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Thirteen guardians of the elements that make up the world. They protect humanity with their humanity. Or are they just in ascention into gods?

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Setting: Earth2011-01-24 02:29:17, as written by Sturmann27
Alexander saw parachutes going up. He knew what he had to do. He tugged the cord, and quckly the white canvas shot forth, and quickly caught the air. He felt himself decelerating. Soon his fall was to a lazier pace. Some people had already gotten to the ground. He had no idea how to aim a parachute landing, so he let the wind carry him where it would. The wind swept him towards a large, old oak tree. It moved him past it. He could see many people on the ground. He touched down gently, near a girl with long, dark hair, his apparent rescuer, and a few others. He took off the parachute and walked over.

The face of the cheery girl was trying its best to be so, but it was obvious that it was holding back sharp pains. Alexander, unfortunately, was no doctor, but he did have some experience with the Boy Scouts. He ran over to the oak tree and grabbed two sturdy branches. He then ran over to the parachute. He needed to find a way to cut the canvas. He ran back to the tree and looked around, and saw a sharp-looking stick. He dashed back to the parachute, stood on it, stretching it with his feet, and plunged the stick in. It cut the canvas, albeit poorly. He soon managed to cut out a large-enough segment. With some motions, he managed to make a stretcher using the canvas segment and branches. He took it over to the group again.

"I am Alexander. I see that you are injured. This stretcher will allow us to move you with minimal harm," he explained to the rescuer, and set it on the ground near her, "If you can get yourself on it, we could move you." He looked about. "We will need two people to carry it. I can be one of them. Who will be the other?" he asked, eyeing the two nearest by: the girl with the I on her eye and the boy with the ponytail.