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Thirteen guardians of the elements that make up the world. They protect humanity with their humanity. Or are they just in ascention into gods?

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Setting: Earth2011-01-20 05:50:14, as written by Chari

That was the only thing that Aura felt as she slowly began to wake from an artificial slumber. Fear soon followed the pain, then followed by her entire range of emotions and senses. Unfortunately, the first two dominated all the proceedings of her mind. Not that she wasn't used to that at this point, but she knew they shouldn't. She didn't want them to control her, she wanted to control them. So why couldn't she open her eyes? Was she afraid she would be hurt again? She wanted to open her eyes, damn it! But...

A sharp noise in her surrounding was what final got her up and ready. She bolted upright, a little like a scared rabbit, and looked around for the source of the noise. While she was normally shy, this kind of behavior was abnormal even for her. The recent events had done nothing to soothe her nerves, however, and maybe she would have to get used to that. After her mind calmed a bit and her cursory glance around was done, she saw what had happened; the door was open, and a girl was standing in the entry. She said something which Aura didn't really hear (so I lied about her senses being all back), but what was thrown at her gave her a good idea as to what they were supposed to do. A parachute could only mean one thing in a plane.

Aura followed the group that had been in the cell with some trepidation. They were all strangers, and she had no way of knowing what any of them wanted or planned to do. The only thing that made her think she should be following them was the fact that some of them obviously carried the same stigma as her. The girl who had rescued them had it right on her forehead, not an easy place to hide it or live with it. She had it harder than Aura did. Aura couldn't let herself wallow in any self-pity at the moment. Soon, the girl they had been following throw open a safety hatching, bringing the alarms blaring to life. Perhaps Aura did have some of her hearing back. At the very least, it was enough to make her want to leave ASAP. After the first three people had jumped, Aura sidled up to the gap, looking down on the dark Earth below them. Sporadic lights clustered in the abyss below as Aura felt the air whip around her hair and across her face. It was then that she realized something; there was no safer place for her then out in the drop from plane to Earth. She jumped out the plane with parachute strapped on tight, falling down to the ground below. But no matter what, she knew, she would be alright on this trip; the wind would protect her.