WonderlandAce of Spades

"Just call me Spade, my first name isn't necessary"

a character in “The Wonderland Warriors”, as played by RolePlayGateway

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Real name: Rayne Spade
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Power: Fear
Description: Image
Work wear:


Casual wear: Image
Formal wear: Image
Other: Her skin is unusually pale, she has a spade tattooed on the back of her hand, and a bat tattooed on her back. She doesn’t really wear any makeup or jewelry thinking it would just end up getting in the way of her work.

Spade on the back of hand

Bat on her back


Rayne is very sarcastic and seems to always be serious, but when she is with her friends, she will actually show more emotion than when she is in public or working. She doesn't really show much emotion in public as it is her job to keep people safe, and as she says that if she panics the civilians are sure to fallow.


Armor: Image
(without the helmet)
Sword: Image
Gun: Image


Most people call Rayne by her suit name, Spade, because she would rather be called by that. She is an only child, and because of that, she took over the job as the knight, and the fact that it is always the eldest child that takes the position. Spade, like her father, had inherited the power of fear, used on earth to spread fear around the world. She actually enjoys seeing the humans afraid, and when she was younger, and went with her father for training, she had been told many times not to go overboard when scaring someone. She did have a tendency to scare a bit too much, and had caused a few deaths because of it.

She has known the other master knights since they were all young and training with their parents that had taken the role before them. Spade normally kept to herself unless she was hanging out with her friends, who she is close to. Other than that she is normally out training or on missions for her court. Her tattoo on the back of her hand is actually a mark given to the master knight, in that bloodline. When she has time off she is normally at her home, doing things around the house, or reading, or hanging out with her friends if they have time off as well.

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Ace of Spades's Story