The Wolves and The Lions

The Wolves and The Lions

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It has been a war long fought. The Wahy'a tribe was here before the Kingdom was. As legend has it, the Wahy'a welcomed the strangers onto their land. In the beginning there were only a few looking to settle there, soon a few became many. These people built shelters made of massive stones, the took up more room, pushing the Wahy'a people further into the woods, further into hiding. With time, their civilization grew, they formed a monarchy, their own way to trade, and soon the Wahy'a people were nothing but myth and legend.

Stories were told of a people who lived in the woods among the animals, but had a special connection to the deadly wolf. At this time, there was enough land to live with little to no interaction with the other, but as the settlers civilization grew, there were more run ins with these people. It was a few generations along before problems arose, a war broke out, and many died, so much innocent blood was shed.

In time, a son was born to the King of the settlers, the family the Wahy'a referred to as the Lions, because of the lion upon their flag. Not to long after the birth of the King's son, was a daughter, born to the Chief of the Wahy'a tribe. While he wanted his daughter to marry within the tribe, he knew the tribe would eventually be wiped out without peace, and so peace was made.

The Chief signed a marriage agreement with the King when his daughter was four, and the kings son five; handing over his eldest daughter to be wed to the King's son when they came of age. Until then, she would remain with the tribe, visiting on certain occasions, to learn both the settlers way, and the tribes way. As part of the agreement, many of the tribes men joined the army for extra protection against rival Kingdoms.

Of course, the King did not want peace. He had a plan, after they were wed, and his son had his wife, he was going to slaughter the Chief and his family, and sell the so called mystic tribe for a pretty price. Many of the men made good warriors, and the women good slaves, but that was a well kept secret. One that would soon be revealed as the girl has come of age.


Wahy'a meaning wolf, is the name of the tribe that occupies the forest that surrounds the Kingdom of Serval. Known for their ways with animals but specifically the wolf, they are known among the Kingdom's people as the mystic tribe, as many would argue that no one could control a wild animal let alone a wolf. Known for their peaceful nature, the Wahy'a people were never aggressive until the threat came upon their sacred land, the kingdom had taken over so much land they were getting to close for comfort. With profound healers, brutally strong warriors and beautiful women, the king of Serval was very quick to sign the marriage agreement.

|| Name: Polaris(North Star) Wolffang || Age: 18 || Gender: Female || Loyalty: Wahy'a Tribe || Chief's Daughter || FC: Adelaide Kane || TAKEN


Serval is one of the many Kingdoms in the world but is by far one of the more powerful. The control all of the land accept for the woods, which the Wahy'a people protect and look after. With the disputes going on to long, and the king seeing the opportunity if his son married the chiefs daughter, the King signed the marriage agreement with a hidden plan that only he and a few others know of.

|| Name: ____________Andreas || Age: 19 || Gender: Male || Loyalty: Serval || Crown Prince || FC: Toby Regbo || TAKEN

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