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Thirteen guardians of the elements that make up the world. They protect humanity with their humanity. Or are they just in ascention into gods?

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Setting: Earth2011-01-21 00:22:26, as written by SuiHa
Isu sat in the cell hugging her legs keeping her face hidden, while it was to avoid showing part of her fear it also helped to let her think about her current situation. For one moment, and only one moment, she though all this farce had something to do with that ridiculously big bank account that she possessed and was the only thing that allowed her to know that somewhere she had a family. But no, instead of the routine of going to her house or a bank to force the numbers out she was somewhere, that somewhere moved and lastly, but not less important she wasn´t the only one in that situation.

This situation was going out of control, even if she ignored the others situation something gave her the idea that they lived something similar, Isu was literally assaulted with guns before she was captured, that would explain why all of them were so quiet... well that and seeing how the guards were heavily armed, another thing that made the situation even more awkward, watching at her and the rest like if their were a biological threat or maybe something even worse as the person that looked at Isu´s cell kept his finger over the trigger.

That was until some voices could be heard and then some noises, Isu had the enough time to raise her head and see a girl throwing her a back yelling the word "skydiving", the girl turned and Isu shook her head starting to think in the possibilities of being captured before a "dive" when she caught in a glimpse of her eye a "XIII" on the girl. Possibilities of meeting someone with a mark in the body, same thematic and in a place with armed people? One in how many millions?

That made Isu decide, quickly she stood up and followed the group that was running towards the door, the girl open a door and a strong current of wind came in before the group started to jump while Isu grumbled in silence. "Somewhere that moved" was a plane, now she wasn´t good with heights not that she was scared just that it was her first time in something like that, for her the last time she got in someplace that high was the ceiling of her school, in other words no comparison, still she took a lot of air in before she jumped behind one of the boys screaming and to her luck it sounded half excited and half scared.