EarthCrystal Idan

Cheery girl. Number XIII

a character in “Thirteen Paths”, as played by Lightning Flash

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Name: Crystal Idan
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Description: Image
Number XIII Guardian of Sound
Location of Marking: Left side of the forehead. However, it is often covered by bangs.


Personality: Crystal is a cheery girl.She never lets bad things get to her and always keeps an upbeat attitude. In fact sometimes it can be sickening how upbeat it can be. She always wants to joke around even though she can sometimes show an offbeat sense of humor. She is always relating things to music and quoting song lyrics whenever she can and she will never forgive you if you diss music. She will not hold grudges long though and is inclined to give people second chances even if they don't deserve them. She is an independant thinker though and will rarely do exactly as she is told, even if it changes the outcome for the worse. She can sometimes be a klutz, and it is speculated whether this is her attempting to lighten a mood or if she really is such a major klutz.


If a member of the Perpetual Trinity, how does your character sue their element? She uses music from her eadphones to adjust her own speed and movements. She calls this ability "Tempo".
Does your character use a weapon?: No
Does your character have anything they carry with them at all times?: Her headphones and her loaded iPod.


Bio: Crystal thought she was born an ordinary child. And in fact all indications were at the time that she was. She was a healthy kid and grew up ll around music. Her father was a misician and taught her everything he knew about music and taught ehr to appreciate music in all forms. Srystal had a rather uneventful childhood. She had few friends growing up, dispite her warm attitude becasue of her isolation in music, but she was okay with that. The notes and rythims were all she ever needed. As she continued to grow, her powers began to manifest. At birth, her parents and the doctors did not know what the symbol meant. However as she began to display extreme speeds and then exhaustion at times while listening to music, her parents began to look into the marking. They did not find much, but they found that their daughter had been given this gift... or curse. They could not tell which. Neither could Crystal when they told her. Gradually, Crystal learned to supress her powers so she could continue to listen to whatever music she pleased. And once again, her life was perfectl ordinary.

Until when she was eighteen, three people in military uniforms came to take her away.

So begins...

Crystal Idan's Story