EarthIsu Alai

Number VIII... Any problems with that?

a character in “Thirteen Paths”, as played by SuiHa

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Name: Isu Alai
Age: 17
Gender: Female


Number: VIII... Adept of Viscosity

Location of Marking: In the middle of her stomach very near her bellybutton.


Isu is a serious girl, a very very serious girl always keeping a cold look or an "I don´t care" look. She rarely smiles and practically never laughs, is unknown if she likes or dislikes something as she acts with stubbornness most of the time hiding her true thoughts and feelings about a situation or about someone. Some adults had seen that Isu is a walking bomb, as most of the people who hides something she only needs a little spark to explode.

Despite her serious "aura" and her cold looks Isu is a calm, mature and dependable girl. Forced to mature since she was young she prefers to think and analyze the situation first before acting however she is no coward, if the situation demands it she will act and improve while doing it. But for your own sake never ask for her opinion, specially if you don´t want to see a "Are you insane?" look directed towards you.


Does your character use a weapon?: Besides the strange bracelets she carries in arms and legs, there is no need for a weapon the world is a huge provider to her.
Does your character have anything they carry with them at all times?: Her bracelets.


Isu´s situation can only be described as: the cub thrown out of the den. She never met her parents, or any family member, the only one in her life was an old woman who informed her that she was a servant that would look over her until "it was the time". "It was the time" was always, in any school event Isu would see her alone also if she wanted something she would need to save the little money she received to buy it. But she was grateful that the old woman cared for her even if the mark in her stomach appeared to scare her and even if sometimes strange things happened to some objects when she was near, the woman always treated her with respect and kindness.

One day at after her 10th birthday Isu found a letter informing her that she would be free of any vigilance and her life of independence would start ASAP, receiving as a gift a bank account, with enough zeros to let her reach adulthood without having to work at all, and four bracelets that she put right away. The girl could only feel one thing about her new situation: fear. Not knowing what to do Isu buried herself in the studies, school activities, physical clubs and even small part-time jobs, usually as a helper to carry bags, all that she needed to know how to live and how to explain the phenomenons around her. With time she was able to satisfied all of this paying what she considered a little price: no real social life.

To more recent days: Isu was made hostage when she was returning home from a small travel to a blacksmith that worked like in the old days, made by hand barely using machinery, the reason for such travel is unknown the only thing clear is that the things she heard there satisfied her.

So begins...

Isu Alai's Story