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Thirteen guardians of the elements that make up the world. They protect humanity with their humanity. Or are they just in ascention into gods?

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Setting: Earth2011-01-23 21:33:49, as written by zen_ink
It had been almost 24 hours since Zumi had left home. As he walked in the middle of nowhere, he recalled the events that had occurred merely hours before. He didn't remember a whole lot; he heard the commotion in the rest of the house before the men burst into his room. And after that, everything was a blur. He had woken up in his front lawn, several corpses lying around him, and he was soaking wet. He wished he could remember who those men were or what they wanted with him. He hoped his questions would be answered soon, but for now, he just kept walking. That was always Zumi's answer to a problem like this. Just keep moving, like a river. He looked around; it was so barren. Oddly he found it beautiful, the endless plains of grassy green. The grass was abundant with colorful flowers, that painted the green like a canvas. Birds and butterflies flew overhead, occasionally dipping down to investigate the curious flower. Zumi was suddenly filled with a feeling of nature-induced peace and euphoria.

But nothing could have prepared him for what happened next.. the sky started raining people. His attention was grabbed by a plane flying very high overhead. He watched in awe as several little dots grew larger and larger as they fell closer to the earth. Eventually, pow, a girl landed right in front of him and squealed as she rolled over under her parachute. Several other kids followed her; they all appeared to be within the same age range, about Zumi's age he figured. He watched as everyone ran over the make sure the girl was okay. Zumi normally would have done the same thing, but he was still staring in awe, incapable of just going along with this, the way he did so many other things that happened in his life. Eventually he snapped out of it and walked over to the group of people, who had successfully tended to the girl's wounds. He felt reassured that she would be okay, but he was too shy (and a bit too untrusting) to show concern just yet. "Um, hello." he started. "I'm Zumi..... who are you people? And uh, why did you all just fall out of the sky?" he inquired, trying not to sound too ridiculous.