LenthaIdell Valda Eracleo

"Hello!~ Do you need a babysitter? Cause I'm a great babysitter!"

a character in “There's Another World Over There”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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-Name:Idell Valda Eracleo

-Age: 15

-Gender: Female

-Appearance: Image

-Race: Animated Puppet


-Personality: Idell is very easy to get along with, often being able to be friends with someone within a few moments of talking to them. She loves to be around children and take care of them, though she doesn’t really know that kids are different in what’s appropriate for them. Like for example, she doesn’t understand that you can’t just take kids to an M rated movie. She’s also pretty clumsy and accident-prone, so she might, say, feed a kid a food that they’re allergic to. So at best she’s better off being an assistant babysitter at best, though even then she might mess up. At least she has a toy shop, which kids are bound to come in handfuls to. She doesn’t follow instructions that she’s told very well unless they're written down as she’s slightly forgetful. She has to work alone, or else she’ll get to distracted and never get anything done. She also seems to remember bad things a lot better than the good things, especially if it’s about a person and may get paranoid about bad things that happen, like if she had a bad experience with a spider she would become paranoid of them. She's also very creative, often when coming up with an idea she quickly rights it down somewhere, on paper, trees, herself, ect.

-Magical abilities: None, excluding the magic that keeps her alive.

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Idell Valda Eracleo's Story