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Thirteen guardians of the elements that make up the world. They protect humanity with their humanity. Or are they just in ascention into gods?

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Setting: Earth2011-01-23 07:58:19, as written by The Shadow
Krad pulled his cord slowing his decent like everybody else, though just as he was reaching the ground he released the straps and landed in a roll, the pain from the land wasn't as bad as his first time but it still hurt a little, he quickly shook it off and looked around, more peopled landed and others were already getting up, he loked for the person who had rescued them, there was a chance she had some kind of plan for now bu that wasn't always the case, still it was better to make any deals sooner than later.

He walked over to the girl who laid underneath her parachute, some guy got there first and uncovered her, he knelt down beside her. Krad guessed the guy was checking if she was ok, but Krad guessed she wasn't if she was the first to land but not the first up, he got up close and looked down at her, it looked like her legs were probably hurt so seeming as Krad guessed nobody here was a doctor he took it upon himself to at least get rid of the pain from her legs, he knelt down next to the guy and put his hand just above the girl's legs, he made them go numb, it was better than having to deal with pain, he'd done it on himself before so he knew how it felt, she wouldn't be feeling any pain in her legs for awhile but she wouldn't be able to walk right for now either, he could remove the effect at any moment in case she didn't want it. Krad then helped the girl up into a sitting position, after all she didn't seem badly ingured apart from her legs which it was probably only pain from the landing. "Hello, my name is Krad, what is yours?" he asked both the guy and girl, but more importantly the girl.