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Thirteen guardians of the elements that make up the world. They protect humanity with their humanity. Or are they just in ascention into gods?

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Setting: Earth2011-01-24 04:19:16, as written by zen_ink
Zumi stared at another strange boy who had landed and said something about alien invaders. "What??? Alien invaders? Wait a minute .. are you guys escapees from the men in uniforms?" he looked around and noticed some people had number markings on them. He nearly gasped for air in shock. "Wait a minute. you people.. you're like me" he watched as they made a stretcher for the wounded girl. He thought that was overdoing it a bit, but he didnt speak up about it as he had only just met these people. Everyone seemed really distracted, but he was still confused and looking around for somebody to tell him a little more about why they had jumped out of a plane and what the connection was between the people with numbers on them.