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Thirteen guardians of the elements that make up the world. They protect humanity with their humanity. Or are they just in ascention into gods?

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Setting: Earth2011-01-23 05:47:30, as written by TemplarWarden
Ethon's long brown mane streamed behind him as he fell. Flicking like strands of flame. He watched those below him going down, they were going to be spread of a long area; the distance the aircraft had travel between each jump separating the landing zones. He spotted their leader blossom a parachute the sudden slow seemed to cause her to catapult towards them. Looking at the ground Ethon decided to not be as insane as she was and pull his 'chute quite a bit higher then she did. She looked dangerously close to the ground, perfect for some adrenaline junkie but Ethon wasn't one of those. The fabric billowed out of the backpack, unfolding and catching the air. Ethon felt the hard yank on his shoulders as his descent quickly began to slow. He could see others tugging cords and ejecting their parachutes.

Like him they all slowed, drifting towards the ground much slower then before. It seemed almost peaceful but it wasn't. They were still going fast enough that it would cause some damage if they failed to land properly. The wind still caught Ethon's hair, pulling it straight behind him. The others began to touch down after their energetic leader. Some more or less correctly, others a bit harsher. Nobody seemed too injured, until Ethon noticed that Crystal has been concealed by the nylon fabric of her parachute and wasn't removing it.

The ground then chose that moment to come up hard and fast. It all went quickly after that, his feet touched the ground; he felt the impact jarring his leg. He bent them quickly and kept moving forwards, his legs peddling quickly as he slowed so they wouldn’t be pulled from beneath him. Eventually he slowed as the parachute, lacking any wind to keep it shaped, collapsed on the ground behind him. He shrugged of the back pack, feeling the slightly tender areas where the straps dug into his shoulders. He stood for a moment, unable to do much with adrenaline coursing through him. He laughed then, a quick loud chuckle totally unlike him, he was alive. He had completed a crash course in sky diving with a parachute that looked more exhausted then he was.

He returned to his sensibilities after releasing most of his energy in the laugh. Quenching the power giving hormones to turned his attention to the others. He had been right; they were spread out, but not by much. Close enough to reach. He jogged past them all, approaching Crystal draped in her parachute. He hurried over and pulled the super strong fabric off her, kneeling and asking “Are you hurt? You looked like you went down bad.” His voice was full of concern, not at all finding it odd that he was attempting to look after their rescuer.