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a character in “Thirteen Paths”, as played by Klaven300

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Name: Klaven Black

Age: 16

Gender: male

Description: Image

Number VI Guardian of Density

Location of Marking: back of the neck

If a member of the Perpetual Trinity, how does your character sue their element? ...

Does your character use a weapon?: throwing hammers

Does your character have anything they carry with them at all times?: throwing hammers (10 carried in holders hidden all over his body) and a book (whats in the book is for in rp)

Personality:Klaven is a very nice person once he gets to know you but till then he is a loner and really never talks to people that he doesn't know unless he needs help to do something that means life or death. He would not fight if he didn't have to and he really have the hang on his power yet so he messes up a bit.

Bio: He didn't have the best life. He mother died having him and his dad never was the same. He blamed klaven for his mom dieing with everything he is. He hated klaven but would not give him up just because his mom asked his dad to keep him and take care of him. He was almost alone with his dad hating him and his mom dead he had to learn to feed himself and live without anyone and that made him almost scared of everyone that he didn't know. At the age of 10 he found out he had his power over the density of things and started to steal things to stay alive using that power. at the age of 13 his dad found out that he was stealing things and tried to stop him and he ended up killing his dad not meaning to he freaked out and ran living of what he he is still trying to get the hang of his powers but its not working out that good.......

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