The forest. NebraskaAkumu the forgotten

She is the only blind wolf in existence, She is strong and doesnt want anyones sympathy, she wants there love.

a character in “The Wolves”, as played by chocolateloversuntie

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


The is a small black fae. She is some what shaggy with slender legs and a poofy tail. Her eyes are clouded but what little you do see is a bright green. Ussauly you'll find some fur in front of her coulded eyes. Her pawpads are long worn out and barely make a sound. Her ears twitch from time to time, she is known everywhere to have some of the best ears in history. She has a voice like bells


She is relativly quiet. She rarely speaks but when she does it is sometimes insightful and full of wisdom. Though many judge her that is the one the one thing that can set her off. She will not tolerate someone being Judged. She is ussually playful and is found in meadows tackiling pups and running around. All in all she has a great personality if you take the time to know her


Her best equipment is her ears.


When she was young she was mostly raised by an elder, When the elder was killed the pack turned on her, hurting her, telling her to run as fast as she can because they will find her and that she will die, that she is worthless. She has a horrible past, but she keeps pushing through

So begins...

Akumu the forgotten's Story