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Thirteen guardians of the elements that make up the world. They protect humanity with their humanity. Or are they just in ascention into gods?

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Setting: Earth2011-01-23 08:31:06, as written by Lamia_Era
When Lucille got her parachute open, she faced a bit of a predicament. Her flowing dress proved to be a bit hard to handle when descending down rather than the plummeting part from the beginning. She pressed down on the fabric, pushing it against herself in order to keep it in place. However, she didn't need to worry for long, since the ground grew closer & closer. She headed towards the little clearing, but just before her feet could touch the ground, she suddenly stopped.

"Uh-oh..." Lucille murmured & looked up only to see that her parachute had caught on a very large branch from the tree beside her. She wondered how it had happened but because this was her first time skydiving, she didn't question it too much. In fact, she let her lips form a cute smile on her face. Not only was it funny that she dangled from a tree, her feet only inches away from the safety of the ground, but she'd actually skydived out of a plane. She hadn't done it for fun, but to actually save her life. It seemed so incredible to her. She was alive & not at all hurt, not even a bruise on her body.

The young woman with the Roman numeral etched into her eye bit her lower lip in order to prevent a giggle of happiness from escaping her. She swung her legs to & fro for a moment as she looked down at her feet--enjoying the overwhelming feeling of being free. Then, when she lifted her gaze & looked around, she noticed a young man asking if their rescuer was all right. Lucille's complexion filled with worry & surprise, for she hadn't noticed anything going wrong. In turn, she freed herself from the backpack & let her feet touch the ground suddenly.

"Is it serious?" Lucielle asked after making her way towards them, the cute side of her personality hiding behind her mask again.