his teeth hard as he pulled a combat knife from his boot and stared the infected down angerly "You want some! Come on kill me!" he shouted like a lunatic as he ran up to the closest walker and slammed the knife deep into the brain, withdrew the blade with ease and moved to the next walker who he stabbed multiple times in the heart before letting it fall dead to the ground "Kill you fuckers! KILL ME!" he kept shouting as he hacked and slashed his way from walker to walker. The bodies kept falling, and Richard kept shouting to the walkers to send one strong enough to end him, but that walker never came and before he knew it all that was left was a group of dead infected lying in their own blood on the street.

Richard fell to his knees and breathed hard, his eyes pink and swollen as he raised his own head and put the knife too his throat I can end this. he thought end it right here, then I couldn't hurt anybody I care about anymore...they would be safer if I was gone permanently he nodded his head slightly as he brought the knife closer to his throat and a phrase he hadn't uttered since he went AWOL crossed his lips "It must be done." and he prepared to make the thrusting motion that would end it all...

***Pentagon, Washington D.C***

Director Scott smiled, his soulless eyes trained on Roderick as he got down close to the inhuman man and pointed to the conference room just to his right "Through those doors are dozens of people. Men, women all of them helped make you into what you are now." Roderick had a look of confusion, he had no idea what he looked like now "Go in there...kill them. Kill every single last one of them, prove to me you are worth your salt. Kill them, and you will have a life you never dreamed." he whispered cynically to Roderick, as he unlocked the restraints and smiled..."kill every last one, Operative Belial."

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0.00 INK

The funeral was...quiet. Richard dug Lilith's grave alone as Jake stood beside him, whimpering at the girls cold and motionless body that lay on the frozen earth. Once the shallow grave had been dug, Richard and Leon slowly lowered the body into the grave as delicately as they possibly could. Once the body was buried everyone stood around the grave, the ones who knew the girl were in a state of shock and disbelief. Richard, for one, was devastated because he knew deep inside his soul that her death had to be attributed to him and him alone.

A light snow ran mix had begun to fall upon the group, a twisted metaphor for the emotions that was crushing in on Richard. Darcy stood beside him, her arms wrapped around him as he starred at the covered hole. "Someone should say something." Zanetta spoke up amongst the silence. Richard didn't flinch, he simply listened as those who knew the girl gave their speeches and said their goodbyes. When they had finished, Darcy nudged Richard

"Baby...you should say something." Richard just shook his head

"I am the reason she is in that pit...I don't deserve to say anything." Richard broke away from Darcy's embrace and began to walk away into the distance with his head lowered "We have to get moving...or else your mother will end up the same."


Scott walked in and looked around at the dead bodies, Belial had done a magnificent job. "Good, Belial, good. You will make a perfect addition to my new order." Scott walked over to a familiar face, Jacob, the mercenary from Wolfpack. He was trying to grab at a pistol that was a few feet in front of him, but Scott crashed his foot down on the man's hand "no, no, no that is very naughty of you." Scott said with a voice void of emotion as he drew his pistol

"You fucking traitor! I'll fucking kill you!" Jacob cursed as blood ran from his mouth "I'll-

BANG! Scott ended Jacob's life with a bullet to the head "Yeah, yeah of course you will." Scott holstered his weapon and retrieved the suitcase that the man had next to the seat he was sitting in before Belial barged in. The mutant of a man walked over with a blood thirsty smile across his face

"What's next!" Belial exclaimed with the excitement of killing in his thoughts

"Calm thy self my friend. Good things come to those who wait. In a few days an announcement will be made by the UN, at the same time I will be joining the president and a bulk of the US leadership that remains at a meeting to discuss world events. That is when I will unleash you again."

"At the meeting?"

"In the area around the meeting yes."

"Where is it?" Belial asked as Scott made his way too the door

"The place with the largest resistance presence in the US....Minneapolis."

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***UN headquarters New York***
Scott had left Belial in the Pentagon and told him not to leave if he wanted to live. Then we hopped onto a jet and flew out to New York for the emergency meeting his contact had called. After the "sudden" change of the last secretary General into a walker, Scott's contact had taken power. Now he had called all the diplomats he could to the UN for an emergency vote, Scott's plan was close to being complete.

"Order! Order!" a man at the front of the room yelled into the microphone. The large room slowly quieted down to mere snickers and the soon died out completely "As you all know we have a new Secretary General, introducing from the Netherlands Secretary General Johann Schmiten!" The room broke into a series of applause, but it was abnormally silent since less than a quarter of the nations were present. The man Scott had met in DC by the lake, walked to the podium and the applause died off once again.

"Greetings, dedicates. I am glad so many of you were able to come considering the horrible circumstances." Johann straightened his ties "This meeting is of the gravest importance. I am proposing an emergency vote. A vote that will give me emergency powers to move all UN forces without a vote from the security council."

"That is absurd!" a Italian delegate called out "you expect us to intrust international security to you and you alone?"

"As it stands I can not call all the nations of the security council together, nor can I call enough of the General assembly together for a vote of my movement of troops. At this very moment more people are dying because my hands are tied and I can not order further movement of troops."

"He is right!" the American delegate said into his microphone "We must trust that the UN will regulate forces as needed, rather than not trust them and continue on this path. It is better to have the forces to do something rather then not act at all!"

"Then let us vote! Please submit yes or no." the secretary general said and the delegates from the present countries picked up a small device with the words 'yes' and 'no' written in their native languages above two buttons. Scott waited patiently for the votes to be processed int the computer at the podium, his heart beating a little faster now.

"By a vote of 23 to 10, the UN general assembly has hereby given me emergency powers over the movement of UN troops." the room broke out into a division of both applause and sighs from the countries. Scott, on the other hand, just stood in the back and smiled. Soon, everything he had worked decades for will be complete.

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Richard leaned back against the Porsche and looked up too the night sky. The stars were twinkling bright in the night sky, it was quite beautiful really. However, as Richard continued to watch the magnificent spectacle of lights one man's face began to cloud his vision. "Scott...what are you up too?" Richard had been running over the events since just before Highgate in his mind, something had been out of place all this time, but he could never put his finger on it. Richard shrugged to himself as he opened his door and sat in the passenger seat of the car. He looked at the radio, "I wonder if there are any channels still on." he thought aloud as flipped the radio on. There was nothing but cold static the first few stations he tried, but something was telling him to keep trying. He flipped and flipped until finally an ear busting Presidential Anthem began to play over the speakers and fill the whole gas station lot.

Richard rushed to turn it down to a volume where anybody who was interested could still here, but it wouldn't destroy his eardrums. "Hello my fellow Americans! You are listening to 106 the Patriot!" Richard snickered, so they started a propaganda station huh? "Now my fellow Americans, you may have heard the rumors that zombie hordes have begun roaming the country, well you don't have to worry about that as long as you stay in one of the green zones with our good old American heroes! Now here is some crazy information for you! President Hawthorne will be making a public appearance in Minneapolis in a few days to discuss the -" without warning the channel changed to nothing but static, Richard looked at the radio, perplexed by how it could have been running just fine and all the sudden give out. That's when a voice began to speak through the static

"Do not listen to the oppressive governments lies. The horrors that the American government is committing are vile and not worthy of this great country of ours. They are violating every right that are men and women have died to protect since the start of the revolution all those years ago. My brothers and sisters, we will be broadcasting to you, to break through the lies and deception of this new government who must be stopped. We are the true patriots, the children of our fathers." once again static broke the transmission and the patriot DJ was back

"Sorry for that my fellow Americans we seem to have had some technical difficulties for a second, now ass I was saying..." Richard laughed

"Looks like somebody is hacking through the governments transmissions."


Director Scott sat in his hotel room and starred out over the streets of the city. He was deep within what had been designated the military district of Minneapolis, so there were only soldiers wondering the streets below. Scott was looking at them, a blank expression across his face as he contemplated what he would do once the initiative was complete.

Ring, Ring, Ring Scott's cell phone rang in his pocket and he retrieved it. "Hello" he said once he had answered

"Sir that rebel group broke through one of our radio broadcasts again."

"Do you know where the hacking signal came from?"

"Negative sir."

"Well it is not a problem right now, once the initiative is complete we can deal with the rebels."

"Yes, sir." with that Scott hung up and dialed Belial's number

"What is it?" Belial answered coldly

"Are you prepared?"


"Good, then the first part of my vision is soon to be complete. Do not fail me Belial." Before the beast could answer Scott hung up, with a wicked smile across his lips.

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"President Hawthorne." Scott said as he reached his hand out and shook the presidents hand

"Director Scott, how are you?" Hawthorne said with a naive smile

"Very well sir. Are you ready for your speech?"

"I'm never ready." Hawthorne joked as he straightened his tie and checked his hair in the mirror

Scott chuckled "Well sir, I have a feeling this will be the best speech of your short career."

"One can only hope." Hawthorne said as he turned for the door that would lead him onto the stage.

"Good luck, sir." Scott said as Hawthorne made his way to the stage. When door flung open, Scott could see the hospital that sat right across the street. There was a hummer and a black Porsche parked out front that struck Scott as out of place, but he ignored it as the doors swung shut.

Scott immediately took his phone and dialed Belial "What?" Belial said angerly

"It's time, the generals should be in the warehouse any second...you know what to do." with that he hung up, straightened his jacked and ready his pistol "Those rebels better be ready." he murmured to himself as he walked towards a door in the back of the building, where the cabinet of the president waited for a meeting that would never come....

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"You're going to fucking die, if you do not let go of her right this fucking second." Richard growled as he pointed his pistol right at the temple of this man who was holding Darcy close.

just as the words had left Richard's mouth a man's voice boomed over a loud speaker and Richard turned to see a sharply dressed man in front of a small crowd of people "My fellow Americans! I stand before you today not just as your president, but as a friend to all of you."

***Director, Scott***

Scott heard the president start his speech outside as he cleaned the blood off his coat. The whole Cabinet had been annihilated by his hand, now all that remained was to wait for those damn rebels to take care of his final problem.

"Soon gentleman." Scott said to his corrupt operatives that were stationed around the small room "Soon we will spread peace and order to the whole world, and no one will dare stand in our way."

He walked to the window too look out at Hawthorne as he spoke to the mindless drones that gathered around the stage. That's when he noticed a figure near the hospital, pointing a gun at another man. He took a closer look, then a grin broke out across his face "I don't fucking believe it...Smith, Walters." Scott called to two of his men

"Yes, sir?" they asked, awaiting their orders

"It looks like our AWOL agent is alive, be good sports and kill him for me." he said as he pointed Freelancer out

"Right away." the two men said as the calmly strode out of the room.

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"The others...uhh" Richard was moaning in the back seat, his mind lost from the bullet impact to his head. Thankfully for him the bullet lost enough speed when it impacted his arm so that it didn't penetrate his skull, rather it just gave him a minor fracture and a massive headache. "Darcy...Darcy, don't let them hurt the kids." Richard was lumbering on and on about random nonsense as the Porsche speed into a parking garage "the farm...the farm....the farm." Richard kept muttering "It's safe at the farm."

***back at the hospital***

As soon as shot started going off the rebels started their attack. Unfortunately, the secret service had acted fast enough to get Hawthorne back inside the building before any of the rebels could get a shot off at him. Oh well Scott sighed as he ran up to the president and his guards let's do it this way "Mr. President are you okay!" Scott yelled as he approached the three men in the hallway

"Yes, I think i'm fine." Hawthorne gave a sigh of relief

"Oh thank God." Director Scott said, then he pulled his pistol and fired a single round into each of the guards heads, the gore splattering all over Hawthorne who flew backwards in utter shock

"Fuck me, Scott what are you doing!" Hawthorne screamed as he starred at his dead guards

"Something that should have been done a long time ago mister president." Scott said with evil emanating from his emotionless voice "I know what it takes for this world to be a perfect place, one where every man woman and child is an American at heart!"

"What the hell are you talking about!" Hawthorne yelled as he backed up into a table with a vase atop it

"Peace Hawthorn! Peace and prosperity for the whole world! Don't you see? America has lost it's way, it used to to want to spread Capitalism and Democracy throughout the whole world! But now." Scott had the look of a mad man in his eyes, a look that would make Charles Manson cringe with fear "We have become corrupt with cooperate greed! But I will fix that...I will spread a new order across the world and there shall be an American in the heart of everyone!"

"That's insane!" Hawthorne blurted out "Have you lost your mind Andrew!"

"No!" Scott yelled as he put the gun in Hawthorn's chest "It is not me that has lost my mind! It is you and all those mindless drones who have lost theirs! But I will remedy that, and bring all the countries of the world under the rule of a true American and Capitalist government."

"How do you plan on doing that you lunatic!"

"I already have! My father was director of black operations for the CIA from 1965 until 1992, he made sure I got where I am today to continue his vision! Mr. President for decades me and my father have planted moles in in every major government in the world. We have agents as far up as vice prime ministers in some countries, now the United States will fall under my rule!"

"You can't be serious Andrew." Hawthorne whispered

"You can never understand William. Democracy can not truly be successful while it's enemies are allowed to roam free. Communism, Socialism, Imperialism and all types of anarchism and religious extremism have brought Democracy down for too long. Now, I will make a new order, one that is perfect in every way and will never fall to the test of time." Scott had a wicked grin across his face, and as Hawthorn starred at him he could see the face of the devil. "Directive 84-6 subsection A. In the event that the entirety of the US government is incapacitated or rendered unable to act the CIA or highest ranking official will take control of the government until a fair election can be devised and maintained."

"Fuck you Scott." Hawthorne spat as he grabbed the vase and hit the director over the head with it. It shattered over Scott's head and he fumbled to the ground as Hawthorne ran for the closest window and did a daring leap out of it. The glass shattered and dug into Hawthorn's skin as he broke though it at full speed. He rolled on the cement for a second before slowly getting to his feet, his body littered with shards of glass. He turned to see Scott getting up and his men charging down the hall towards the window. Hawthorne spared no time running away as fast as he could, hearing Scott bark orders behind him

"Kill him! Fucking kill him now!"

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"Belial!" Scott shouted to the mutant who was busy killing rebels in the streets "Get your ass after Hawthorne, if he escapes my plans may be fucked!"

The mutant grinned as he tore a rebel nearly in half and chucked him across the road. The ex-man looked completely insane, covered in gore like he had just walked through all the circles of hell and then back again. "Fine, rude motherfucker." Belial cursed as he climbed his way back onto the roof tops and jumped away. Scott straightened his coat and rubbed the bump on his head "I have to get back to DC and make preparations before it is too late." and with that Scott walked calmly away through the battle torn streets.

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Character Portrait: C.I.A Director Andrew Scott

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(Final Post for Director Scott. Awesome outro music here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e16t8mXsrg)
(P.S imagining this in slow motion makes even more dramatic)

Scott walked into the white house with a triumphant stride, the courtyard was lined with men in suits each with the look of intense anger across their faces as Scott approached the doors to the Whitehouse. Flanked on either side by men wearing jet black bullet proof vests and toting long automatic rifles. The streets of D.C behind him were cast in a shadow of the American flag which was raised high in the air atop the Whitehouse. However, it was a dying shadow, a shadow that would soon be extinguished by the darkness and would stare therein when Scott's vision was realized.

There was a grin of satisfaction across Scott's face as he marched up the white steps to the doors, his father's dream of a world united under a free and capitalist society was being realized with every step Scott took. But it would not be realized in full, for Scott's father had been a fool. He thought that people would simply bend over to the whim of Democracy, but Scott knew better, he would be the sole ruler of this new order and he take those who would spit in the face of freedom and force them to submit. Peace and prosperity can only be achieved after war and conquest had eradicated all those who would stand before the greatness being offered to them and curse it with all their heart. The tree of liberty must, from time to time, be watered with blood of patriots and tyrants and Scott knew this to be true. With the armies of the UN, United States, and multiple governments in the process of being corrupted by his sleeper agents, at his every beck and call nothing could stop him from raising his new order to glory.

Scott had made it up the steps, and now was approaching the doors of the Whitehouse, his every footstep bringing the world closer to oppression. Scott threw the doors open as he burst into the halls of the symbol of American power. Scott smiled a wicked smile from ear to ear as he admired the finely decorated rooms of the Whitehouse. It was finally his, he had made everything he and his father had worked so hard for decades to achieve a reality. Armies, power, money, security and it was all his to create a world that was perfect, a world with no faults, a world that humanity could finally be proud of. Scott marched on down the marble halls towards the Oval office that sat, lonely and awaiting him to sit and take what was rightfully his in the eyes of God. Scott grinned as he walked into the office, and walked around the large desk, his hands running down the magnificent wood. Scott shook his head in delight as he turned and looked out the Oval office window upon the open grass "Gentlemen." Scott said as he place his hands on the sole of his back "The path of true freedom is right before us." Scott licked his lips with anticipation as he spun around to face his right hand men "Let us begin!"