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There it is, a huge door right in front of you. It's covered in gold and dripping in all sorts of jewels, rubies, diamonds, sapphires, but the thing that catches your eye are not the shimmering riches, but instead an old fashioned clock above the door. It's gigantic, must be at least 10 feet tall, and 6 feet across. Underneath it are faded words you cannot read. Now you, being the person you are, open the door, and step into whatever lays behind it. Much to your dismay, all that is behind the door is a tiny, dark room, with barely enough room to fit you. What's even worse, the door shut behind you. Luckily, it wasn't locked, but when you open the door and step out, you are no longer where you were before. In front of you is a huge city with clocks everywhere. You quickly turn around, but the door has vanished.

The Door

This door appears only when you want it to, only when you wish for a way to get away from your life. It will show up anywhere, on the side of old buildings, in the middle of a forest, or even in your bedroom. It, as if you wouldn't tell, leads you to a world full of clocks. This door is indeed magical, and no one except for the creator of the door, knows how to get it to reappear and take you back home.

The World of the Clocks

The world that the door leads to, the world where teenagers get stuck after they accidentally wish for it to appear. This world is not as nice as it appears, as it is run by a madwoman, only known as The Clockmaker. The Clockmaker is crazed, and often changes personalities. One day you see her, she can be very kind, and another day, she can be very hostile. New arrivals to the world must be brought to The Clockmaker, and she decides their fate after that. Often, the teenagers get to live, and try to find their way home, but every once in a while, new arrivals are killed, hung in town center. No one ever sees The Clockmaker, because she is always in her office, "working"

The Characters

The Female Teenagers::

(Taken by HeavenAndHell) FC:: Bonnie Wright


(OPEN) FC:: Ariana Grande


(OPEN) FC:: Emma Watson


(OPEN) FC:: Selena Gomez


(OPEN) FC:: Elle Fanning


The Male Teenagers::

(OPEN) FC:: Alex Pettyfer


(OPEN) FC:: Avan Jogia


(OPEN) FC:: Logan Lerman


(OPEN) FC:: Josh Hutcherson


(OPEN) FC:: Liam Hemsworth


The Clockmaker (Taken by HeavenAndHell) FC:: Nicki Minaj


The Rules

-PM me if you want to change a FC
-Keep it literate, no rules about the amount of words, just write a good 2-3 paragraphs
-Reserves go in the OOC
-When reserving, incorperate a :) into your request somewhere

The Character Skelly

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    [img]and another gif[/img][/right]
    [b]Full Name:[/b]
    [b]Nicknames:[/b] If any.
    [b]Age:[/b] (13-19)
    [b]Likes:[/b] Five minimum please
    [b]Dislikes:[/b] Five minimum please
    [b]Personality:[/b] A paragraph or so
    [b]History:[/b] Optional

The Posting Skelly

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[center][size=300]Full Name[/size]

    (Post Here)[/center]

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Chyea I know right. I PMed the GM about my chara but got no reply so...*shrugs*

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Um... so should I assume this isn't happening, then? :/

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This looks neat! Are you just looking for people to play the FC's, or are original characters welcome as well? Sorry if this is a silly question, I'm new around here. :)

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Oh! I'm Game :) Although, I'd like to change the faceclaim for one of the girls...I'll PM you the details.

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