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a character in “The World Ends With You: A New Week”, as played by brightlight664

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Name: Mika Kobayashi
Gender: Female
Bio: Mika lost her parents when she was young. She lived a hard life with her older brother, who soon died by a illness. Mika was then left alone in the world, having nowhere to go. As a kid she stayed a old empy building that nobody lived in. She stole food and naturally learned how to survive on her own. When she was old enough, she got many part time jobs in order to get money. With the money she saved, she only bought clothes, food, and some books she can study from.
How did they die: She died in a train crash. Mika was on her way to work, when the train she was riding crashed. A few people, including her was stuck in a dark tunnel, both ends blocked with rocks and boulders. Seeing sick people, reminded her of her brother and she did all she can do to help. People finally came to help, but at that point, Mika was already dead.
Weapon: Image (not the girl only the weapon)
Partner: Misaki Yukimura
Picture: Image

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Mika Kobayashi's Story