EarthAura Honya

A shy and cowardly girl. Has a pale green XII on her left shoulder.

a character in “Thirteen Paths”, as played by Chari

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Name: Aura Honya
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Description: Image
Number XII Guardian of Wind
Location of Marking: Left Shoulder


Personality: Aura is a quiet, shy, and lonely girl. She'd sooner run away from her problems than face them down like she should. She knows that this is not what she should be doing, but she just can't find the spark to change herself permanently. She does, however, show a spine from time to time, but you can never tell when that will actually happen.


Does your character use a weapon?: Aura can use a number of weapons, including shuriken, kunai, and katanas
Does your character have anything they carry with them at all times?: No weapons. In fact, all she usually has are the clothes on her back and perhaps some change in her pockets.


Bio: Ever since she was a girl, Aura's family trained her in the art of ninpo, also know as ninjutsu. Her entire family, back to her great-grandparents' great-grandparents have been ninja, including both her mother and her father, how are both husband and wife and cousins, although distantly related. The Honya clan has always seemed have some power, even in these modern times, as spies and assassins for those who can afford it. Aura is the first in generations to deviate from the family tradition. Even as a kid, Aura was incredibly shy and scared, making her untalented at being a ninja. She also didn't like fighting, for the mere fact she would get hurt in return. Her parents, recognizing her as not being able to become a true ninja, sent her away to learn in schools and hopefully give her other chances in life, choosing to focus their time training her younger and much more adept brother. Living by herself in a great big city, she actually started to open up in be less scared. Of course, an event in her future was sure to change that.

So begins...

Aura Honya's Story