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Thirteen guardians of the elements that make up the world. They protect humanity with their humanity. Or are they just in ascention into gods?

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Setting: Earth2011-01-20 03:46:11, as written by Sturmann27
There was a commotion outside, which shocked Alexander out of the world in his head. He looked around. Same faces as before... but outside there was a female voice, a voice that reeked of vigor. He suddenly heard some roars and cries from the guards, they were certainly recieving a serious walloping. The door was flung open, and a cheery figure stood there, not one that would be expected to beat up the military's finest, but he had learned long ago that appearances were decieving. She started pitching parachutes at them. "Who wants do go skydiving!?” she shouted to them, and revealed a mark on her temple, similar to his own, indicating to him that she was a peer. The girl moved out at an even pace, a paracute on her back. Another young man went out shortly after her. He followed them in short order.

He watched as the girl dropped down a hatch, smiling ear-to-ear. She was either excitable or an adrenaline junkie, but this didn't matter much. The other youth that came out quickly frisked a guard and took something from him, and followed suit. He scanned the room for anything useful, and saw the gun left on the floor. It looked useful, and probably loaded, but it would be easily noticed if he carried it. He didn't see anything else of use, so he headed towards the hatch. Certainly, there was little time before the whole incident was discovered, and every minute he hesitated would be another minute they may be discovered. He peered over the edge. He was never particularly afraid of heights, but this was many thousands of feet up! He remembered his parachute and found the cord. He made a note of where it would be, and sat on the edge, then pushed himself over, falling. He could feel the wind on his face as he fell. He entered a free-fall position, and saw the other two falling quickly. He devised that he would pull the cord once he saw one of them do so, since he didn't know how high the plane was.