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Thirteen guardians of the elements that make up the world. They protect humanity with their humanity. Or are they just in ascention into gods?

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Setting: Earth2011-01-23 20:02:57, as written by SuiHa
"Note to myself... skydiving while wearing a dress is a no, it affects maneuverability and it´s cold."

Isu looked down as she slowly decent, now she understood why in all the shows about sky divers all wear funny clothes probably the fabrics were special to avoid manipulation of wind and to keep them hot. Despite of having some troubles with her parachute and being moved by the wind like if she was a lonely leaf on a branch the girl was able to force her body to land on her legs and not on her face.

"...!" Saying that Isu landed on her butt would be a statement without a lot of details, it was more like she forgot to use her legs to use completely her rear, the girl let the parachute cover her as she bit her lip to hold out a cry of pain while she passed her left hand through the injured area looking for two things, first one: blood, wearing pants instead of a dress would be a good idea from now on; the second and most troublesome one: a rip in her dress, that would be awful. Incredible, and she had to thank her height and weight for it, her dress was intact and there was no blood right she could feel a lot of bruises but those were little details.

Feeling more motivated Isu fought her way out of the huge fabric as she stood up, the first thing she noticed was that a small circle was forming around the girl who helped them, basing herself in the few things said it seemed like she got hurt, considering that there were enough hands helping her Isu crossed her arms over her chest and looked around while the wind moved her long hair and her scarf.

It took less than a minute before she spoke, more like a comment than talking to someone. "No civilization at sight."

If it was other situation Isu would be proud of her attitude, it sound like if she was commenting on the weather, but no now at least she wasn´t able to see a light pole, or a road, anywhere that was enough to make that bad news, worse knowing that there was an injury. The girl raised her sight to the sky wanting to know where she was and more importantly who was responsible of her kidnapping.