EarthKrad Kosuke

Number VII, am I lucky to be born with a power so strange?

a character in “Thirteen Paths”, as played by The Shadow

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Name: Krad Kosuke
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Description: Image
Number VII Guardian of Touch
Location of Marking: Back of neck to the right
If a member of the Perpetual Trinity how does your character sue their element? By picturing in his head or remembering what it actually feels like Krad can make others feel it, in a sense giving it form
Does your character use a weapon?: Gloves with metal parts over the knuckles and the back of the hand, they also contain small spikes which can come out or retract back in.
Does your character have anything they carry with them at all times?: a pendant of his clan's symbol, the symbol contains a hawk
Personality: Krad is the kind of person who won’t give up something unless he can get something in return, no matter what kind of situation. THough he has his gloves he actually doesn't like fighting and will avoid if at all costs if he possible can.
Bio: Krad’s clan was a group of mercenaries. Krad was raised like any of the others from his clan, his powers showed themself pretty early so he had time to come to terms with his powers and learn how to use them, though mainly for helping with his missions/jobs. He didn’t tell any of the others in his clan except for his grandfather whom helped Krad with his training, Krad’s grandfather wasn’t sure how to train these powers but came up with different ways to help Krad, not all worked but some still managed to help him.
Other things I have not covered: Not sure but oh well

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Krad Kosuke's Story