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Thirteen guardians of the elements that make up the world. They protect humanity with their humanity. Or are they just in ascention into gods?

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Setting: Earth2011-01-20 02:44:11, as written by Snakeeyz99
**Minutes Earlier**
Felix sat in the cell, whistling to himself. How had he gotten here? Oh, yeah. The military had shown up during one of his usual questionings and had them follow them. Interested, he had allowed them to lead them onto some type of plane. By the time he had realized this they were already airborne, eliminating any way he could safely escape. How would being able to crumble the wall of the plane help if he needed to fall hundreds, if not thousands of feet to the ground? It was unfair, but he was stupid enough to fall into the trap. The others in the room had been completely silent up 'til now, so he could not tell much about them. Therefore he wouldn't trust them at the moment.

He heard some people talking outside. Not that uncommon- there were many people on this plane. But one of them sounded different- younger? She sounded even younger than him. If she was going to be on guard here, it would be simple to persuade her to release them... but that would still leave them as a bunch of children on a military plane, which would probably be on high alert due to them being escaped prisoners. Whatever, he could wait for whatever they wanted him for to happen. He was powerless to resist at the moment.

There were several thumps outside, as well as what he could only interpret as some type of music, muffled- like when someone turn on powerful headphones really loud and everyone else in the room can hear it. By why would anyone have such devices here? And what were those thumps?

Suddenly, the door was thrown wide open. A girl was standing there, throwing bags at them and saying something about skydiving. Now he wasn't naiive- he knew that she meant they were going to escape by parachutes- but why was she helping them? Suddenly she threw back her bangs, revealing some all-too familiar letters. He was suddenly filled with a thousand questions- but they could wait. The first priority was to get going. He had his bag on in seconds and was busy searching the guards for equipment while the others still reacted. He pulled a small keychain out of one of their pockets- small, but it would do. He put it in his jacket's front pocket and followed the girl. She smiled as she threw open the hatch and leaped into the roaring winds. "Fun girl," he had to add, before he himself leaped head-first into the maelstrom outside.