EarthAlexander Terran

A stoic individual who is Guardian of Earth, Number IV

a character in “Thirteen Paths”, as played by Sturmann27

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Name: Alexander Terran

Age: Nineteen

Gender: Male



Number: IV, Guardian of Earth

Location of Marking: Right Leg, as expressed in the Introduction. It is placed oh his right thigh.


Personality: Alexander is a stoic, and thus does not revel in his emotions. He is highly intelligent, he was visiting his parents from a prestigious college when he was taken. He is a reader and has an imagination. With his imagination he can spend a long time, simply lost in his thoughts, saying nothing. He can be observant if concentrating, but this is infrequent. Alexander speaks only when he thinks it is prudent, and nearly never strikes up a conversation, unless one is his friend. He does listen to what one says very well, but he doesn't always respect what is said, if it is not rational. He is highly blunt, and if asked for an opinion, he will give an honest one, no matter if you like that or not. He enjoys a good spirited debate, but only if rational and intellectually stimulating. Any argument of simple "I believe" or "I feel" statements will not be tolerated, and simply thrown flat as being irrational and thus having no base in actuality. Despite this, he is generally very stable in terms of emotion and keeps a cool head. He does have a thirst for knowledge, and will sometimes talk to others in order to gain such knowledge. Those he finds to be particularly plentiful in knowledge are those he prefers to talk to, disregarding those who enjoy idle, pointless banter. His conversations are purposeful. If one cannot find an easy purpose for it, he is most likely exchanging information.


Does your character use a weapon?: He is able to form granite and other hard materials, he can easily form them as weapons and armor. With help, he can be able to fashion incredibly hard weapons and armor.

Does your character have anything they carry with them at all times?: He used to carry a pocket knife, but the kidnappers took it.


Bio: Alexander's parents were upper middle class suburbanites. His father was a mathematician who contracted with various companies to help do complex equations. His mother worked part-time as an economics consultant, instructing businessmen in methods they could use to boost their efficiency. His parents were frugal and had lots of savings, and the lived a humble life. His parents were concerned deeply about the IV marking on his thigh. It was brown, and it wan't big, but it was so clear it would be a stretch to call it a birthmark. Still, that was the most obvious explanation.

As a young man, Alexander was always buried in books. He decided that the aquisition of knowledge was the best thing to do in all endeavors, as understanding the situation allows for a better solution to be formed. He always liked rocks, and collected as many interesting rocks as he could from wherever he went. He first noticed his power when, at nine, he was being pelted with rocks by a group of local miscreants. He found that he could will them to stop. As the gang stood dumbfounded, he shot the rocks right back at their mouths, knocking out many teeth and causing many angry calls to his parents. He was perplexed, and asked if this had anything to do with the weird IV symbol on his thigh he'd been told was a birthmark. They told him that it was a coincidence.

Since that time he got into no further trouble. He excelled in school and landed a good scholarship at a prestigious school, where he would major in geology. Unfortunately, one day when he was visiting his parents from school, a group of mysterious men took him. He never saw his parents die, as he knocked himself out after he tripped over running.

Other things I have not covered: He is a bit shy around girls, and tends to answer their questions with less pressure required.

So begins...

Alexander Terran's Story