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The Wonderland Institute v2

The Wonderland Institute v2

Welcome to Wonderland an Asylum like none you have ever seen, it contains people you would not expects nor characters you could imagine.

10,816 readers have visited this universe since Rulke created it.
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“Welcome to The Wonderland Insitute.

They all lived Happily Ever After all the pretty maids hanging in a row, all the bloody bodies you all killed. We have you all here and you aren’t ever leaving. This is the reality, not your pretty little world where animals sing and you get your prince or princess. Nothing. It’s time you vile lot faced it.

Wish upon a star it won’t make a difference. No sirree. Instead, you will spend rest of your days here, you vermin.

Crying won’t change it. I saw the bodies, I saw the butchery you committed. You can claim to be sane all you wish. But your Prince will never come. Nor will you ever see outside these doors.

Lights out!”


In the state of New York outside the city away from nearby towns is a foreboding structure, many people stay and never stray towards it. Although the very place does house some of the most terrifying, sadistic, cruel and evil psychopaths to ever be captured, not only this but the whole place is built in a very odd style, though it’s only as of now five years old, it appears Victorian in design; an immense red-brick construction that seems surreal or unreal in places, the very thing was financed solely by Alice Liddle.

The area which was chosen to construct this huge institute was also strange, many people throughout the years had vanished from said area, dogs, kids and unwitting teens. None were found it was I suppose the Bermuda Triangle of New York. People who lived nearby declared this a spot of great malevolence and malign intentions. It became a place where no one would go or move near, so when Alice Liddle had chosen to build her Asylum here, people desperately warned her off, protested and tried to have her reconsider.

It was sadly, to no avail, the work was commenced thus the lawsuits began, the questioning of the name, the location, everything just seemed off about this. Alice insisted that she had come from nervous breakdown wanting to help people and this asylum would only allow the worse of the worse. Her apparent insistence on this piece of land was concerning as was the name she chose, but as the doctor ruled her sane.

All eventually subsided and within a few years, it was opened up The Wonderland Institute a modern facility in behind a Victorian Façade.

Maybe the warnings of this location should have been listened to because during the laborious construction they discovered a stone crypt which nothing could open, rather than tear it down, they instead built over it, ignoring the ancient plague declaring a dangerous being would be the first of many to this asylum.

A dark strangling force who would make this place his fun house.


  • No flaming.
  • No Godmodding
  • Only one character from each fairytale.
  • At least 200 words in a post, minimum.
  • Stay within the setting of the asylum or in their minds.
  • Multiple Characters Must be Requested
  • Only one character per fairytale/story, unless given permission
  • Staff Members are acceptable but must be Villains of Fairytales/Fables

This roleplay is centred around the Heroes and Heroines of fairytales and Disney took to most extreme and their flaws amplified. They are not the people we read about. Their stories may even be vastly different. Think of it like making everything about them far more twisted. For instance, Hansel and Gretel could be cannibals or many other ideas. Nothing is beyond reproach with this story. The darker the better.

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[b]Place of Birth:[/b]


[b]Age: [/b]




[b]Criminal History:[/b]

[b]Mental Diagnostic:[/b]

[b]Supernatural Powers:[/b]


[b]Ideal Environment and Stimuli For Them:[/b]



[b]Relationship to Other Inmates:[/b] (Good or bad all depends on you)


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Character Portrait: Don Quixote
3 sightings Don Quixote played by ColeMaibara
"Hark, evildoer! Witch! Knave!"


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Character Portrait: Alice Liddle
Alice Liddle played by Rulke
The Warden of Wonderland
Character Portrait: Dr. Cassius LaMontaigne There is nothing quite like Progress
Character Portrait: The Cheshire Oh dear me! We have become something.......delicious haven't we?
Character Portrait: Dr. Jacob Grimm Doctor and psychiatrist at the Wonderland Institute
Character Portrait: Peter Banning To die would be an awfully big adventure!
Character Portrait: Aldric Von Hardt The First Werewolf, confined in this Asylum.
Character Portrait: Scarlette Binme Kapuce She didn't want to be considered a woman yet, wasn't ready to be the recipient of jewelry from men. -Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, Red Riding Hood
Character Portrait: Jafar
Jafar played by Archmage Chesh
The Forces of the Universe are mine to command
Character Portrait: Jack Winters "I'm the coolest guy in here"
Character Portrait: Till Eulenspiegel The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Character Portrait: Dr. James B. Hook Once a noble name, now a rather unfortunate connation. Then again, what is the world without Captain Hook?
Character Portrait: Vitas Warmoon Head Nurse
Character Portrait: Penny Sattely
Penny Sattely played by Rulke
Character Portrait: Dr Henry Jekyll/Mr Edward Hyde Head Psychiatrist/Twisted Sociopath
Character Portrait: Diana 'Snow White' Blumenthal "Someday my prince will come. . ."
Character Portrait: The Genie "Red pouring through the walls, blue plugging the holes with himself, but that only makes him red, he then spreading red wherever he goes"
Character Portrait: Doctor Frankenstein Delusion Is Cured Through Pain (The New Doctor)
Character Portrait: Dr. Theodora Verde The wicked witch of the west

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Character Portrait: Don Quixote
3 sightings Don Quixote played by ColeMaibara
"Hark, evildoer! Witch! Knave!"

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Visitation Area

Visitation Area by Rulke

Not shockingly the Visitation Area is extremely secure and the inmates can only see relatives or family members via these screens.

Courtyard and Gardens

Courtyard and Gardens by Rulke

Although not austere like prison comparatively, the Courtyard is not large, as most of the Asylum taken out by a huge garden maintained staff and inmates alike.

High Security Wing

High Security Wing by Rulke

This is where the most dangerous patients are locked up. They rarely get out and when they do they are either sedated or inhibited from acting out on their twisted wishes. The two biggest cells in this area belong to Cheshire and Aldric.

The Wonderland Institute in New York

The Wonderland Institute in New York by Rulke

Welcome to The Wonderland Institute for the Mentally Insane, although to the outside it seems stuck in the past, in reality, it is very state-of-art. It has to be.

Inmates Quarters

Inmates Quarters by Rulke

The main cell block of the Asylum contains on average 50 Cells both upstairs and downstairs. Unlike the stereotype of these facilities, this place is state of the art and modern.

Shower Room

Shower Room by Rulke

All the inmates are expected to shower at least once a week if not more. Though some need to be watched or restrained while getting cleaned. The showers themselves are state-of-art and split between male and female Inmates.

Staff Room

Staff Room by Rulke

Unlike the rest of the Asylum, this has a welcoming warm appearance. It is here where most of the staff can let loose.

Common Room

Common Room by Rulke

Those patients who are viewed as non-violent or less dangerous than others are allowed spend time in the Palatial Common Room, with a few modern consoles and TV, this is only for the best behaved.

Atrium: Entrance

Atrium: Entrance by Rulke

To provide a veneer to the appearance of being on the up and up. The entrance to Wonderland is well lit, with a chirpy and kind receptionist and a beautiful waiting room.

Leisure Centre

Leisure Centre by Rulke

The Leisure Centre is for the Well-Behaved Inmates and provides many amenities to keep fit. Swimming Pool, Fitness Room, Spa/Sauna. It is located in a separate building.

Patients Dining Room

Patients Dining Room by Rulke

For those who are capable of leaving the cell with supervision and able to follow the rules. They can eat in this public area. At times, to help the inmates the staff may eat here.

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Characters Present

Character Portrait: Aldric Von Hardt Character Portrait: Scarlette Binme Kapuce Character Portrait: Vitas Warmoon

0.00 INK

Aldric stood as soon as he and Vitas were alone, and paced back and forth in his cell, pausing as the world began to shatter and shift around them. The Mirror Dimension? He blinked, and turned to look at her; stumbling backwards, startled from seeing the corrupted magic on her face, the chair in his room being flung backwards against the wall as he stared at her, his eyes wide. He let out a snarl out of instinct, his eyes beginning to fill with amber.

"I knew you were Magical... but a Sourceress!?" he growled, his muscles tensing up as his voice raised.

When she spoke of a bargain, and brought out the cloth, he crossed his arms. "So you want to use me like a hound? Do I look like a god damned Hound to you?" he snarled at her, keeping his distance. His cheeks puffed out as he exhaled, not wanting to smell what she was offering him. He looked around him and narrowed his eyes.

"And what if I don't want to cooperate like the dog you're treating me like?" He growled, his eyes now fully enveloped in Amber, his canines beginning to Lengthen. First, she brought in that child, who was convinced he was nothing more than a dog, now she asks him to pinpoint a scene like he wasn't a man at all!? Insulting! He would have her blood by the end of the next moment.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Aldric Von Hardt Character Portrait: Vitas Warmoon

0.00 INK

Vitas didnt even react to his sudden actions and movements, seeing her face, in the Mirror Dimenesion, the truth of her being, sheer ancient power corrupted her. And only in the Mirror Dimenesion could it be seen clearly. Jack didnt have such a reaction. She held the cloth in one hand, the torn satin reeked of a dead womans scent "I was not exepecting such a reaction to your seeing my face like you always had Aldric." She smirked. The almost like makeup around her eyes and bridge of her nose was in a weird tatooo like pattern of black and glittery red edged in silver

"Because I am speaking to the Man who possesses traits unlike any other. I have what you want, your freedom, you have what I want. Your traits, your extramartial senses." Vitas finally retorted answering both questions at once. Her amber eyes simply blinked as his own eyes turned into sheer amber.

Vitas sighed, she figured as much but had no real idea how Aldric would react, she needed his help. Raising her other hand she launched something at him, a spell. It reversed the effects of his transformation, yet retained the amber color of his eyes. "Help me, and I can set you free of your torment." She growled simply. Eldritch energy forming in her hands as the torn satin that belonged to her beloved friend disappeared into her clothing. "Or.... I can lock you within the body of a beast" She gave him a hard look "It is your choice"


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Aldric Von Hardt Character Portrait: Vitas Warmoon

0.00 INK

In their previous excursions into the Mirror Dimension, Aldric had still never turned to face her; only answered what scant few questions he felt like answering; hence his reaction to seeing her face the way it was. And for another thing: Aldric wasn't Jack. He turned away from her as she answered both his questions, exasperated as to how using the senses he had gained from becoming the monster that he was still meant he was a man and not a dog or tool to be used and then discarded.

Aldric felt his transformation stop, but he didn't react; he was never going to change fully.... not again. Not so soon after the last incident. His fists tightened, his knuckles cracking from the pressure as his Amber eyes took in Vitas' form, spotting the Eldritch Energy in her hands. Predictable; always count on a witch to fall back on her magic. She had him against many corners here; physically in the cell outside of the mirror dimension, and also metaphorically with his choices and the consequences of those choices.

After a few tense moments, Aldric looked away from her, and held out his hand, the veins visible on his forearm from his heightened blood pressure and adrenaline; he was ready to fight at a moment's notice. After the sliver of fabric was handed to him, he looked at it, his nostrils flaring as he inhaled the scent; he wasn't going to put it up to his face; the smell was strong enough here. After a few more seconds he tossed the shred of fabric back to Vitas.

"You're looking for a woman who died in her mid to late twenties or early thirties... died a while ago, buried in some... Chinese burial crypt surrounded by Pine. That's all I got." he said, crossing his arms over his broad chest. "Now get me out of this damn realm."

Setting Changes... 49618 => 49602


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Till Eulenspiegel Character Portrait: Diana 'Snow White' Blumenthal

0.00 INK

The suddenness of his movements startled her, a flinch she could not disguise as anything else. Rigid, she was unmoving in his spontaneous, energetic leaps about her, even as she became aware that this was no threat to her but an outburst of happiness. Even then, she found it hard to relax. Abrupt actions such as those were too deeply rooted into a place of fear, the anticipation of pain. She tried to listen past that disabling fright, forced herself to give the smallest of smiles as he chirped giddily about that which she had partially suspected. A musician. The Pied Piper. It was curious, the life that such memories revived in him, something she took notice of, as well as how such light drained away like a quickly receding sunset as reality returned. His question met her ears in the same manner in which the roaring of the ocean rumbles from far away. A shiver up the arms, a tingling numbness as a sense of a chill over took her, something she couldn't tell if it were an internal or external change. She realized she wasn't breathing deeply enough and drew a silent, long breath as if about to plunge into that pale sea.

“A pipe? No… No, I.. only ever sang.” Words like glistening, silver wires; thin, a trick of light in and out of being. “A singer, that is. I loved to sing.. And I still do, sometimes. Helps me…” Hesitation, her voice fell into a momentary hush as she tried to decide just how much about herself she dared to expose. Should she tell this man about the comforting voices that lulled her into security? The lurking presence of her step-mother who at any moment could destroy her, working among the staff in secret? No. She didn’t want to make herself feel unnecessarily vulnerable. Not yet, not when she didn’t have to. She still had no idea whether Till was an actual threat to her or not, even if she desperately wanted a companion in this hellish institute. It would be nice to have someone to trust, but she was not a fool. Besides, who even knew if he would believe her? Her little men did not come to advise her, did not comfort her worried indecision. A small betrayal wedged itself among the pain of a rapidly pounding heart. But she went on, a little firmer of tone, “It helps me relax. It can be a difficult thing to do in this.. place.”

Setting Changes... 49602 => 49561


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Belle LeFaun

0.00 INK

A visitor had arrived. Belle sat in a wheelchair and waited patiently, four attendants standing next to her in case the straps holding her down had failed. The security camera up in the corner of the room faintly buzzed as it refocused on something. Nobody said a word. An electronic chime echoed from an attendant's pocket, and he promptly walked over to the giant double doors and let someone in. It was a man with course, blonde hair that sat atop his head in a sideswept cut. He claimed to go by the name of Charles Grendel. He wore a suede red suit-coat over a faded yellow polo, with leather boots that reached his calves. Despite a scar that ran from the center of his throat down to his clavicle, he had an overall ordinary appearance.
"Is this her?" He asked, his sharp blue eyes looking Belle up and down from beneath dark sunglasses.
"This is miss Lefaun, yes. You have a maximum of 20 minutes to talk, but first sign this form of release. No physical contact with her or any of the other patients, please."
Charles hastily scrawled a signature at the bottom of the clipboard, without taking his eyes off Belle. He squatted down to eye-level, and the corners of his lips turned upwards once their eyes met.
"Good evening, miss Belle. Remember me?" Grendel let the sunglasses slide just far enough down his nose that Belle could over them. A cataract clouded his left eye, and his eyelid hung droopily over it. That gaze was all too familiar, but Belle knew enough not to say anything. Instead, she smiled.

"Indeed I do, Father. I've missed you terribly."

The Wonderland Institute v2: Out Of Character (OOC)

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