EarthLucille Beaumont

"I'm number one. & you?"

a character in “Thirteen Paths”, as played by Lamia_Era

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Name: Lucille Beaumont
Age: Nineteen
Gender: Female
Number I Guardian of Light
Location of Marking: In her left eye, as if etched into her iris.
If a member of the Perpetual Trinity, how does your character sue their element? She simply thinks of either brightness or utter darkness. It sometimes helps to look at bright lighting if she wants there to be more light & for the opposite, closing her eyes. However, this has no effect when she's sleeping unless a nightmare crosses her mind.
Does your character use a weapon? She uses her body as her weapon.
Does your character have anything they carry with them at all times? No, she doesn't.
Personality: Lucille seems very mysterious most of the time, even if she doesn't mean to. She's not exactly shy, but she doesn't talk too much when in a new environment. What she does is watch & search, search for anything she'll need to know later--this counts for people, too. She always studies people, figuring them out so when they try to hurt her, she can return the favor easily. It's become a defense mechanism over the years, so her mind just does it without her thinking too much about it. When she's angry, she doesn't fire up like most people; instead, she becomes ice cold. However, once she becomes comfortable or she begins to trust someone, she shows her true colors. She becomes very affectionate & sweet--her cold words transforming into honey. Cunning; Intelligent; Flirty; Determined.
Bio: Before being incarcerated, Lucille always wore an eyepatch. She told people that she'd had an accident years ago, making her eye blind & odd. That wasn't the truth, of course. She only wore it because she knew that if they saw her left eye, people would begin asking many, many questions. Like her mother, Arielle, had.

Lucille grew up with her mother quite nicely at first, but things got worse when she turned three. By then, Arielle could see the markings in her daughter's iris. Instantly, she thought she'd given birth to something else besides a human. The fact that the lights would turn on & off by themselves didn't help at all & eventually, the woman turned mad. She began mistreating her little daughter whenever she could, claiming that it was self-defense. It got so bad that Child Services took her out & place her in a Home at the age of five. She lived there for a few months until a man adopted her. He'd lost his wife many years ago & was a single father of one son. He was a prestigious 27 year old man, so it was approved pretty quickly. Unlike her biological mother, he didn't question why her left eye was like that. In fact, he didn't see his new daughter as a demon but the opposite: an angel.

Lucille's powers were strong & sometimes hard to control, but years of practice allowed her to gain some of that control back. When that happened, she gladly used her powers to her advantage. Also, she learned how to deceive others whilst growing up--not because she truly wanted to, but because she was surrounded by women almost every day, the gender that she had difficulty trusting. She did this by placing a mask over her true self in order to protect herself. In turn, when there were people who pried through that mask in order to see the true her because they loved her or cared for her, she rewarded them with nothing less than pure loving sweetness.
Other things I have not covered: She feels that she'll be betrayed by women more than men; hence, she feels safer with the opposite sex & makes friends with them easily. Still, that doesn't mean that she hates females or that she cannot become friends. It simply depends on the person. Also, she has a soft spot for cute things.

So begins...

Lucille Beaumont's Story