WonderlandAce of Diamonds

"I'm just here more for my knowledge than for my fighting."

a character in “The Wonderland Warriors”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Name Known as: Ace of Diamonds
Real name: James Diamond
Age: 21
Gender: male
Power: temptation
Description: Image
Work wear:
Wonderland: in the picture above

Earth Image

Casual wear: Image
Formal wear: Image
Other: none


James is known for his intellect, he is very smart, on his own time he reads. Though of course his power being temptation, he tempts people with anything, mostly what people can’t have. He will use himself sometimes to tempt humans, it is what his job is. James is quiet but seems to talk a bit more.


Armor: Image (without the wing)
Sword: Image
Gun: none


James has always been the one that works with his intelligence more than fighting, though he does train as well. He does wear contacts when he is out fighting but when he is on down time he wears his glasses, preferring them. He does more planning than anything else, and finds it better to use the large amounts of money that his family has to buy more technology for communication and other things. He also invents his own things and is the oldest brother, his younger brothers do not like the fact that he was the Ace and not them, most of the time they try to prank their older brother because of their jealousy.

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Ace of Diamonds's Story