The Wizarding World:Hogwarts Vs. Death Eaters

The Wizarding World:Hogwarts Vs. Death Eaters

Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Currently there are forces beyond our walls that are trying to kill the new headmaster along with all of the muggleborns and half-bloods. This is the new chapter of Hogwarts.

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We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. You may also bring if you desire an owl, a cat, or a toad.

Here are the schools you may transfer from if you want:
Sarina Dorie (France)
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The Plot
Once again Hogwarts has been attacked by the Death Eaters, hoping to in turn kill the new Headmaster in order to gain control of the school and to kill all of the muggleborns and half-bloods. Unbeknownst to many of the professors and students, death eaters are lurking within the school walls with the rest of the students and professors. Who can you trust? How do you know who you can trust?

Also, every student will be punished for going into the Dark Forest, disobeying any of the Hogwarts rules, etc. No students will be given special treatment.

Name || Age || Head of Gryffindor || Potions || Blood Status || Holly Marie Combs || Open
Name || Age || Head of Slytherin || Defense Against the Dark Arts || Blood Status || Katie McGrath || Open
Name || Age || Head of Ravenclaw || Magical Creatures || Blood Status || Ian Somerhalder || Open
Name || Age || Head of Hufflepuff || Charms || Blood Status || Matt Bomer || Taken by Sunshine and Whiskey

Bravery, daring, nerve, and chivalry. Founded by Godric Gryffindor.
Name || Age || Year || Blood Status || Debby Ryan || Open
Name || Age || Year || Blood Status || Emma Stone || Open
Name || Age || Year || Blood Status || Kim Yu Kwon || Open
Name || Age || Year || Blood Status || Max Schneider || Open

Ambition, cunning and resourcefulness. Founded by Salazar Slytherin.
Name || Age || Year || Blood Status || Dove Cameron || Open
Name || Age || Year || Blood Status || Janel Parrish || Taken by Sunshine and Whiskey
Name || Age || Year || Blood Status || Ki Hong Lee || Open
Name || Age || Year || Blood Status || Alex Pettyfer || Open

Intelligence, knowledge, and wit. Founded by Rowena Ravenclaw.
Name || Age || Year || Blood Status || Zoey Deutch || Open
Name || Age || Year || Blood Status || Victoria Justice || Open
Name || Age || Year || Blood Status || Dylan O'Brien || Open
Name || Age || Year || Blood Status || Taylor Lautner || Open

Hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play. Founded by Helga Hufflepuff.
Name || Age || Year || Blood Status || Maisie Williams || Open
Name || Age || Year || Blood Status || Naeun || Open
Name || Age || Year || Blood Status || Dylan O'Brien || Open
Name || Age || Year || Blood Status || Matt Lanter || Open

Name || Age || Year || Pure Blood || Chloe Moretz || Gryffindor || Open
Name || Age || Year || Pure Blood || Nina Dobrev || Hufflepuff || Open
Name || Age || Year || Pure Blood || Avan Jogia || Slytherin || Open
Name || Age || Year || Pure Blood || || Paul Wesley || Ravenclaw || Open

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Character Portrait: Nicodemus Fitzgerald Character Portrait: Katerina Kodiak Character Portrait: Ayria Kaelyn Blake Character Portrait: Stella Prince

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Hufflepuff Half Blood Sixth Year
Dialogue Color Code: seagreen
Location: Outside the Great Hall
ImageNico sighed as he stood there, thinking back on what him and Ayria were speaking about just a couple nights before. As he continued watching Kai with Myrra, he couldn't help himself he needed to get McKenna away from him, he didn't deserve her and if those rumors he's been hearing were true, he better hope Nico doesn't find it out.

Finally Nico removed himself from the spot he stood in for the past five minutes and began looking around for Ayria. He pushed through the crowd through the entire Great Hall and hadn't been able to spot Ayria. With a sigh he decided to step out of the Great Hall, figuring that if she was going to arrive he would be able to spot her making her way through the halls.

Though just when he stepped out the Great Hall, he noticed her standing there alone. He stepped over to her, being sure to keep a good bit of space between the two of him before speaking. "I'm in," he stated to her. "Don't want to go in or is your date late?" he questioned, trying to figure out why she was just standing there.

Slytherin Pure Blood
Transfer from Sarina Dorie (France)
Seventh Year Dialogue Color Code: #7300ff
Location: Great Hall
ImageAs Katerina sat there taking in her surroundings. She noticed a female closing in the space between them. She sighed and just glanced up at her, finding that she was much more appealing up close. "Can I have this dance?" she heard the female question.

After sitting there for a brief moment, taking in her features once more, she shrugged her shoulders and placed her hand within her's. "Sure," she stated. Though it wasn't like she had anything better to do. That was for sure. Maybe dancing with her could add a bit of amusement to her night, something she's been craving since she actually arrived.

Though after hearing about that Death Eater attack on two Gryffindors, nothing else has come to happen. But honestly, she wished she could have witnessed the attack, it would make it more real and give her a bit more amusement. Even though she was neutral with the entire idea of Death Eaters, it would still amuse her. At least something entertaining would be going on. Living life as dull as the one she managed to encounter after stepping into Hogwarts was never the kind of life she was looking forward to living. She wanted one filled with all sorts of adventures, one she would never become bored with.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Kai Bolton Character Portrait: George Bardla Character Portrait: Brooklyn Marie Character Portrait: Myrra Katiyln Blake Character Portrait: Ayria Kaelyn Blake Character Portrait: Zayden Xavier Pierce

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Death Eater // Hufflepuff Keeper || Pureblood || Seventh Year || Dialogue Color Code: Sienna


"I'm in,"

"You cleaned up nice." She noted and smiled as he mention being in on her plan. That was good, she had someone on her side so it would be easier to have eyes and ears everywhere, especially since Nico was close to McKenna, "Here's the plan: I will approach my sister and ask if she had a good time at the date, so Kai hears it as well we just have to make sure they're together so she can't deny it in front of him later. If I am there she won't try to lie about it." She told Nico.

"Don't want to go in or is your date late?"

She let out a sigh at that, rolling her eyes. She never had good luck with men, "Late date. Apparently I still have bad taste in men.. It's a family trait, in case you didn't already notice." She responded, referring to Myrra. She always chose bad boys, she'd never even had a boyfriend because of her horrible judge of character.

Ayria was just about to go inside without him, then her eyes landed on George. She had to admit he dressed up nice, and he was easier to pinpoint than she'd thought. For a moment she felt like she wouldn't have been able to identify him, seeing as they barely knew each other, but she spent the entire week memorizing his looks, so she wouldn't insult him any further, she'd already forgotten his name so she didn't want to make matters worse, "See you around, I'll get started on our plan when I get inside." with that she met George so he wouldn't overhear her and Nico talking.

"You look... amazing."

"You don't look so bad yourself." Ayria replied to him with an impressed smile shot directly at George. They'd make a good pair in a picture, she was certain of it. At least her parents would have a good Yule ball picture to hold on to, she wanted her parents to remember her that way, not as a death eater.

She didn't expect the flowers and chocolates, quirking a brow at her date. This was a bit cliché, but in a good way. Tonight she felt like a normal girl for a change, and that was a nice feeling.

"These are for you."

"Thank you." Ayria responded in a grateful tone of voice, accepting the gifts. She took a smell of the flowers then looked up to George with a smile on her face. Though she was ready to go dance, so she hooked arms with him and led him inside where the dance was. She put the chocolates down on the table and carefully sat the flowers with them, "Wanna dance?" She asked with a smirk, eyes a bit mischievous as she asked. She had to dance with him at least once before getting to work.


Gryffindor Quidditch Beater || Muggle Born || Seventh Year || Dialogue Color Code: Slategray


"And I think I found one,"

"I've been down that road several times.. Just make sure your girl doesn't see you. I was seeing two different girls once, they nearly teamed up to kill me. Be careful dude!"

After his dance with the random girl, Zayden caught the sight of Kai with Myrra. He smirked a bit, then moved to a cute blonde (Brooklyn) he'd seen around the Gryffindor common rooms more than a few times. He wasn't sure what her name was, but he intended to find out.

"Hey, my name is Zayden.. I'm a seventh year Gryffindor. I am pretty sure that I've seen you around before.. Would you like to dance with me?" He asked, plastering his most charming smile on his face. He had a few girls in mind to dance with before the night was through, like that girl he'd heard about that was a Gryffindor transfer, but this girl was also one of them, "Also, if it isn't too forward, I'd like to add that you look exceptionally beautiful. Whoever your date was made a huge mistake leaving you alone for even a second." Zayden chuckled, winking at her. He waited for her response, holding out his hand to her in case she chose to accept his offer.


Ravenclaw Head Girl || Pureblood || Seventh Year || Dialogue Color Code: Crimson


Myrra was completely surprised when Kai approached her. He looked really good, even better since McKenna wasn't latched onto his arm. Why was that? She figured they would have been together, dancing till their hearts content. Yet here he was, looking straight at her and for a moment, she didn't feel like she was a wall arrangement.

She was equally shocked Kai removed her empty drink from her hands, tilting her head a bit at him. What was he doing? She finally caught on as he held his hand out to her. Immediately her heart skipped a beat, and she chuckled silently to herself. Was this a prank? Why would he be asking her to dance? Up until recently she was more of a dictionary instead of a girl..

"Myrra Blake, can I have this dance?"

She couldn't help but blush a bit, then she smiled at the formality. It was very chivalrous, and quite charming, "Kai Bolton, I suppose one dance wouldn't hurt anyone, so long as your very angry girlfriend doesn't hex me." She grinned, placing her hand in his, following him towards the dance floor. She let him lead her towards it, hoping that McKenna wouldn't interrupt this time. She wanted one thing to herself, even if it was just one harmless dance with Kai.

"Come on, it's a great song."

She let her arms wrap around his neck, listening to the song and nodding her head in agreement after she gave the song a chance. She'd never heard it before, but now it was her favorite. She noticed his hands were on her waist, and they were closer than they'd ever been. She was glad he chose to be a gentleman, because she probably would have died of embarrassment had he chose to place his hands lower. She was going to burn this moment in her mind, because she doubted she'd ever have another like it. She wasn't sure why he chose to dance with her, but she was definitely glad that he did. This was the highlight of her night, and definitely the reason she'd gotten dolled up. Typically she wore only lipgloss, but she went all out as far as makeup was concerned.

"I know you. You and your sister dressed the same. But Myrra... Well... "

"Kai Bolton clams up? That's a first.." She teased, her brown eyes shining as she gazed into his eyes. She was so happy to be dancing with him that it was almost like a dream. She kind of wished she'd confessed to Kai a long time ago, she just wasn't even aware of how she felt back then. Hell, she still wasn't fully aware, but she was beginning to realize she liked him a lot more than as just a 'friend'.

"You look nice,"

"You look really handsome. If I was Kenna I wouldn't have let you run off on your own looking like that." She giggled, breaking eye contact. She wasn't blushing, but speaking so honestly was kind of embarrassing. She wasn't sure if she was allowed to say things like that, or how he'd respond o it. She was too nervous to catch on that there was something else that Kai wanted to say.

"Who'd you come with?"

"Richard Drake, but he ran off right after we took pictures. We went on a date once, but decided that we wouldn't work out. He's more competitive than I am. Anyway, we agreed to come as friends so we could take a good picture for our families, because neither of us had dates." She admitted, unaware of why she had told him the truth. In all honesty she wanted to lie and say she'd found someone, but with his hands still on her waist, she deltas though she'd drank a truth serum. She hated feeling this way for Kai, he had a girlfriend.. That was why she never allowed herself to admit her feelings out loud. She wasn't allowed to.


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Character Portrait: Adriel Blackwood Character Portrait: Professor Annie Barfield Character Portrait: George Bardla Character Portrait: Ayria Kaelyn Blake

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Annie looked at Professor Adriel Blackwood. She did always like him, he was a really good guy. He looked a bit younger than her though but she could be mistaken.

With that she smiled at him. "Aww thank you, you don't look bad yourself." She smiled at him. This was lovely and she smiled even bigger when he asked to dance. "I would love to dance with you...." She said looking at him.

But continuing her sentence. "I am not the best at dancing. I am a professor of potions. Not dancing." She said with a small smile.

With that George looked at her. She was very beautiful. He had a crush on her for a little while and being a death eater soon getting caught by the ministry put to death or whatever the hell they would do he planned on living a little. He might as well.

"I would love to dance with you." He said taking her hand and spinning her on the floor. With that he began to do the waltz with her a classic dance that he loved and learnt at a young age. "Forgive me for being a bit late I ended up running late on some assignments and I also slept a bit and so when I looked at the time I was baffled. My apologies." He said continuing to waltz with her.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Adriel Blackwood Character Portrait: Professor Annie Barfield Character Portrait: George Bardla Character Portrait: Nicodemus Fitzgerald Character Portrait: Ayria Kaelyn Blake

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Head of Ravenclaw
Magical Creatures Professor Pure Blood
Dialogue Color Code: #9F000F
Location: Great Hall
ImageAdriel smiled when Annie accepted his offer to dance. As he led her out to the floor he smirked when he heard her statement, "I am not the best at dancing. I am a professor of potions. Not dancing."

"Well, don't worry about it. I'll be sure not to make an embarrassment out of yourself Annie Barfield," he stated with a very serious tone to his voice with a smirk upon his face. Dancing was never the best thing he could do either, but he knew well enough so he wouldn't be able to look like a fool at events like these.

Adriel wrapped his arms around her waist and began to slowly lead her around the dance floor. The music was never a choice he would go with, but he had to remember this Yule ball was for the students, not the professors and they were into a different kind of music than he was. That he needed to deal with and just accept. While he continued to dance with the gorgeous dark beauty before him, he found himself lost in the woman's chocolate eyes. It was hard to make himself look away.

"How have you been?" he questioned, trying to make a bit on conversation instead of standing there in silence, making himself look like a fool. What kind of man would he be if he were nervous to speak with the woman he chose to dance with?

Hufflepuff Half Blood Sixth Year
Dialogue Color Code: seagreen
Location: Hufflepuff Common Room
Image"You cleaned up nice."

"Thanks, you look beautiful yourself," he responded with a soft smile upon his face.

"Here's the plan: I will approach my sister and ask if she had a good time at the date, so Kai hears it as well we just have to make sure they're together so she can't deny it in front of him later. If I am there she won't try to lie about it." He listened carefully as she explained the plan to him and he just nodded along, being sure to pick up on every detail. In order for this to work the way they both want, it needs to be done correctly or everything would become all screwed up.

Nico smirked when he noticed George, one of the Ravenclaws he's had classes with in the past. The male gently bowed his head to him, showing he acknowledged his company before turning towards Ayria. "Have a nice night, I'll talk to you later," he stated before stepping back into the great hall, joining the rest of the students.

He began looking around for someone to dance with, in hopes that he wouldn't have to spend the night in his lonesome.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Myrra Blake Character Portrait: Kai Bolton Character Portrait: Diego Jordan Character Portrait: Brooklyn Marie Character Portrait: Myrra Katiyln Blake Character Portrait: Ayria Kaelyn Blake Character Portrait: Zayden Xavier Pierce

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Gryffindor Quidditch Captain || Halfblood || Sixth Year || Dialogue Color Code: #C74B25


Kai had given Zayden a slight smile when his friend had left him but it was more nervous than anything. He wasn't sure how he was going to do what he was going to do. He had taken McKenna on a date on the quidditch field the other night, having a picnic in the middle of the quidditch field. It had been nice, but Kai realized he wished he was with someone else, not necessarily McKenna. He was never more thankful for the masks they wore than at that moment, where only those who knew you and who were up close could tell who you were.

"My girlfriend must realize, I care for her deeply, but I do have other friends that are girls," Kai said before regretting the words. It sounded bad. Or stupid. Or offensive. Possibly like he wasn't at all interested in Myrra. Which he shouldn't be. Yet he couldn't help it. He was screwed up. Why was Myrra causing him to have a hard time thinking and processing so much right then?

"Kai Bolton is still human Myrra Blake. I breath air and walk on the ground just like everyone else," Kai said with a smile in response to her teasing, doing it right back. She was so close, all he had to do was lean forward a little... And he didn't. He couldn't. If he kissed Myrra, he would be so doomed. He would basically be murdered. Like murdered murdered. He was not going to do that. It would also hurt Myrra though probably in a different way than it would hurt Kai considering Kai hung out with people often and they had many chances to hurt him since they could easily just hit him in quidditch and just get a foul called.

He smiled a little more when Myrra complimented him, too caught up in his thoughts to hear her properly. He should just break it off with Kenna. He was going to break it off with Kenna. He wouldn't be the rebound guy anymore. He smiled very broadly. "Myrra Blake, you have no idea," He stated with excitement. He didn't say anymore though, caught up in his own thoughts once again.

Kai smiled at her response, feeling guilty for it but happy at the same time. "Well, I am sorry Myrra Blake, but I believe I might have to leave you soon as well. There's a game I promised I'd go play in one of the old classrooms. I have to do a few rounds of truth or dare and to be honest, I am thoroughly terrified," Kai admitted with a smile. The faster he played truth or dare, the faster he could go to bed, the faster he could wake up, the faster he could break it off with Kenna, the faster he could find Myrra and apologize for being an idiot for so long and finally ask her out. It would be perfect.

Kai smiled as the song finished. He gave Myrra a hug, a hug that was just a hug, for now, before he gave her one smile, holding her at arms length. "It was amazing to dance with you. Thank you for it. I'll see you tomorrow," He said with a small, rushed, too excited to get things over with, then took off. He could already see people he knew leaving and couldn't wait to get through the night! It was all that was running through his head.

Slytherin Head Boy || Muggleborn || Seventh Year || Dialogue Color Code: #4F7AAD


Diego had danced with a few girls, had decided he wasn't certain what to do, then left to go to the after party early. There was going to be a game of truth or dare and it was going to be dangerous, and fun, and probably a bit weird, but it would be great. At least, as far as Diego could tell.

Diego went upstairs with some friends, the group going to the old abandoned classroom by the charms classroom. A guy named Oliver had the bottle that would be used for truth or dare and said he'd be waiting for them since he wasn't feeling going to the Yule ball.

Little did Diego know Oliver was also a death eater and had charmed the bottle to force the person chosen to do whatever they were dared or asked to tell the truth about without being able to resist or remember their actions. It was dangerous, that was for sure, but that was what death eaters did. Besides, it was sure to mess with some people that night. He had even charmed the bottle to make sure it only landed on a few people, or rather not certain people. Any death eaters wouldn't get chosen, as well as any of the people who were not in a relationship. Ruining relationships was too much fun to pass up.

Diego walked in, going to the tables that were put in a big square and sitting down to one side where he was joined by some other Slytherin as they waited for people to come in and show up, in the meantime, hanging out. Kai Bolton showed up a few minutes later, his mask in hand though his hadn't hidden his whole face, allowing people to guess who he was if they thought about it hard enough.

Eventually, enough people showed up, and the game began. Landing on none other than a Ravenclaw fellow who was told to say whether or not he really liked his girlfriend, and admitting without even realizing that he didn't. He was using her to get to her sister. People hollered and got crazy while Oliver sat to the left of the fellow, smiling and watching the scene, waiting to see if any other death eaters would join him in the pleasure of watching the scenes before him.

Gryffindor || Pure Blood || Seventh Year || Dialogue Color Code: #9BC4E2


Brooklyn had just finished a dance with one of the Hufflepuff chasers when a boy who introduced himself as Zayden asked her to dance. She turned to him, giving him her attention and a smile as she nodded. She was distracted from the other day, shaking slightly from the experience still, though none of the others who had danced with her had noticed that. She had heard of Zayden once of twice. He was a womanizer.

When he told her she was beautiful, Brooklyn could do nothing but duck her head with her shyness. "Thank you, but... I don't really have a date," Brooklyn admitted slightly embarrassed. She knew Zayden from watching the quidditch matches. She even wanted to be on the quidditch team, but she wasn't sure she could or should do that. She wasn't sure if he was being honest and was just ignorant about how and who she associated with, or that he was being one of those guys. She knew he was friends with Kai, and Kai was sweet, so he couldn't be too bad.

She placed her hand lightly in his, letting him lead her before placing her hands on his shoulders, praying a really slow song would't grace them with it's prescence. It wasn't that Zayden wasn't good looking, he was hot. But how could she possibly want to be with someone she didn't know and who probably wouldn't want to deal with her quietness? She hoped he wouldn't just dismiss her like most people did. She liked to pretend that it didn't bother her, but it did.

She smiled up at Zayden, a little shy but not having a hard time giving a small smile to anyone. Her hair tickled her bare shoulders and she felt the occasional wisps of her earrings touching her neck. She realized suddenly how close she was to Zayden and felt her cheeks flush though thanks to her pale face and the way she was, all she received was a slightly pink flush that gave her features more color.

Her thoughts briefly thought of whether or not Zayden could dance. Like dance dance. Like she could. She pushed the thoughts away, he probably wouldn't even want to dance dance at Yule ball. He seemed athletic enough... Outside of Yule ball? For fun? Partner dancing? She didn't think Quentin could do such a thing. Not because he couldn't learn, but because it required a certain grace that without, looked stupid. She pushed the thoughts away. She could dream all she wanted for a dance partner, but knew one wouldn't come along any day. She didn't even realize when she sighed that she had done so, instead trying to pass it off as her taking a deep breath so as not to offend Zayden, she hated that more than wishful thinking that wouldn't happen. Offending people that is.

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