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Thirteen guardians of the elements that make up the world. They protect humanity with their humanity. Or are they just in ascention into gods?

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Setting: Earth2011-01-20 13:40:02, as written by TemplarWarden
Ethon sat in the corner of the cell. Arms casually rest on his drawn up knees. His startling green eyes were closed as he lent his head back against the metal join. He looked almost peaceful despite his seriously rumpled white shirt and wild hair. His thoughts were not calm though, turmoil filled his mind. Guilt, anger and sadness jousted for control of him. In the dark of the corner his eyes flicked beneath their lids as he thought back to his abduction, wallowing in the memory, letting his emotions swirl and build. It had been a normal day, he was simply lying on his bed reading through one of his many library books. Everything was sudden. He heard a sound of crashing woods, the shouts of his parents and the heavy sound of boots storming down the hall to his room. It was too much to take in as he rose to his feet. Paralyzed by the chaos he was powerless to arrest the progress of the men who found him roughly dragged him along towards the broken door. Shouts passed between these and the men holding his parents back. His mother was scream, shoving at the men with all her might, trying to reach him. The men held her back, pushing her to the floor of the living room next to his father. Already prone on the light blue carpet. Ethon began to shout and struggle, pulling against his captors. Their only response was to whip a large wad of cloth over his mouth to mute any cry. He was thrown like a doll into the back of a truck. He quickly scrambled to escape. Yet the door closed as he reached it. The metal slamming into his face, the force snapped his body back and sent blackness coursing through him. His last image before the door closed on him was a beginning of flickers licking against the walls of his house.

Ethon awoke in same cell he currently occupied. There were a few others already there. None of them attempted to assist him or talk to him. He didn't blame then, he wouldn't have allowed either. He groggily found his way to the corner and remained there as others were deposited in the cell. Most of them were around his age, he didn't understand why they had been imprisoned like him and didn't think about it. To do so would only invite wild speculation which would be useless. So he settled into stillness, moving from his spot only to eat what the guards deposited inside. He hardly though of attempting to escape. The men were military, a private army or security force, maybe a terrorist group kidnapping random children for some unknown agenda. Whoever they were the boy knew any escape attempt would be a fruitless endeavor and would most likely get him or the others killed, even with his ability. He knew he was also airborne, he could feel the shaking of the craft, hear the dulled roar of the turbines and the shifts in pressure as they rose and fell in altitude. This knowledge ended any possible debate about escape. Ethon settled into a silent wait.

The wait ended with an anomaly, he was used to hearing the cycle of the guards or the tell tale noises of feeding and so it was unusual to hear noises penetrating the door outside the expected times. They sounded like voices although they quickly dissolved into what sounded like shouts and cries of the guards. Almost as soon as the commotion began it ended with the sound of a thump and the door to the cell was flung open. Framed in the doorway, obviously the one who had opened it was a girl. She looked around 18 to Ethon, although she wasn't the center of his attention. It was the men unconscious beside her that was the most interesting feature. It seemed obvious that she was the one who had taken them down, although the why and how escaped the 17 year old. Without pausing to introduce herself in anyway she began tossing bags in towards the occupants of the cell, one for each of them. She shifted her hair out of her face revealing a mark not too dissimilar from his own and that of some others in the cell. Ethon remained sitting as he watched the others don their backpacks, parachutes as revealed by the new arrival. He wasn't comfortable with this young woman's apparent rescue. The others seemed to trust her, he understood why. She was offering an escape when previously there had been none.

Conscious of the fact that there was no other option the boy stood and shrugged on the parachute on his shoulders and tightening the strap. He didn't have much experience of skydiving, yet he knew the general idea. He followed the rest of the escapees out of their room. Looking around carefully at the entrances to the room. Confident that none of them were going to burst open he crouched and check the guards' pulses. They were both alive and their hearts were beating hard. He looked over at the girl as she began to lead the group away, she had taken them down in a fist fight as he suspected. Impressed he stood and followed her. Spotting a gun abandoned on the floor he paused to pick it up, checking that the safety was on he appropriated the weapon. He had only used air pistols and rifles before so he understood the basics. Besides, a gun was useful for several things other then firing, he hoped it would never come to that.

Following the red head lead the group to one of the doors to the external of the aircraft. The door had the usual warnings and signs, which were promptly ignored as it was opened. Ethon only had time to brace himself as the air began to whip out of the immediate area, attempting to drag him off his feet. Alarms began to signal the opening of a door in flight, there was no choice now, he couldn't stay. The girl went first, acting as if she was merely having a good time not escaping from an aircraft. He had no time to think about how insane she was as other people started to jump. He waited as the turbulent air flicked his long brown hair into his face. The wind was undoubtedly incredibly cold but he couldn't feel it, his body automatically shielding him. He made sure he was the last out and moved over to the hatch, holding tight to the door way he looked down, they were certainly high enough that he would have to open his parachute immediately. Without a second thought he hurled himself out and away from the plane. The chaotic, ripping wind calmed slightly as he fell away from the aircraft. A few gyrating flips and tumbles brought the craft into sight. It looked very much like a standard mid sized commercial aircraft. He flipped around again so he was facing the approaching ground, he could see the others falling below him, slightly further along.