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A Nobleman and chosen champion of Perialis

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Name: Fraisier Artemis Florentine Hughes
Age: 24
Kingdom: Perialis
Gender: Male
Essence: Spirit

Abilities: The Essence of Spirit, is a strange power to comprehend, but it has always assisted Fraisier in everything he does. Fraisier would be what many consider to be a prodigy, a natural. His spiritual power propells him to great heights and can easily achieve great skill in most anything. Fraisier also has a deep spiritual connection with the other seven, a sixth sense that has been growing ever since the arrival of the Dragonspawn. Fraisier also has an unusual connection with the Ethereal Realm and can call upon the spirits to give him assistance.
Ability Name
1. Astral Projection: When asleep, Fraisier's spirit often leaves his body and can traverse the world. His spirit is intangible and invisible to all, except to maybe the one who has the essence of perception. Although this does no damage or harm, it can be useful for scouting and other observatory tasks.
2. Sixith Sense: Can sense when the other seven are in great danger, and will know if there hurt, dying, or dead. This sense also applies to the connection of the Ethereal Realm often able to speak to the dead.
3. Ghost Arms: In asking for assistance from the Ethereal Realm the spirits of the dead can only offer him their arms. This often in the form of swords. He can summon up to six weapons but he must place his entire concentration on manifesting them in the Earthly Realm. This makes Fraisier immobile and his only defense is what he has summoned.
4. Aspect of the Dragonspawn: The single most difficult act of spiritual power that is not manipulated by Fraisier himself. This ability will give Fraisier the power of The Dragonspawn itself, but the Dragonspawn must lend him the power in order for it to work. Once that is done they will work together as one for a period of time. Although Fraisier has no idea he can even do this, the effects of this ability are hereby unknown.

Description: Fraisier stands at a height of 5'11 and weighs at 190 lbs. He is very lean, but has the athletic build of a track runner. Making him very sleek and compact. He has long, strawberry blonde hair and a very fair complextion. His eyes are a dark blue. He wears very fancy clothing, such as a blue surcoat, a white neck-tie, a white vest and shirt, black tights, and long leather boots with a golden-trim around the flaps at the top. Then he has his black, carrying belt that holds his rapier, Aurora.


Personality: Fraisier has always been a shy, quiet boy. Very distant and often misunderstood as snobbish. He is intellectual, literate, studious and extremely polite. Fraisier has always had low self-esteem and never really saw himself as great or attractive person, which is the opposite of what many tell him. He perfers to keep to himself and practice his fencing or studies. He is a caring and generous person and loves his country and its people, even though he really doesn't have any friends. Fraisier never complains about his loneliness however, even though he always seems to have a very melancholy disposition.

Weapon(s): He is expertly skilled in the Art of Fencing. His Rapier, Aurora.

History: Fraisier was born in to one of the Nine Noble Families, belonging to the Hughes Family. He has lived a life of pomp and circumstance as he is groomed to be apart of Perialis' elite class. Perilais has always been known for its social hierarchy as the Upper Class never mingle with the Lower Class. Fraisier never understood or cared for social classes as he has been scolded multiple times for speaking with peasants. When Fraisier tried to connect with his social class they often scoffed and acted haughty towards Fraisier, a product of the prvilaged life they all live. This is mainly because of Fraisier's natural ability for success making him the envy of a lot of his fellow nobles. Instead Fraisier how to compensate for his lack of social interaction by speaking with the dead. The dead do not care who you are or what you've done, their just happy to have someone to talk to. When the Dragonspawn attacked he was only fourteen but he felt much pain as spirits flooded the Ethereal Realm and often Fraisier would pass out from the spiritual overload. When the king died it was devastating to all including him since he actually knew King Averian, because his father Randolph is an old friend of the king's. In the following years the kingdom struggled to find a suitable champion many names were considered, even the prince offered to go but his mother wouldn't allow it. The most obvious choice seemed to Garran's son Tyson, since he was the most capable and skilled fighter they had. In the end the Queen chose Fraisier, the point being is because the night after the Funeral Fraisier conveyed to Queen Miranda that King Averian tells her , "Do not shed another tear my love, I am always with you...I know there will come a day the Dragonspawn shall return and for that I know the only choice is to send Fraisier to confront him...". The Queen never did divulge why she chose Fraisier to the court but her word was decreed and Fraisier has been sent to Rumed to meet with the other chosen warriors.

So begins...

Fraisier Artemis Florentine Hughes's Story

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Setting: Atura2012-03-04 23:21:17, as written by Seveneleven

Strolling down the street was a horse-drawn carriage, the carriage itself was blue and white signiying the colors of the House of Hughes. The carriage unfortunately has been stuck in a sort of traffic as the driver carefully manuverers amongst the scurring crowds of people. Fraisier looked onwards from the shade of the inside carriage as he looks as the shining sun.

"A most brilliant day your lordship." Spoke Fraisier's escort Maurice.

"Please don't call me in such high regards, I'm no lord." Fraisier mumbled.

"Ah but as always your so modest, an odd characteristic for someone like you." Maurcie responded then he saw the sad face of Fraisier sort of look down in shame. "Oh, I'm so sorry...I must have spoke out of terms...I did not mean to disgrace you your lordship." Maurice spoke flusteredly.

"It is quite alright, you have done no such thing." Fraisier said reassuringly.

Fraisier has been stuck in the traffic of the city for quite awhile, he arrived early yesterday and was staying at the Governor's Mansion, not far off from Posilidia as an esteemed guest. News travels quickly amongst those in High Society, if they wish to hear about such rumors. The talk of the town however, is all about the champions arriving to face the Dragonspawn and save the world at least that is their hope. Fraisier however does not share in the hope, he has seen many spirits of the dead, and they whisper the horrible things the Dragonspawn is capable of. Now the Dead certainly are not the most cheery of sorts, but there solem words of caution makes Fraisier uneasy and even fearful as he doubts that anyone can stop the Dragonspawn.

"My Lord it seems we are about to meet your fellow champions!" Maurice said as he looks down the street.

The other six are a few more blocks down, but many people are moving out of the way making the procession move faster.

"Yes, I suppose we are...", Fraisier saids apprehensively, he was never good about meeting new people, he was far to nervous.

As the Carriage makes its stop next to the other six Maurice steps out on the opposite side of the Carriage and makes his way around. He then opens the left door that Fraisier has been sitting against. As Maurice opens the door, Fraisier steps out timidly but gracefully as his long strawberry-blonde hair stands out in stark contrast to his pale skin and blue clothing. He makes contact with the ground with his leather boots as the gold lining around the flaps sparkle in the sun, then it is covered by his long blue cape, along with the rest of his body. Fraisier looks at the others with the his gloomy, dark blue eyes.

What an assortment. Fraisier thought to himself as he saw the other champions.

Maurice took a bow before Fraisier and then he pivoted and took another bow before the other champions. "Well my lord, I guess this is where we part ways." "I have only been ordered by the Queen to escort you to Posilidia, I must humbly regret that I could not make the rest of the journey with you."

"It is quite alright Maurice, I wish for you and your family only the very best." Fraisier said caringly as Maurice makes a final bow and leaves with the carriage.

Fraisier then turns and looks at the others. Nervousness took its full-swing at Fraisier's spirit as he looks at the others and feels intimidated by the others. From what he was told of them, each of them had abilities, greater than any human beings. He wonders if there like him, and they could see the spirits of the dead, or at least do things that are unusual. He truly hoped that for the one thing that separated Fraisier from the rest of society was his unique abilities. He never shared with anyone not even his own family about his power of the Essence of Spirit, the only person who knows would be Queen Miranda, one of the few people he trusts. How he missed his life back in Perialis, sure to many it may have been lonesome, but at least Fraisier was content. Now thrust upon this grand voyage with six strangers, Fraisier was definitely thrown out of his comfort zone. Fraisier not wanting to give a bad first impression, gave a bow while never making eye contact with any of the others, he had difficulty looking people in the eye. He means no disrespect whatsoever, but looking at others people's eyes tell him the story of their souls, he finds it overwhelming and afterwards he always feels so ashamed about not giving people the proper respect. Again he feels ashamed as he slowly rises keeping his head down only slightly gazing at their bodies before looking away or down again.

Curses Fraisier! Why must I be so afriad, so uncordial! Its disgraceful! Fraisier says mentally attacking himself. He truly hopes they are not offened anyone, otherwise how will they be able to work together to defeat The Dragonspawn?

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With the introduction of Cedric hailing from Pavaren and the awkward arrival of the noble from Perialis the group was finally all assembled. Cedric was a large man, with laugh lines etched onto his face and a bright keen eyes. A nice fellow from what Arden could tell, kind and warm. From Arden's experience the real work was never done by the kind but by the hard. Those willing to make the hard choices and get their hands dirty. Arden did not doubt the man's strength which was well documented only his resolve. As for this lord Fraisier Artemis Florentine Hughes Arden curious to see him in action. A lean, unassuming man who by the look of him looked more at home in a library or a ballroom then a battlefield. Arden knew well the skill of this man with a rapier however. He'd seen him duel a noble in the streets of Perialis a year ago. Watching from the shadows of a rooftop Arden had marveled at the expert form and pin point precision he displayed with his weapon of choice. Two strong additions to the team and now they were ready to disembark.

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Galen nodded as Cedric approached, his armor dazzling in the sun. Galen knew his type, he had met hundreds of men just like him. In love with the dream of knights saving maidens and proving their prowess with blunted weapons. Galen had learned the hard truth: knights were instruments of war, and nothing else. And when the battle joined the shinny knights were the first to charge and the first to be cut down. He couldn't fault Cedric's ideals, but he brought to mind every young knight of Rumed that Galen had been unable to protect. Still if the rumors were true Cedric might have the strength to see his ideals through to the end. Galen hoped so, and would support this man every step of the way.

Suddenly a carriage pulled up and out stepped the last person Galen ever expected to see. This man who was introduced as Fraisier looked completely out of place. He was pail and extremely nervous, indeed everything about him screamed green to Galen. He shrugged inwardly, it wasn't his place to judge. There had to be a good reason that this man was the campion of all Perialis. Besides Galen could sympathize with being nervous.

Now they were seven, the only thing left was to move forward. Galen reached back and plucked his helm off his sword. In one fluid motion he pulled back his hood and jammed on his great-helm. He was immediately flooded with relief as he was reconnected with his comfort object. Adrenaline began to flow in Galen's veins as his battle-lust began to rise. His voiced boomed out with more confidence, and a slight echo from the helm. "What we now assemble let no one tear asunder, and may our enemies tremble in fear."

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Setting: Atura2012-03-07 05:34:22, as written by Seveneleven

"If I'm not mistaken we are all in attendance?" Cedric turned his attention to The Eversun, the ship that the Almekian Champion offered to ferry the other champions to Ulmath. "A fine vessel, fine one indeed!" Cedric said approvingly as he looked over the ship, it's magnificent visage made other ships pale in comparison.

As Cedric observed he notice the one named Arden inspecting the vessel as well, in fact quite a bit of on-lookers marveled at the Almekian design of it's ships as the cannons stood out daringly, making others worried yet entranced, as the cannons shone like his armor in the sun's light. He then turned his attention to the timid noble, Cedric, honestly can't quite make out what Fraisier is like. He could tell he was dreadfully nervous, so much so he is even shaking. Cedric couldn't quite understand qhy Fraisier is trying desperately not to make eye contact as Fraisier quickly looks away from Cedric's eyes. Cedric then turned his attention to Galen who spoke, "What we now assemble let no one tear asunder, and may our enemies tremble in fear."

Cedric in return gave a resounding, "Hear, Hear!" in confirmation of his rallying words.

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Arden arched his eyebrow but said not a word to the oath spoken by the Rumedian knight nor to the cheer of agreement from the one from Pavaren. Arden was never really fond of the company of knights. He only really had two problems in all honesty and they were both of the smallest import. One was the way knights couldn't do anything without first making a hundred oaths to the cause. Second was their ignorantly stubborn way they viewed anything that did not fit perfectly into their perfect honor codes and laws. If you were not like them you were beneath them. Someone like Arden would be seen as one of the lowest things a man could be. Arden boxed his personal feelings towards the knights away like with casual indifference as he did with most other useless emotions and aimed his razor sharp mind on the task at hand. At the moment that task was boarding the ship and getting their mission underway.

"If we're done with the introductions I suggest we leave. The Dragonspawn will not wait."

Arden said flatly addressing the group.

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Setting: Atura2012-03-15 05:37:50, as written by Seveneleven
Fraisier made his way up the gangplank following silently in behind Cedric as he saw the ship abuzz with activity. The infamous pirate crew of the Eversun, Fraisier never thought he would be aboard as a guest. Funny thing life is, as it always twists and turns giving new surprises both pleasant and frightening. Before he could explore a big. burly man appeared before the measly Fraisier as he looked up at him, he had broad shoulders, big arms, and a large gut in the middle of it all. He had no hair upon his head except say some ragged facial hair as the man blurted out, "Whats yer name?"

"Oh...um...I am...*gulps*...Fraisier Hughes." Fraisier figured the man most likely didn't want to be bored with his entire name.

"Fraisier eh?" The burly man said. "Alright I shall ya to yer new home." The burly man said as he went below deck.

Not wanting to upset him Fraisier followed behind him. They made their way down to the room designated for Fraisier as the man opened the door. Fraisier sourt of slouched inside as he saw the room was recently cleaned as a pleasant smell came from it compared to the rest of the ship.

"We uh...don't now how to accommodate Nobles that we don't throw in the brig for ransom." The man said not helping Fraisier feel at ease at all. "So the Cap'n decided we clean this room real nice for ya, so uh here ye go." The man began to leave before he turned back and said, "Oh I almost fergot, me name be Russel but just call me Russ." With that Russel left Fraisier alone.

Their was a mirror over the wash basin next to a porthole were he could see Posilida's Harbor. Fraisier washed his hands, then he dried them off with a linen towel resting upon the pillow for the cot. Fraisier then turned his attention to the closet, as he opened it, Fraisier's luggage was already loaded for him. That was nice of them to do that, I was about to do it myself before the pirates took them. Funny pirates taking my things and leaving them for me. Fraisier thought as he laughed a small laugh, it was good to feel some laughter as it was hard to feel anything else besides nervousness and fear. Fraisier searched his luggage for his hairbrush, actually it was his mother's but since she was told Fraisier was the champion of Perialis, she was so proud of him. She lent him her hairbrush to help keep him presentable but more importantly to keep hold of a memory of his loving mother. Fraisier's mother Lenora, never could never quite understand he son but she loved no matter what, maybe she was a bit over-protective as well, since Fraisier has lived what one could call a sheltered life. In fact this whole trip was the first time even left the comfort of his home in Detherura. Fraisier has never traveled outside the city before let alone the entire country! Fraisier began to feel homesick as he was miles away from the familiar comforts of his life, yet Fraisier cannot admit how he feels to the others, already he feels he made a bad impression, no need to further degrade his reputation by giving the impression of being pampered and soft. Of course Fraisier felt his attire already helped solidify that impression, after all he certainly dresses the part. Fraisier thought can't help but dress a certain way, in fact all of the clothing he brought with him are similar outfits to his current one, this is all Fraisier knows, if he forsakes that then he forsakes what makes him the person he is. Fraisier has quarreled with the person he is and the person he was born to be for most of his life. These strange abilities are no doubt a key to something greater in life but Fraisier can't help but feel afraid of what he is. He remembers the old bedtime stories his mother told him of the Dragonspawn and of the Dragons themselves, his favorite was the tale of the seven essences, because he unwittingly felt connected to that story. Now as he reached maturity it became more and more aware that these bedtimes stories are in fact truth, as he possesses one of the essences and with the arrival of the Dragonspawn, it seems myth is in fact reality. What is Fraisier to do, how can he or any of the others defeat the Dragonspawn? The stories tell him that the Dragonspawn is an undaunting warrior who knew no equal, how can they hope to beat one who has no equal?

NO! I mustn't think such thoughts, they will serve only to hinder us. Fraisier blocking out the thoughts of doubt is difficult but he decided to calm himself down by pulling up a stool to the mirror and sit down to brush his hair. He untied his hair from its tight ponytail as he took the white cloth and placed by his cot as he proceeded to brush his hair thinking about his mother and how he would see his family again.

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Setting: Atura2012-03-24 09:45:45, as written by Seveneleven
The movement of the boat departing from the harbor snapped Fraisier out of his trance-like state as he stared deeply into the mirror thinking of the past. He was remembering the day his mother helped groom him when he was but a small boy, prepared to go to the royal ball.

"Quit fussing Fraisier this is only making it harder." Scolded Fraisier's Mother.

"But Mom...your pulling my hair out." Fraisier bellowed as he cringed as his mother tugged on his hair, which was long back then as well.

"Well if you would stop fighting with me then this could have long been over with." She said as she continued to brush his long hair, ever meticulously to make it look presentable.

*Sighs* "Fine." Fraisier conceded as he awaited for his mother to be finished.

As his mother finishes, "Now was that so hard?" She asks as he places the brush down and Fraisier gives a big sigh of relief.

Then Fraisier was dressed in his finest formal wear, now the other servants were often perplexed by the idea that the mother tended to her son as if she would a daughter, even though they offered to do that in her stead his mother, always steadfast, did it every time until Fraisier was grown-up enough. The servants often believed the Fraisier was more than of age to dress himself, but his mother was always coddling him whenever she could. This was mainly because Fraisier was her third child and only child to survive. Before she had two other children both girls. They soon passed on because of a terrible disease that plagued the young children in Perialis some ten to twenty years before the Dragonspawn's invasion. Ever since Fraisier was able to grow and survive his mother always took special care of her baby boy, even though she has become over-protective Fraisier has always appreciated and loved his mother for what she did for him. Until the night he had to attend the Royal Ball. Fraisier had no interest in going, mainly because Tyson Garran would attend, ever since Fraisier has been introduced into his elite social circles Tyson made it his job to make Fraisier's life a misery. Brash, arrogant, and cruel, he always harassed Fraisier with his cronies at every corner in the upper city where the nobles live and at the academy where the privileged received their education. Oh how Fraisier despised having to attend the academy, but his mother constantly told him the importance of academics and his father agreed, which is rare since he often disagrees what is best for Fraisier. Fraisier no doubt respected and found his father honorable, but he was always more stern and tried to push Fraisier time and again to be more assertive to be more harden. Therefore, Fraisier became more of a mommy's boy as people may say, but one of the things that Fraisier's father pushed him into was fencing. At first the teacher worried that Fraisier was too soft for this activity, but the persistence of his father succeeded in the end and Fraisier was drilled and trained in fencing by one of the best trainers in the kingdom, Fredrick D'Laerson. D'Laerson was a fine trainer, criticized for being too progressive but nevertheless one of the most competent in the art of fencing itself.

"Mother please do I have to go?" Fraisier pleaded with his mother to reconsider.

"No for the last time!" "Now I will not hear anymore of this, you understand?" She scolded.

"But-" "Fraisier! What did I say?" She interrupted. "You will not hear anymore of it." Fraisier groaned as he entered the carriage and he was met with a slap across the head by his father.

"Do not give your mother attitude when she has had her fill she has had her fill." His father scolded.

Fraisier rubbed the back of his head as he nearly cried but his father warned him against and Fraisier was forced to hold back his tears as him mother comforted him with a gentle rub.

"Please Cynthia do not coddle him when I've just punished the boy!" His father complained to his mother

"Randolph! You did hit him rather hard, I am only trying to calm him down for the Ball." His mother explained.

"Cynthia, I know that is isn't true, you care more about smothering him than about the Ball itself!" Randolph argued.

"Randolph!" "Must we get into this scuffle now?" she said as his father began his reproach. Fraisier never enjoyed their arguments, already this night went from bad to worse.

Fraisier then heard singing coming from his port window as it sound that of a woman's voice. He wasn't sure whose voice it belonged to as it wrested him from his memories, but whoever it belonged to it was very beautiful, much like his mother's lullabies, as the voice was soothing much like the calmness of water that flows gently across streams. Fraisier then heard someone come down into the ships lower decks, Fraisier eased his head out of the door to see the cold assassin Arden enter into a secluded area of the ship were little to no light penetrated the blanket of shadows, that insist on loitering about the low decks of the ship. Of all of the people that he met this man made Fraisier uneasy, his cold and menacing exterior made Fraisier shiver, he probably isn't as bad as he seems but Fraisier had no intentions on finding out, he really didn't want to test his luck or the assassin's patience. With that Fraisier pulled his head back in and closed the door, "Fraisier, why do you hesitate?" he speaks to himself. *Sighs* "I'm hopeless, how can I ever expected to make relations with anyone if I insist on hiding?" Fraisier slumped against the wooden wall as he looked up to the celing as if waiting for some sort of sign for the Ethereal Realm to appear before him, he sighs once again.