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Thirteen guardians of the elements that make up the world. They protect humanity with their humanity. Or are they just in ascention into gods?

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Setting: Earth2011-01-23 01:10:54, as written by Chaningm92
A young man sat quietly in a room manifested from steel. He looked forward at the metal alloy door that loomed over him in the tiny box-like cell without sight of any kind save a tiny slide window which would periodically open as a guard peered into the darkness to ensure the prison's occupant remained there. He had been the disgruntled owner of typical barred cell just a few hours previous. However after pulling a guard against the bars and strangling him, demanding to be released, he was, rather violently, cast into this solitary confinement. This place was preferred to the young man actually. He welcome the darkness. The lack of vision greatly outweighed the sight of other's misery as they seemed to grow more and more complacent with their surroundings as they sat behind the bars. The sight sickened him, at point made him wonder if there truly was an escape. In an effort to fight off the complacency he attacked a guard. Moreso for his own sanity than to escape.

The boy chuckled as he looked towards the door. Had the guards not confiscated his possessions before being tossed into a cell, he may have had a chance at escape. The soldiers had taken his wallet, that held a multitude of stolen credit cards and fake IDs, but most importantly his prized butterfly knife with his real name, Zain Espeth, engraved into the blade. Zain loosed a sigh, recalling how he ended up in this complex.

It was a typical night. He had picked a few pockets from streetgoers around 11pm, scoring two wallets with a total of $136 and a few credit cards. As he strolled along he passed his favorite burger joint and decided to spend some of his prize. After a moment later he was walking out with a double hamburger, voraciously biting into it's greasy center. He loved the place, despite how run-down it was, so made sure to leave the cook a nice tip of $30. After a short walk back to the apartment he stood at the door of apartment 254. Zain twirled the keys out of his pocket with style had the door open in under 3 seconds. He stepped into the dark living room. It was quiet and dark. Zain found this unsettling. Typically Alexander was home from class already, unless he was working over-time. "Alex?" Zain called out into the building. There was no reply. With a shrug he shut the door behind him and turned right into the barrel of a M16 assault rifle. Zain knew exactly when he was outmatched, but that wouldn't prevent his recklessness from attempting a daring escape. With a flick of his wrist and thumb a butterfly knife spun around his thumb opening, blade up. ... re=related

Which a swift upward jab he caught the gunman in the jaw. Blood spurt onto the floor as the man screamed out in agony. Zain turned and kicked open the door, bolting outside, leaping over the railing falling 12 feet to the ground, landing with a roll, on his feet running. He sprinted towards his brother's blue 99 Saab 9-3, to which he had a key. Upon touching the door handle he heard the distinct click of guns around him. With a glance he saw he was surrounded. With a sigh Zain loosed the keys from his hand, allowing them to fall to the ground and the men to apprehend him. With the butt of a gun to the temple everything had gone black, and here he was now.

Suddenly his door slid open. As he looked out a group of the inmates were grabbing parachutes and leaping from he now surmised was the plane. Zain stood and casually walked out glancing around. He spotted a set of metal footlockers near the door. he kicked it open and found his possessions. Pocketing them he grabbed one of the backpacks and fell backwards out of the plane. Embracing the wind he enjoyed the rush. As he noticed the ground approaching he pulled the cord and descended to the ground, waiting for the rest.