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Thirteen guardians of the elements that make up the world. They protect humanity with their humanity. Or are they just in ascention into gods?

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Setting: Earth2011-01-19 23:13:24, as written by Lightning Flash
“PFC Isabelle Richter, presenting my report, sir. In our mission to capture the guardian of the sound, we were unsuccessful. I was ordered to provide watch of the perimeter, and when colonel Donnelly and PFC Keller went inside the house where it was confirmed the sound guardian was, they were killed. I heard gunshots and entered, to find the sound guardian escaping. I then provided first aid to both of my comrades but could not spare their lives. However in this time, the guardian escaped. That concludes my report, sir.”

“Hrmm. Alright. She couldn’t have gotten far by now. If we check the airports, we might be able to catch her. Dismissed.”



Crystal exited the heavy steel door smiling to herself. They had no idea she was there. Well, her killing the people was a plausible story, but all she did was knock them out and made them late for their flight. She could hardly believe it when she found that the other guardians were being held in a prison in a giant plane! And she still could hardly believe what she was doing right now. It was so exciting! She felt like a secret agent!

Well, she kind of WAS a secret agent right now, but eh, it still felt cool she thought as she began semi-dancing down the hallway. Although this outburst soon stopped before anyone saw her. Man, she hated wearing this military outfit. So uncomfortable. How did these people stand it? But at least it had plenty of pockets to store all of her things in.

Especially her music. She reached down into this neat little side pack that was included with the uniform (t was formerly meant for bullets) and drew out her large headphones. She was tempted to start playing a victory song, but instead, just put the headphones around her neck and continued to walk down the hall, now among many taller people dressed the same as her. At least, until one stopped her.

“Hey, I’ve never seen you around! What’s your name?” Said one soldier in a friendly tone. Crystal was taken aback. “Umm… Rebecca.. Rebecca Shields. I just got recruited” she lied. Fortunately he bought it. Then she decided to play her secret agent part a little more. Information digging! This was so awesome!!

“Hey, I’m going to guard the guardians.(Heh. That sounded funny.) Y’know, rookie job, whatever. So where are the cells?”

“Ah. Just keep going down the hall a bit. Seems you got duty with Vance and Leonard. Hey, blame Keller when he gets back from his mission. He would have had duty today. Want me to walk you down?”

Crystal smiled and shook her head. “Nah, I’ll find my way. Thanks!” And with that she ran off. Just one more stop and then it was showtime.

Soon, Crystal made her way to the cells. And was greeted by a gruff “You’re late!” to which she just smiled. She had already started the music in her headphones, now covering one ear. Then his partner looked over at her, carrying a bunch of packs. “Hey are those…” He started.“Sorry” she interrupted smiling “This is my world now.” Sliding the headphones over both ears, and getting caught in the music.

As the intro ended and the vocals came in she dropped the packs and dashed forward at incredible speed. Surprising the guard that had looked at her and hitting him in the side of the head. His partner then tried to pick up his gun from where it had been propped up against the wall and hit her with the butt of it, but Crystal kicked him in the gut. She then picked up his gun and bashed him in the head with it, knocking him out. Then the first one she hit reached to his belt to his radio, except in a flash Crystal was there punching him in the face and knocking him back. He flung a punch at her as she jumped back, dodging. Crystal then dashed to the side of his punch and punched the side of his head, knocking him against the ground hard, and knocking him out. She then thumbed through his pockets and pulled out a card key. She ran back and grabbed the packs from earlier and came back to the cell door. She then swiped his card and flung open the door.
She threw the packs that she had been carrying.“Who wants do go skydiving!?” she yelled to the people in the cell, brushing her hair, and revealing a XIII mark on her right temple. She reached down, grabbed one of the packs, on her back, like a backpack, and put it on her back, waiting a short bit for the others to do the same with the other parachutes she brought and for them to gather their wits. She then jogged off, at a fairly slow pace, so that they could follow her easily to a nearby hatch that had been used to bring the prisoners in. She then flung open the hatch (Sounding the alarm in the process), turned behind her, smiled widely, and screamed in ecstasy and excitement as she jumped.